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Easy Gift Bag Wall Art

You know I have made lots of changes in my daughter’s room in the fast few years, and you may all be thinking poor little man, his room is just same old, same old. How does a 3 year old survive without a room makeover every year?? HOW I ask you??

Gallery wall with text overlay

Gallery wall

No not wondering that? Well anyways I have neglected his room a little, but for good reason! The kid is a crazy person. I mean have you met any 3 year old boys lately? They are stinky and messy and generally like to cause destruction wherever their path takes them. Which brings me to little man’s room and how he decided to rip everything off the walls one day in a fit of rage. Rage against me, because I told him wearing pants over his Buzz Lightyear underwear for school would probably be appropriate…he disagreed…strongly…

Gallery wall

So, he has been living with blank walls for a while until I was wandering thru World Market a few weeks ago picking up some goodies for my fall home tour when I spied the cutest gift bags ever! And for some reason my brain thought these would be the perfect wall art for little mans room. Why have I never thought of this before? Gift bags are so cute and CHEAP! You could do this gift bag wall art a million different ways with a million different styles of gift bags!

Adventure Wall Art

All I did was cut a piece of 1 x 4 to make a rustic frames. I was going for very rustic (i.e. I was feeling lazy), so I just stapled them together with my staple gun on both sides. I added a coat of weathered grey stain plus brushed on a bit of walnut stain on the edges and in the grooves for a weathered wood look.

A sign on a wooden surface

Staple the gift bag to the back of your frame and boom – awesome wall art for under $15!

You could also use an existing frame and cut the bag down to size, seriously so many options for this idea.

A gallery wall

Now you may be wondering why little man won’t be ripping this all of his walls again the next time I decide to make him wear pants (a goal we aim for most days…) cuz mama is no fool and got out her handy dandy nail gun. Yup I nailed those suckers right to the wall, even the flags! They will be there for the long haul, tantrums and all :)

A gallery wall

I’m finishing up a few other small updates in his room and I’ll be sharing a whole new room tour soon, but in the meantime you can check out his room here and here.

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  1. These are so cute! Must. Get. To. World, Market. PRONTO! The “looking for adventure” one would be PERFECT for the outdoorsy playroom I’m working on!!

  2. You had your thinking cap on that day. The idea is adorable!! And yes, nailing everything onto the wall is genius. When we made a huge room for our two sons — the entire room was paneled with dark , thick, rough, paneling. It was indestructible!! Leap forward 20 years when we sold the house and down-sized — those walls looked just as good. I think the house could fall down and those walls would still be up. I’m surprised the little man didn’t suggest he wear his favorite underpants OVER is longer pants. :-)

    1. Ha love that story! And you are right I can’t believe he hasn’t thought of the underpants over the pants yet either, look forward to that blog post ha!

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