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Easy Crafty Teacher Gift

The countdown has officially begun! We have  T – minus 4.5 days left til Christmas break! Whoo hoo, I for one can’t wait for a break from the car pool pick up line, racing out the door in the am, packing a lunch every day, and making sure we have the show & tell/bake sale money/gym shoes/mittens/extra mittens for when she inevitably loses previous mittens/… – the slashes could go on and on.

Let’s just say this momma is ready for a little downtime with my favorite kindergartener – but before we can get to sleeping in and making Christmas cookies we gotta come up with a teacher gift to show how much we appreciate her amazing teachers. The teachers who not only remember all the zillion things mentioned above, but times 19 kids!

Easy Finger paint teacher gift

I like to hit the 3 C’s when I get my daughter’s teachers a gift :



and Chocolate

not necessarily in that order :)

I figure every teacher could use cash, or more specifically a gift card. They work so hard, they deserve to pick out exactly what they want, but I don’t love how impersonal a gift card feels. So, my little diva and I like to get our craft on.

Oh, and the chocolate part is just self explanatory, what woman doesn’t want chocolate?

Okay here we go easiest craft ever –

Step 1 –  get some card stock and draw a circle on it – I just traced one of our drinking glasses. You don’t want to do this too heavy, it’s just to use as a guide for your color outside the lines kiddo.


Step 2 – Get some green craft paint and let your kids use their pointer finger to paint “leaves” on the wreath.


Step 3 – Allow to dry, if you have impatient kids (who doesn’t?) grab a hairdryer to speed things along. Then have them use some red paint on their pinkie finger to add some “holly berries”. I don’t have a photo of this because little diva has about a 3 picture tolerance when we are in the middle of crafting.

Christmas card

Step 4 – Write Merry Christmas in some Sharpie Marker. It doesn’t have to be perfect, we are going for the homemade look! Have your kiddo write a little message to their teacher inside. Or if they are still learning to write, you can have them dictate their message to you and they can put their John Hancock on it.

Christmas card

Step 5 – Here is where the chocolate and cash comes in. Grab a little gift bag, add some chocolates, (sneak a few for yourself, you deserve some for being so crafty and thoughtful!) the gift card, and a bow. Done and done!

A plastic bag

This takes about 15 minutes start to finish (depending on drying time) and my little diva is so excited to show off her handiwork (wow, horrible pun…) to her awesome teachers.


Now if only I could finish up the other ninety-gazillion presents on my shopping list, how about you?

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  1. This is such a cute idea, I love it! Can think of many others I could do this for besides teachers! Thanks for the good idea! I am going. To do this for my yoga instructor!

  2. Kelly, I work at an elementary school. This is a great idea. It gets the kids involved with showing their appreciation for their teachers. Just really cute. I think they will be a big hit!

  3. That is a great gift idea. I don’t have any little ones at home anymore but I do remember the days when I did have to come up with gift ideas. Money in their pocket and chocolate to help with the stress – that is great.

  4. You hit it right on the nail, Kelly! My daughter is a Pre-K teacher, and chocolate and gift cards are her most favorite gifts. Believe me, all her teacher friends feel the same way! She dreads getting those “White Elephant” gifts. They are useless! Kudos to you Kelly!!

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