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Purple and Blue Flower Boxes

It’s one of my favorite posts of the year – flower box time! I always have fun wandering around my local nursery (I like Cherry Valley Greenhouse if you are local) picking out new flowers and color combos to try. I decided on purple and blue flower boxes this year. Typically, I wait until the week of Mother’s Day to plant (which is usually safe frost wise for Michigan) so I went for it yesterday despite the rain. We do have a few chilly night temps in the ’40s expected this week still, so I will cover up my flowers on those nights. I can even pop them out (since I plant them in plastic liners) and stick them in the garage if need be.

A window box filled with flowers

A fitted twin sheet happens to be the perfect size to cover my window boxes. It stretches out around it so it stays put, but doesn’t crush my flowers. Although the friendly people at the nursery assured me with the boxes being so close to the house, and not in the ground they should stay warm enough.

A close up of a flower garden

AND you guys will be so proud of me – for once, not only did I remember to get the names of the flowers I used for you all, but I snapped a photo of the tags so you will know the exact info! I’m like a real legit organized blogger for once ;)

Flower tags

Our flower boxes get sun all morning so I went with all full sun/part sun-loving plants.

  • Wave Petunias – White
  • Lobularia – Lavender Stream
  • Verbena – Grape
  • Lobelia Erinus – Sky Blue
  • Vinca Vine

I usually like to share my window boxes when they have had a month or so to grow out. I have gotten so many comments and emails looking for ideas this year, that I thought I would quickly share what I used.

A window box filled with flowers

I like the purple and blue with some white thrown in there too for contrast. I think I’m going to stick with Endless Summer Hydrangeas and vinca vine in my planters like last year. I’ll use the same blue striped pillows also. I may choose a bit more purple looking hydrangea this year. I think the purple and blue flower boxes will play nicely with them. Here’s a photo from last year –

striped outdoor lumbar pillows

I liked the vinca vine so much in my planters last year, that I decided to add that to the flower boxes as well.

vinca vine verbena and petunia window boxes

I wanted a more organic look this year vs the more structured flowers I did last year, so I went with flowers with smaller buds that trail. We shall see what I think! It’s always fun to experiment each year.

vinca vine verbena and petunia window boxes

I will be sure to post an update later this summer when they fill out. Oh, and if you follow me on Instagram I posted some stories yesterday when I planted with a few tips. They are saved to my highlights so you can check them out anytime.

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  1. Love your window boxes, and your planters from last year! Your posts are so lovely and inspiring. Just one suggestion – -that little porch needs Charlie lounging in front of the doorway ! His feelings are hurt when he’s not there to showcase your work. . . . . :>)

  2. Love the purple and blue! Beautiful! What is the rug in front of your door? I’m looking for something like it.

  3. Oh, thank you for this post, Kelly! I’m getting ready to buy my flowers and want to try something new this year. I usually do all shades of pinks, peaches and white and I’m tired of it. I’ll give blue and purple a try. Your boxes are always so lovely! :)

  4. Your flower choices are SO pretty! Our weather here in Grand Rapids has been so cold. I have rarely planted this late. I also went flower shopping yesterday…the greenhouse was packed with people who also can’t wait to plant their outdoor containers. Friday night could be a concern.
    Your hydrangeas last years were STUNNING!
    I can’t wait to see how your window boxes fill out. Thanks for sharing.

  5. I always love your flower boxes – thanks for sharing! I look forward to reading your posts each week. Thanks for brightening my day!

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