Raised Garden Bed Drip Lines

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A few years ago the kids and I decided we wanted to plant a little garden. We picked up some troughs, placed them in the yard, and away we went. I’ve loved having the fresh herbs and veggies. What I didn’t love was how messy it looked, and trying to remember to water it all the time! You all know I love my flowers, but I would constantly forget to water the garden. This is the year I was determined to change that with a little help from Lowe’s.

I’m always excited to partner with Lowe’s as it’s basically my second home when I have a project going. I especially love their garden center in the spring! They have everything from mulch, to soil, to garden beds, and drip kits. I found everything I needed for this project at Lowe’s. Thanks to their big Memorial Day Sale, it was all at a great price too! They have tons of great deals right now – appliances, decor, lawn & garden, outdoor furniture and paint! This sale is a great way to kick off a fun project with Lowe’s. I’ll be sure to link everything below that you need for your own garden beds and drip lines.

First let me show you where we started –

trough raised garden bed with weeds around it

Totally functional, but I was always fighting the weeds and it made it difficult to mow around. I also wanted to add some flowers to attract pollinators to our garden.

I decided to pick up some garden edging, so I could delineate the space and keep the weeds out. They have tons of options at Lowe’s, but I decided to go with the charm of stone edging. It was super easy to lay and I love the nice big barrier to the grass.

raised garden beds with flowers by fence

I always sprinkle Preen in my flower beds each spring to keep the weeds at bay. I did that around the raised beds and covered everything with landscape fabric. Fresh Scott’s mulch, lavender, and delphiniums completed the “pretty” part of the project!

raised garden beds with lavender and herbs

Next, I put a new layer of garden soil in each raised bed and added in herbs, lettuce, and tomatoes. Lowe’s has such a great selection of plants in their garden center. Lots of different veggie options, annuals and perennials to choose from.

herb garden with wooden signs

Now that all the planting was done it was time to water. Dan gets pretty geeked about any kind of gadget he can control with his phone, so he was all about this drip line kit.

Dan is not the handiest of guys, but this took him about 30 minutes start to finish to install. He coiled the drip lines around each plant and connected the drip line kit to a hose. Then he connected that to the hose timer and uploaded the app.

hose and drip line kit to automatically water garden

Now we are able to set up watering times, duration, days of the week, etc..it’s so cool! I’m already planning on having him run a few more lines over at the guest cottage for me.

This was such an easy afternoon project that will make my life SO much easier this summer. I can’t wait to enjoy a garden fresh salad from my little garden.

Be sure to check out all the great sales Lowe’s has to offer this Memorial Day! The sale runs May 16 – May 29. Don’t miss out on all the deals!

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