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Lake House Outdoor Furniture

It is finally the most perfect time of year to live in Michigan and I could not be happier! My kids have a few weeks left of school and then we will be on the lake all day every day. You may have noticed our old patio furniture was relocated to the cottage next door. I was making way for a fun makeover with Crate and Barrel. I’m so excited to be partnering with Crate and Barrel on our new lake house outdoor furniture today!

Lake House Outdoor Furniture

gray wicker sofas and striped rug cement coffee table

A dark gray lake home

I still remember registering at Crate and Barrel when the Mr. and I got married a million years ago. One of our first purchases for our apartment in Chicago back in the day was a big Crate and Barrel rug that we bought on Michigan Ave…and then promptly realized we would have to carry all the way home on the train. Their quality furniture and decor has long been a favorite of mine (our gorgeous bedroom nightstands are a recent fave find) and I am thrilled with how our patio turned out.

A large lawn in front of a dark gray house

My goal for the patio was to make it a cozier spot to hang out for our whole family. Before we really only ever sat down here when we were using the old fire pit table. I wanted it to have a living room feeling where we could spend more quality time.

A house with trees in the background

The Abaco Outdoor Sofa was the jumping off point for this design.

A large gray lake home

Outdoor furniture in front of a dark gray lake home

I love how comfortable this sofa is—seriously just as cozy as our living room sofa. These are not your typical flimsy outdoor cushions.

Outdoor furniture on a patio

The Abaco is also super durable with the wicker base design. The Sunbrella cushions are really easy to care for.

lake house outdoor furniture

lake house patio

It’s the perfect spot to curl up with a good book and enjoy the sunshine and lake view.

lake view gray washed patio furniture navy striped rug

I loved the idea of the sofas facing one another like a living room, but wanted to add some accent seating as well.

A chair sitting in front of a building

The Regatta Grey Wash lounge chairs were the perfect fit. (unfortunately, these exact chairs are sold out, but these and these are similar). I’m also linking some additional options below!

gray washed outdoor chairs with white cushions dark charcoal lake house striped rug

gray washed outdoor chairs with white cushions dark charcoal lake house striped rug

I like the wood ladder backs as they aren’t too matchy-matchy with the sofas. They coordinate perfectly. I added Sunbrella lumbar pillows in White Sand for extra comfort.

lake house patio design and outdoor furniture

cement look outdoor coffee table

My favorite item in this space may be the Millstone coffee table! It looks like concrete, but it’s surprisingly lightweight and easy to move around. This exact table isn’t available anymore, but I’m sharing similar finds below.

outdoor furniture striped rug gray sofas and cement looking table

I always love a good outdoor rug to dress up our boring concrete patio. The striped rug grounds the space nicely, and gives it that living room feel.

Lake house outdoor rug and furniture

Of course I had to add a few accessories. These simple Navy Sunbrella pillows are the perfect pop of color out by the lake.

navy sunbrella pillows

The rope detailing on these lanterns is so pretty—you may find these inside my house when the summer is over.

white outdoor lanterns

Let’s not forget the star of the show—these Sphere planters.

white sphere planters with white flowers

I shared a little sneak peek on my Instagram stories the other day, and my inbox about blew up. I’m just as obsessed as you!

white sphere planters with white flowers

grey lake house with gray outdoor patio furniture

They are just so unique and fun. I popped hanging baskets in them that were filled with Bacopa, Verbena, and Lemon Licorice plants.

lake view with outdoor furniture

I’m so happy to have such a comfortable place to spend time with family and friends this summer. I’ll link all the Crate and Barrel products I used below as usual. You can also check out all their outdoor seating options here as well.

gray lake house patio with gray outdoor furniture


Lake House Outdoor Furniture


Abaco Outdoor Sofa

Lounge Chairs (sold out—these are similar)

Millstone Coffee Table (sold out—this is similar)

Hesper Striped Indoor/Outdoor Rug (sold out—this is similar)

Sunbrella Navy Pillow

Calas White Ceramic Lantern Small (sold out—this is similar)

Sphere White Indoor/Outdoor Planters

Sunbrella White Sand Outdoor Lumbar Pillow

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  1. Love love the look! What is your single roof color/brand. We are looking for a new roof and siding combo and I love how yours compliments each other.

  2. so gorgeous! thanks for sharing where you purchased the items, much appreciated. Buying the round planters. Enjoy~

  3. It’s so perfect-was so good before but now it’s more inviting than before if that’s even possible. Looks like a great spot to spend summer. Wish I could visit ;)

  4. Debating an outdoor rug. How often do you care for it? (Sweep it, leaf blower, etc). Do you hang it to dry after a lot of rain? Trying to figure out how much extra maintenance it’ll be! Thank you :)

  5. Do you keep your cushions and pillows out year round? We live in Iowa and that would not work here with the weather. If you do put them up when you are finished, where do you keep them? That is a LOT of cushions.

  6. The whole space looks amazing!!! But the first thing that caught my eye was those planters. They are so gorgeous in the space!!! I love love them!!
    I think you also have white Calibrachoa ( the ones that look like mini petunias)
    The plant selection looks perfect too!
    I could also see those planters in my shady spot with big ferns!

  7. Magazine worthy for sure! You have created the perfect Michigan in summer lounge area. I’ll stop by for a cool beverage on our way to our little cottage up north.

  8. Putting in my reservation for a spot on that couch! So inviting! Love Crate and Barrel – it all looks so beautiful.

  9. it is a gorgeous space … can’t wait to see what you do with the guests cottage beside you! You are one of my favorites!!!!!

  10. As always so beautiful. Honestly Kelly your home needs to be featured in a magazine! This outdoor space is heavenly. Have a wonderful summer enjoying that view!

  11. Hi Kelly your space is truly a resort spot waiting for people to enjoy. I’m sure you will make wonderful memories here for your family. I really love those planters, I do the same trick with my pots but sometimes I plant them up myself I find it gives me some soil therapy 😉

  12. So lovely, so inviting. Could I offer a thought? Have you ever considered painting or staining the concrete? I have had my two concrete ‘pads’ both stained and painted, over the past few years and it has held up well, is easy to keep clean and to me, just looks ‘finished’. It is not a look for everyone and you do have to keep it looking nice but your large rug would cover a lot of the surface. You could even get ‘fancy’ by painting geometric designs…and with your large area, a large diamond pattern may look nice. Anyway, just an idea but of course it is lovely just as it is!

  13. W O W, Kelly, that’s the patio of my dreams! Wishing you and your loved ones the most wonderful, memory-laden, Michigan summer!

  14. Absolutely beautiful, Kelly! Everything looks perfect as usual! Love it! Crate & Barrel has always been a favorite store of mine!

  15. I also live on a lake in Michigan, and love to see what and how you decorate. You give me ideas, and your patio came out beautiful, congratulations!

  16. It looks great. I do the same thing with my planters – I just bought 5 hanging baskets that we placed in planters – quick and easy.

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