White Pink and Purple Flower Boxes

Well, I’ve been promising to blog about my window boxes for a few weeks now, but I always like to give them a little chance to take off and fill in first. I’m happy to report they are doing well. So, I’m finally sharing my white, pink, and purple flower boxes with you all! Here they are on the first day I planted them.

Flowers planted in a window box

And here is how they look three weeks later! You’ll have to excuse their soggy appearance – they got a little beat up in the storms we had last night, but I wanted to show you the same angle so you could see how much they have grown.

A close up of a flower garden in front of a window

Here they are on a sunnier day.

A garden in front of a house

I didn’t really have a plan in mind when I went to the greenhouse this year, and I basically did a supermarket sweep through the greenhouse. I really just grabbed anything that caught my eye and hoped I could sort it all out when I got home.

Flowers planted in a window box

Thankfully the smorgasbord of flowers I ended up with seem to be playing nicely in my window boxes. I ended up with lots of white flowers with a few pops of pink and purple thrown in.

best flower for sunny window boxes

The hummingbirds have been loving this combo, and it’s been so fun to watch from the breakfast nook.

A house with bushes in front of a window

In years past, I have been afraid to plant something taller because I thought I may want to open the windows. I finally realized, however, I have never actually opened either of these windows (they are in front of the breakfast nook and our master bath), so I should go for it. I added some geraniums and verbena now that I’m not worrying about beheading them all.

A window box with a purple flower on a plant

I took photos of all the tags I used, but I’ll also list them all out below as well.

Best Flowers for Sun or Part Sun Window Boxes

flower tags

flower tags


A close up of a flower garden in front of a window

I’ll go left to right in this photo –

variegated vinca vine

white petunias (just realized I’m missing that tag!)

snowstorm giant snowflake

super bells double orchid

lanai upright verbena

snowstorm giant snowflake

white geranium


burgundy star petunias

I think that’s everything in there! My window boxes get full morning sun and late in the afternoon/evening sun, so I try to get flowers that like sun to part sun.

You can click on this link 5 Tips for Gorgeous Window Boxes  for all of my tips and tricks. You also check out Window Boxes That Won’t Fall Apart for more info on how our window boxes are built.

Oh, and I couldn’t resist sharing photos of a few friends I encountered while watering my flowers earlier this week…

A close up of a purple flower

The butterflies love our salvia. Charlie however did not love this massive turtle. I wish I had caught his reaction on video!

A turtle in the grass

Happy Weekend!

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  1. Your window boxes are beautiful – and have some of my favorite flowers in them! Shopping for plants this year was just different – Covid-19 procedures in place and it seemed like a lot fewer choices. I usually go in with a well planned shopping list but that didn’t work this year. I was pushed into trying things I might not have normally picked up and am thrilled with the results! And, thankfully, my pots have not been dug up by the squirrels and ground squirrels this year – yet! Lol!

    1. Same here it was very odd shopping this year for sure but I am happy with what I got :) So glad you are having the same!

  2. Thanks for sharing the tags. Your window boxes are gorgeous! Makes me ready to fill ours now!

  3. Just love the colors you picked for your window boxes. They look lovely! It was so nice of you to post tags !

  4. OH !!!! You just made my day! LOVE your beautiful window boxes! You must love the same colors that I do! Just gorgeous!

    All of it.

    So sorry your sweet dog doesn’t like that beautiful Mr. Turtle! I hope if they see more of each other, they learn to be friends! Your inviting home must invite all nature to join in and enjoy each other!

    You have a wonderful weekend, and I hope the Lord continues to bless every corner of your life!

  5. Hi Kelly
    So nice to hear from you,I miss you?
    Thanks for sharing your window boxes there lovely. Love the colour combo.

    1. Hi Jony, thanks for missing me! It’s been hard finding time to work with the kids home and all summer activities canceled but I’m trying to get some posts out for you all :)

  6. Kelly you did a fabulous job on your window boxes! I love the flowers you picked this year. The colors and types of flowers you picked compliment your home and garden so well!

    1. Thanks so much Kathy! I love planting them every year and I think I finally landed on a good combo this year – happy accident!

  7. Very pretty! I noticed that you have metal roofing on the overhang above the window boxes. Is the rain louder when it hits the metal?

  8. I am absolutely in love with the window boxes. For the first time ever, this year I purchased 3 two sided boxes made to sit over a deck railing. My colors are purple, white, silver, and a citrusy green. They are simply beautiful and have been such fun this year. They are the cherry on top of a sundae!

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