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DIY Anthropologie Napkin Throw Pillows

If you were to come over to my house you would probably think I’m a neat freak. And you would be mostly right. I definitely have OCD issues when it comes to clutter on the counter, dishes in the sink or pillows on the floor. What you wouldn’t see though, is that if you open any closet door or drawer in our house you are likely to be risking bodily harm as something is liable to fall and knock you out. I totally shove things in the closets and slam the door hoping to avoid an avalanche.

Anthro Napkin Throw Pillows

What does this have to do with pillows you ask? Well I tend to toss things in drawers or closets just to get rid of the clutter and then promptly forget all about it. So the other day when I was looking for a tape measure in my red buffet (which I didn’t happen to find, but I did find our missing hammer, so I don’t need to use my kitchen meat mallet for hanging things anymore – score!) I came across these cute napkins I bought at Anthropologie on clearance this past fall.

Blue throw pillows on a white sofa

Hello long lost lovers! I had totally forgotten that I snagged these for $4 a piece and was planning to make throw pillows out of them. I immediately ditched my measuring tape hunt, not sure what I even needed it for since I was folding laundry, (scary peek into the pinball machine that is my brain, I know) and I got my sewing machine out.

Cottage Style Living Room

I had a few other plain white cloth napkins in the drawer that were the same size (so what if at my next dinner party I have to hand out paper towels instead of a matching set of napkins, I was on a throw pillow mission!). I pinned them together inside out, sewed them up and voila!

Blue Throw Pillows

Well, I make that sound like it was a breeze, when in actuality I spent a good 20 minutes just untangling my hair that I accidently sewed to the pillow, but the important part is I actually finished them.

Red white and blue decor

I love the deep blue tones in here with our lighter blue walls and the pop of reds. It makes me so ready for summertime.

White tile and shelves in a kitchen

And they go nicely with the plates I have in the kitchen from Anthropolgie too. It is the best store to find little unique things. They still have the white and blue patterned napkins if you want to make your own you can find them (affiliate link) here.


Couch – hand me down from mom, it was custom made at a local store

Wall color  – Brittany Blue by Benjamin  Moore

coffee table – thrift store find

basket on table – mom’s house ;)

Rug – Pottery Barn

Nesting tables – TJ Maxx

Dining Table – World Market

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  2. okay first of all…I laughed out loud and soooo hard I just about fell off my chair reading your blog today !!!
    YOU are very, very funny, please don’t ever change your writing style. You manage to paint quite a fun picture of what you is going on within “your pin ball brain”…but when you just happened to mention about sewing your hair in the pillow, well, GIRL, YOUR story was just tooooo much for me !!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you for the laugh WE shared today (that you didn’t even know about) but I enjoyed so very much!!!
    Oh by the way…the pillows are just lovely and look wonderful on the couch. Thanks again for the laugh, enjoy the SONshine, Jayne

  3. In middle school, my home ec teacher pulled me aside and said that she’d give me full credit for sewing two pockets in my plaid boxer shorts, when in fact I had only sewn one! I was that bad!! I have not sewn since, but your cute pillows are giving me some courage. Great job!!

  4. I love your kitchen! Dying to know where you purchased those darling salt and pepper jars?
    Thanks :)

  5. Everything is beautiful as always. Was wondering where you got tray basket that is leaning against the in the kitchen by your shelfs? I really like it.

  6. Four dollars is a steal! Is what my daughter said. Gorgeous patterns with the bold blue, beautiful pillows:)
    Kathleen in Az

  7. Well, now I will be looking at dinner napkins in a whole new way – they make wonderful pillows!!! Thank you so much for providing a source list, I wish more bloggers would follow your example.

  8. They are lovely – and that was a perfect idea.
    Now about your hair……….we’re worried……….next time, maybe a homemade scrunchie!

  9. Thank you for my morning chuckle. I so enjoy reading your blog and drooling over your home. Simply gorgeous.

  10. I’ve also got a thing for blue and white. Years ago, in my late teens, I was having dinner at a lovely woman’s house and left knowing more than I could have imagined. She moved shortly and I could never repeat the experience. Her table was set that evening with blue and white dinnerware and most of the rest was yellow. I complimented her on the setting and she asked if I’d help her clear the table. In the kitchen she explained that everything goes with blue and white, everything. She opened a good sized butler’s pantry and I saw serve ware, vases and almost everything else else in every color but blue. Large drawers held matching linens. Finally came a cabinet with blue and white dinnerware, every kind I could imagine. There were different patterns of Chinese, Dutch, French and plenty I couldn’t identify at that age. She said she often mixed up the dinnerware, no two alike even at each place setting, tying everything together with a single color. I was stunned. Then she showed me more patterns of silver flatware than the local department store had. She often mixed them at each place setting, none alike on the table. There were appropriate vases for every color, all low enough to see over. She pulled out things quickly and showed how diverse blue and whites blended with a happy quirkiness. The same with a full setting of flatware.

    She opened my eyes and left me stunned. She said her mother had taught her that and so much more. I told her how fortunate she was. She reminded me that the whole world was open to me, just watch and learn. I did. That was over 50 years ago and in her honor I have a huge collection of blue and white napkins I’ve acquired over the years. They go on the table every night with no two alike. In an open hutch cabinet next to the table is a mixture of blue and white, a red coffee grinder in the middle from my grandmother’s kitchen. The bottom shelf has books too large for the other shelves, lying flat to the next shelf. Then a little red leather collection of Poe. Finally a few more large books lying on the shelf with mostly blue and white oddments on top. The top shelf has a white china coffee and tea service. Now and then a woman will comment on my quirky table. I’ll smile and tell her a little about a woman I once met. There’s blue and white throughout the house, mostly in places only I see. They make me smile.

  11. Kelly, uau! Thanks for sharing your OCD and skeletons inside the wardrobes! I’ve always thought “how these gorgeous bloggers have these perfect houses perfect all the time”
    So you sound natural admitting that you do throw things inside and out of your view until you are ready to use them!
    And what a use, the throw pillow are simply beautiful! Hope you receive lots of friends at home that are also able to view these “jewels”!
    kisses ML
    ps sorry for my English, I’m a Brazilian fan!

  12. I swear I was a hound dog in a former life because I’m always “on the hunt” for something. Eventually I will find it although I haven’t had 100% success. Those napkins are fantastic and I love that you made pillows out of them. I’ve even seen it done with placemats. Clever, clever, clever!! And genius does not have to explain how it can jump from one subject to another!!It just does. I really love the way your mind works — I think it’s because I see a lot of my traits in yours. :-) Have a great St. Pat’s day even though I’m not Irish and just to make sure you get all the good wishes covered tomorrow is St. Joseph’s Day — Italian patron saint of the family. So, Happy St. Joseph’s Day in advance. (wear red)

  13. My brain works the same way, I tell myself it is because I am creative. LOL. I use tablecloths also for making pillows. It is a bit more work, but you can find such good deals on tablecloths, less money than purchasing home decor fabric.

  14. Dear Kelly,
    Thank you so much for being real about you closets, drawers and “pinball mind”!!! Oh my goodness! I’m exactly the same way! I love the idea of making pillows with napkins! They are gorgeous! That blue is my favorite color. I especially love the framed flag! You are amazing in your creativity! Have a blessed day! You truly bless me with your blog!

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