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White and Purple Flower Window Box Flowers

I’m so excited about my white and purple window box flowers! It’s been a rough start to the flower season here in MI. Late snow, freezing temps, then swinging straight on into the 90’s. So a typical spring for us I guess, ha!  My flowers were looking a little sad from all the crazy weather.  Now that they have had a few weeks to recover (although they still aren’t where I’d like them to be), I thought I would quick share what I planted this year.

Cottage Window Box Flowers

white geraniums purple verbena and lemon licorice

I always love a mix of purple and white with some fun greenery thrown in.

white flower box filled with white and purple flowers

This year, I threw a little bit of everything in there.  No plan, just grabbed what I liked at my local nursery!  Cherry Valley Greenhouse is my fave for you locals.

white and gray house with white window boxes

I did a mix of Geraniums, Verbena,  Lemon Licorice plant, Petunias, Bacopa, Calibrachoa, Petite licorice plant…and the kitchen sink ;)

Oh and my boxwoods are looking a little shaggy and misshapen. I’m letting them fluff up a bit before I trim them.

purple and white flower boxes


I love the silvery color of the Petite Licorice plants mixed in with all the white and purple.

purple and white flower boxes

I’ll have to do an update post later this summer when everything fills in!

purple and white flower boxes

purple and white flower boxes

I’m also itching to add window boxes on the cottage next door, but I guess I should wait until the new windows are actually installed first. An update on the guest cottage patio is coming up tomorrow. I know 3 posts in one week, who am I? :)

You can check out how we made these planter boxes in this post here – Window Boxes that Won’t Fall Apart

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  1. omg… I’ve been looking forward to seeing what you did with your window boxes.. and you never disappoint! As you know, I copied yours (literally sent a photo of your windows, and said BUILD THAT) and my window boxes turned our better than I hoped! Blue lobelia, purple petunia, a few blue salvia, and a couple Angelonia ( that got hit my that cold night a few weeks ago, so still trying to recover) Check your email for a photo! Eek! So happy I found your website to steal inspiration from!!! Love it. Just wish I could cross the border to shop your stores too!!!

  2. Really, REALLY LOVE your window boxes – the soft colors and the way they work together.

  3. Oh, so pretty, Kelly! After the past many months, blooming flowers make my heart sing!

  4. So pretty – just yesterday morning I planted my 3 window boxes – all the same colors as yours. I used a vivid purple verbena with lots of whites and silver. I love watching them grow and fill in. There is just something so charming about window boxes. We are planning a downsize move in the next year, and one of the must haves on my list is to make sure there are places for window boxes.

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