Lake House Outdoor Space

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Hey, remember waaay back when I shared my lake house outdoor space plans? I’ve finally brought my design boards to life and managed to catch a dry day to snap a few photos. My plans started with these pretty outdoor rugs from Unique Loom. They are actually from the Jill Zarin Outdoor Collection™, yes that Jill Zarin if you are a Housewives of New York fan. I can just imagine them in her Hamptons house, but they are right at home here too.

Lake House Deck

striped rug, pottery barn wicker furniture, white umbrella

I was going to split this up into two blog posts. However,  I’m too excited to share, so I’ll just show you both spaces that I gave a little upgrade.

striped rug, pottery barn wicker furniture, white umbrella

Well, maybe Charlie will show you around the first space since he insisted on being in every single shot on our master deck. I don’t blame him, this is my favorite spot in our whole house.

lake house deck furniture

He actually has figured out how to open the screen slider doors and routinely lets himself out here to sunbathe – no joke. What a life he has! ;)

striped rug, wicker furniture, white umbrella, coastal decor

Also, I should point out that I flipped a chair around in a few of these photos to show the lake view. This is one of those cases where I wish I had a mission impossible flying suit/pulley system situation because it’s impossible to photograph this deck well. Rest assured these chairs face the lake in real life to take advantage of the view.

lake house outdoor decor

The rug I had here last summer was too small, so I was happy to upgrade to this 7×10 which really fits the space so much better. You know I love blue and white stripes, so this was the perfect rug to lighten up all our dark outdoor furniture.

lake house deck with umbrella

The new throw pillows go perfect with the subtle blue color. Charlie wants you to see his profile in this photo apparently…appreciate all the angles people!

striped rug, wicker furniture, white umbrella, coastal decor

I went with bigger planters out on our deck, and I love the little added privacy and pop of color out here. The white flowers are Mandevilla, the pink ones are Spider Flower, and the purple, Catmint.

Flowers sitting on a deck

Adding the umbrella up here has been the best thing ever for the 90 degree days we have been having. This is now the perfect little oasis to drink my coffee and answer emails before my kids rise and shine for the day.

Lake House Patio

lake house patio

Let’s head down to the patio now, possibly my 2nd favorite hang out spot!

white adirondack chairs and white fire pit table

We were using our old rug down here from the last house, but this patio was so much larger. So again, I upgraded to the larger size. The patio feels so much brighter with the new rug not to mention cooler on our feet.

white adirondack chairs and white fire pit table

I went with this diamond pattern here, and it’s such a fun pattern play with our striped pillows.

lake house patio furniture

I’m really happy with the quality of these rugs from the Jill Zarin Outdoor Collection™. They dry super fast so I don’t have to deal with any mildew issues, and they feel great underfoot. I always get care questions on outdoor rugs. The only thing I do is use my little handheld leaf blower to keep it clean, and powerwash before I put it away for the year. Just be sure to let it dry completely, then roll it up and store inside for the winter.

white adirondack chairs and white fire pit table

Again white and blue, I know, I know, but it goes so well with our whole house so I don’t think I’ll ever give it up!

Outdoor furniture on a patio

I’ve had a few questions about having this fire pit table on a rug but we haven’t had any issues with it at all. It doesn’t have a very powerful flame and doesn’t give off a ton of heat. Just enough to roast our marshmallows.

lake house patio decor

I’m so impressed with these new throw pillows. I’ve left them out in the rain on accident a few times, and they have dried right up. I love the reversible pattern because a girl needs options. Although now that I say that I realize I completely forgot to actually snap a photo of the other side, ha!

lake house patio furniture

I painted our old brown planters white which I have been wanting to do forever.

dark gray lake house patio

I wasn’t sure it was going to work, so I threw a handful of leftover tile grout into the paint to add some texture.

Flowers in a planter on a patio

They have held up well so far! I went with more Mandevilla for some height and a mixture of Verbena and White Petunias.

lake house patio

We have been so enjoying our time out here as a family, so much so that I haven’t been on the blog much! I do have a fun pool house update coming soon, so stay tuned for that next week!

white adirondack chairs white fire pit table

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Striped Rug

Firepit table

Polywood Adirondack chair – these are indestructible and I love them, we have slowly been upgrading our wood ones to these.

Wood Adirondack chair – these are a great budget-friendly option

Striped Pillows


Planters (the ones I ordered sold out but these are similar)

Table- this one is similar to ours but doesn’t have an opening for an umbrella

Blue Pillow

Wicker Chair

Diamond Patterned Rug


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  1. Hello! Beautiful spaces! Was wondering if you could share where you got the brown wicker club chairs? They’re great!

  2. Love here outdoor areas! And the blue & white! You mentioned the rugs being easier on your feet. Are these soft enough to use inside as well? I’m having a terrible time finding reasonably priced, washable rugs (without a corny design on them) for my kitchen and by the door between our garage and house. These could be just the ticket if I could stand barefoot on them while working in my kitchen.

    1. I think these definitely feel like outdoor rugs so I’m not sure I would use them inside but I do love them!

  3. Kelly, what material are your planters made of that you spray painted white? What spray paint did you use?
    Budget friendly and they look amazing! Great job.

  4. It’s all so beautiful Kelly! Charlie definitely has the life! ( love to see all his angles ?)

  5. The blue and white color combination is my favorite. The photos are stunning, and as always Charlie is so photogenic. Beautiful post! Well done!

  6. Hi Kelly,
    Your outdoor space is so inviting and I love all the blue and white it’s so fresh. Also I just wanted to mention that your dog looks exactly like our dog, my daughter couldn’t believe it.
    Would like to send you a picture but not sure how to do that ?

  7. Just beautiful to see! Thanks for sharing the inspiration! The white trailing flowers are one of my faves–scaevola. They do so well in the dry, hot days of summer. I always use the purple variety but will have to try the white! Gorgeous flower combinations!

  8. Gorgeous! Gorgeous! Gorgeous! I love everything about these outdoor areas! And your fire pit is exactly what I was looking for! However, when I read the reviews for it, one person said she was really disappointed because it was cream-colored, not white. What color did they ship to you?

    Also love your Charlie-dog! And the fact that he matches your decor is an added bonus!

  9. Everything just looks so fresh and inviting!!! Your home is gorgeous, inside and out!!!! If I lived closer I’d come over for a cold iced tea!!! Thanks for sharing!! BEAUTIFUL HOME!!!!

  10. Exquisite! Like you, I melt at blue and white. Add stripes and I’m in heaven (even in my wardrobe). Every detail is perfect and relaxing. Charlie is a wonderful model to demonstrate the cozy comfort of it all. It would appear his new diet is agreeing with him. ? So glad to see that.

  11. Oh, Kelly, all of your outdoor spaces are incredibly beautiful and I love the blue and white theme. It’s so fresh and crisp and goes so well with your lovely house. And, clearly, Charlie approves. ;-)

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