Coffee Table Decor Ideas

One of the easiest ways to give your living room an impactful update is to refresh your coffee table decor. It feels like there’s so many different options out there these days, so I’ve compiled a list of fifteen favorite coffee table decor ideas to (hopefully) make it a bit less overwhelming.

If you have the space, a layered look can add great dimension and interest. Try stacking a few big coffee table books on one side with candlesticks on the other side for some height. Once you have the larger items in place, start adding the smaller items (think: potted plants, vases, matches, etc.) into the mix. If you’re working with a smaller table surface, adding a tray can keep everything looking clean and simple.

Coffee tables are the perfect place to show off your design skills and creative ideas. I personally love to add in simple touches of seasonal or holiday decor during spring and winter to bring it up one more notch!

Handcrafted Terra Cotta Bowls

These handcrafted ceramic bowls come in both black and white. They could be filled with seasonal items to brighten up your room or just kept simple as they’re just as beautiful on their own.

Oval Wooden Tray

If you aren’t sure where to start, this oval wooden tray is the perfect first item for your coffee table. It brings warmth to any space and its unique oval shape will be sure to catch any eye.

Gold Candle Douter

This timeless candle douter is both practical and stylish. Say goodbye to wax messes by using this every time you’re ready to put out your candle.

Potted Faux Succulent

If you’re looking to add a little bit of height to your coffee table decor, this potted faux succulent may be the perfect touch. The textured white pot is an ideal neutral for any home.

Wood Arch Object

This set of three wooden arches would be such a fun addition to your coffee table. You can style them as shown below, or place all three individually for a slightly different look.

Architectural Digest Coffee Table Book

Architectural Digest is the ultimate coffee table book. Not only will it look timeless in any space, but flipping through it will only inspire you even further.

Glass Tealight Candle Holders

Who doesn’t love some candles on their coffee table? This set puts a unique spin on a traditional tealight candle holder. I love that you can order just one (for those smaller spaces) or a full set!

Concrete Matchstick Holder

With every candle comes a match to light it. Spruce up your match collection with this adorable concrete matchstick holder.

Agate Stone Catchall

If wooden trays aren’t your thing or you’re working with smaller surface space, consider this agate stone catchall instead!

White Vase with Handles

This vase is a bit of a splurge, but it’s a gorgeous neutral that won’t ever go out of style. Fill it with dried flowers or leave this beauty as is for an instant coffee table decor update.

Acacia Wood Coasters

Coasters are a must-have on a coffee table. I mean, it’s called a coffee table for a reason right? This set of four wood coasters is perfect for your morning cup of joe or your evening glass of wine.

These white marble chains would look great arranged on a coffee table in large bowl or simply resting on a stack of books.

Diptyque Feu De Bois Candle

You really can’t ever go wrong with a Diptyque candle. Although it’s a big of a splurge, these candles smell incredible and last so long. You can also re-use these vessels for pretty much anything. Bonus: they make a great housewarming gift too!

Shiny White Vase

This vase is understated yet would still add a touch of character to your coffee table decor. It’s perfect for some fresh flowers!

Jack Decorative Object

If you’re looking to add something a bit more unexpected, try this decorative gold jack for some shiny detail.

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