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Dresser Makeover Brass Hardware

I have another quick furniture makeover for you all this week! I feel like it’s been a long time since I wandered around my house, paintbrush in hand, deciding on what to paint next. Something I used to do frequently at our old home. I think that’s because I actually got the right paint colors the first time around in this house. My painting clothes that used to be my daily uniform have been in hibernation lately, and it felt good to bust them back out!

white dresser makeover modern brass hardware

While I was painting my breakfast nook table, which sidenote – thanks for all the love and support on that post! (see it here) I tend to get in my head a little bit when I share ideas and design on the internet and every one offers up their opinions and I so appreciate so many of you telling me to do what I love and not worry about everyone else – so thank you! It was a huge encouragement to me! But back to the furniture – I had the white paint out already, so I decided it was high time to finally fix this dresser.

A white dress in a bedroom

I believe this was from my great grandmother’s house. My parents had it first and then passed it on to me when the Mr. and I got married 15 years ago. I first painted over the orange-ish wood when we put it in our guest room when my daughter was born 11 years ago. Since then it’s had quite a few more coats.

A white dresser in a bedroom

So many that I needed to give all the drawers a good sanding so they would open and close properly. This dresser had a bit of a rough go when it was in storage while we built this house and it was in bad shape. It had several large stains on it, some of the hardware screws were missing and most of the drawers were warped shut. I avoided showing this side of the room in most photos because it was in such rough shape (I piled books on to hide the worst of it), and I don’t know why it took me so long to tackle this. From far away it looked ok, but here is a before, far away, deliberately out of focus shot.

white dresser framed tv

And after –

A white dresser in a bedroom

It only took me one day to clean, sand down, and apply 2 coats of satin Extra White by Sherwin Williams.

A close up of dresser drawer

Thankfully a little paint and sandpaper fixed everything along with some fresh modern hardware. I decided to swap out the black spray painted hardware for this pretty brass hardware. They tie in well with our nightstands that also have brass hardware.

wood 2 drawer nightstands

I had to fill in the old holes and drill new ones because I searched high and low and couldn’t find hardware that was the right size for this old dresser. Don’t let that intimidate you though, especially if you are painting, it’s a super easy process!

A vase with plants in it

I shopped the house to style it for now while I’m on the hunt for the perfect accessories for it. I’m so happy I was able to breathe a little new life into this piece as it’s really freshened up our whole room. Bonus all the drawers actually open and close now and I found all my missing socks that have been trapped for the last two years… You can see more of our master bedroom here.

Brass hardware

Charlie would also like you to note he was especially helpful during this project. His all day napping schedule was really thrown off with the noise of the drill, but he persevered and still approves of the final product. ;)

havanese dog white and tan

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Hardware – Signature Hardware

Flooring –  here

Plant – Snake Plant

Planter – Hobby Lobby

Brass thingy – Hobby Lobby

Wood tray – Home Depot

Beads – Hobby Lobby

Blanket – Here

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  1. Did you use a water based polyurethane coat at the end or is it not necessary?

    The piece looks beautiful, I’m working on a similar project.

  2. Kelly! Love the white dresser with the gold hardware! I’ll be painting mine this week. I got extra white from SW. Do you recommend a roller or paint brush when painting a dresser.

  3. Love your posts! Tell Charlie if he just can’t take it anymore – he can come live with me! :>)

  4. I need to get brave and try to paint a few pieces that have been waiting far too long for some TLC. I’m curious did you prime the piece, use foam rollers and a brush, sand in between coats??? Also what sheen did you use? Thank you!

    1. Hey Paula I didn’t prime this piece since it has already been painted several times. I used a small foam roller and a brush and I did not sand between coats. It’s easier than you think! Good luck :) Oh and it’s satin.

      1. Thanks Kelly! I appreciate the info and encouragement that it is probably not as hard as I think. ?

  5. Hi Kelly! Three things and not in any particular order:

    1. Good to see Charly
    2. Have you ever tried Annie Sloane chalk oriducts?
    3. I have a project here in our Florida garage, actually a 1965 Lane cedar chest. I am about to bring it to the finish line and I need to fill the hardware holes from the previous hinges. They were on fake draw fronts. What us a good product to fill those holes so after painting they do not show .
    4. Oops, You did a great job and so happy to hear from you…

    1. Hey Beverly! I used to use Annie Sloane a lot but I prefer a more finished look on my furniture now vs the more distressed look chalk paint gives you. And to fill the holes I just used wood filler you can get it at any hardware store, just fill the holes, let it dry, and sand off the excess – thanks!

  6. Looks great! That piece has been thru many a move and now looks amazing!! And in my opinion it’s not a complete post unless Charlie makes an appearance !! ❤️❤️
    Good job!!

  7. Beautiful! I have been stalling with a similar project. Thanks for the motivation to tackle it! I’m curious: did you spray, roll, or brush the paint on?

    1. Hey Jodi I used a small roller for this project I’m really happy with how smooth it turned out. I used a small angled brush for the details and corners thanks!

  8. Can you tell me what is the name of the paint on your bedroom walls. I love it.

  9. I just bought some gold hardware to update a piece! Love how this one turned out for you – now I’m excited to do mine!

  10. Beautiful new hardware and fresh paint. Looks great! What a lovely old piece it is, and lucky to be saved by you. Liked seeing the angle showing BR doors and hallway to bath. And what was the final outcome of the bench at the foot of the bed dilemma – I don’t remember you saying…

    1. Thanks Ginny! I decided I’m on team new bench :) still on the hunt! I’ll share when I find the right one :)

  11. Excellent! It looks fabulous, the hardware really adds the right touch. Charlie, of course, is the best helper in so many ways. Love your updates, thanks for sharing. We all love your style and inspiration even when we aren’t ready to change with you sometimes, lol It brightens my day when I see your email in my inbox in the morning, I grab my coffee and get ready to see what project you are tackling or what new pillow you found :) before I start my work for the day. Spring is coming, so we look forward to your beautiful window boxes and soothing views over the lake. You inspired my lake house remodel and I am in love with every step. So, thank you for sharing.

    1. Thanks so much, Karen! Your sweet comment brightened my day so thank you! I so appreciate you all checking in here and chatting with you all. I’m hoping to plant my window boxes later this week! :)

  12. Love it – looks very elegant. Great job! And what a trooper Charlie is – such a sweet face.

  13. Wow! It looks beautiful Kelly! Brand new! Your partner in crime did a great too! ? ha!

  14. Isn’t it amazing how new hardware can instantly elevate a piece? Your dresser now looks very high end and it’s so pretty. And how sweet of Charlie to forgo his nap so he could keep you company. :-)

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