Blue and White Bunk Room Bedding

Today is finally the day! The long awaited reveal of the bunk room…well the blue and white bunk room bedding at least. Our couch and the rest of the furniture is still in shipping nowhere-land, but the last of the bedding has arrived. I’m in love with it!

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Lake house bunk room bedding

I’ve been dreaming about this bunkhouse project since we bought this property 4 years ago. It’s so crazy to finally see it all come together.

A large room

I’m so excited to partner with Serena and Lily for today’s blog post because their bedding is my absolute fave! I’ve used it over and over again in our home, and the quality never disappoints.

Blue and White Bunk Room Bedding

Lake house bunk room bedding

We have their Beach Club sheets in our bedroom and they are the best! So crisp and cool and perfect for summer. The first bedding I ever purchased from Serena and Lily was a quilt for my son’s bedroom, and 4 years later it’s still in perfect condition. It has seen some things…and it washes up SO well!

blue and white bedding and throw pillows

lake house bunk room with blue and white bedding and throw pillows

Bedding is one area I wanted to splurge in the bunk room, because I wanted something that I know would last. All of the Serena and Lily bedding I have has held up great over the years from throws, to sheets, to duvet covers.

white planked lake house bunk room with blue and white bedding and warm wood floors

You all know I love blue and white. This space just called for some cute and classic stripey blue bedding.

built in bunk room beds with blue and white bedding

lake home bunk room bedding

I decided to use the Carlyle Coverlet in French Blue. I didn’t want to constantly be messing with duvet covers on six beds. Also this space will be used mostly in the summer months, and these are nice and lightweight but still cozy.

A bed in a room

I wanted each bed to be a little different but still feel cohesive. I used the same Carlyle euro pillows and these gorgeous Corfu throw pillows. Then mixed it up with different lumbar pillows for a little personality.

blue and white throw pillows and bedding

The Monterey Lumbar pillow cover.

A bunk room with blue and white bedding

The Beach Stripe Lumbar pillow cover.

A pillow on a bed

The Perennials Lake Stripe lumbar pillow cover.

A bunk beds in a room

Room and House

I added two of the Beachcomber Cotton throw blankets because I absolutely love the one we have on our bed. I couldn’t resist grabbing a few more in the washed indigo color.

white built in beds with blue and white bedding

I cannot wait to host friends and family here this summer!

built in beds in a lake house bunk room with blue and white bedding and throw pillows


A large room

I can’t wait to share this space completed whenever the furniture decides to make an appearance!

built in beds with white and blue bedding

blue and white striped throw pillows

Thanks again to Serena and Lily for partnering with me on this project. I’m going to link everything I used below, but also some of my other favorite Serena and Lily bedding items we have throughout our home!


Carlyle Coverlet

Carlyle Euro Pillow

Corfu Throw pillow

Perennials Lake Stripe lumbar pillow

Beach Stripe Lumbar pillow cover

The Monterey Lumbar pillow cover

Beachcomber Cotton throw blanket

Our Bedroom Bedding


lake house bedroom. White walls, neutral bedding, warm wood floors.

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  1. The space came together so nicely! It’s really beautiful, calming and perfect for teens. What did you do for sheets? Curious if you bothered with flat sheets for the beds or if you just used the fitted sheet with the coverlet.

    1. I bought some inexpensive sheets since I don’t remind replacing those more often and I did go with flat sheets so I’m not washing the quilts as much – thanks!

  2. Can you share the foosball table you chose. I am planning to get one for our gameroom and have seen some that are very wobbly!

  3. Kelly – I echo the comments of people above. This is just so goergeous!!!!
    My daughter and I just watched “Instant Hotel” on Netflix and I have to say, you would win – HANDS DOWN!!!!
    Thanks for sharing. I just love it!!!!!

  4. This is PERFECT!!! What an awesome space for your guests. Many memories will be made here. 😊

  5. Love, love, love…but their prices are literally insane for the average person.

    1. Hi Kristine,
      I just wanted to share my half-penny’s-worth thoughts. Years ago, my husband made a comment about his cattle-buying that caused me to re-think my buying habits. He said that he didn’t mind sometimes paying “too much” for some cattle, because he often bought some that were such bargains, and he just averaged them together and came out well. I began to apply this concept to my shopping and have been able to sometimes splurge – like Kelly – on higher (and often-better-quality) items. Also, if you budget like Dave Ramsey says, you can often come up with creative ways to save up for a “splurge” expense. Although, I will say that when you are raising children (ours are grown), it can be exceedingly difficult to swing these prices or to even justify it, so I do understand your comments, too. I’ve also realized – a bit late – that Kelly’s careful, purposeful purchases are probably less expensive than my impulsive, clutter-buying ways. (I’m trying to do better.) I hope I haven’t spoken out of place here. These things are said only with GREAT RESPECT and in the hopes that it will help someone in some small way. I know that we are all just fellow-admirers of the same lovely things! :)

      1. Thanks so much for your thoughtful response Amber! I do tend to do a mix of high and low and bedding is one spot I don’t mind splurging since we use it everyday :)

    2. I’ve always been a high-low shopper. For instance the barstools in here were from Target and under $50. We also laid all the flooring and tile so I could splurge in other areas. I’m always working my budget :)

  6. Beautiful Kelly! Do you mind posting where the bunk house credenza is from? Thanks!

  7. This bunk house is just dreamy! Love the colors and details! Hope you all have the best of times enjoying each other in there!

  8. Oh, Kelly!! I literally shivered with delight when I saw your pictures!!! And I’m still shivering over it all!! It’s ALL just SO ABSOLUTELY DELIGHTFUL!!! I never cease to be amazed at your ability to envision a room and to pull it all together! And I’m seriously thinking of trying to get some of this bedding. I’m SO VERY HAPPY that you are able to have these things and that you share them with us! I feel like I live my house dreams through your sharing. ha ha! That gorgeous rug goes so perfectly in that space, too! Can’t wait to hear about it and those surely-arriving-soon pieces!

    On another note, we recently purchased several boxes of the flooring that you have in this room. We went into Lowe’s specifically searching for it. I didn’t even look at the other floorings. I just told my Mr., “This is what I want. This is what KELLY has, so it has to be a good choice.” He laughed and said, “Well, I actually like that.” So, we got it!! But, now I’m wondering if there is some way for you to get the credit for our purchase choice, because it is ENTIRELY because of you that we got it.

    Well, thank you for filling my day with HAPPY, LOVELY things! You all have a great week!

    1. Oh you are so sweet thanks Amber! I only get credit if you buy online but I’m just happy you found the flooring and I’m sure it will look great in your home! Have a great week!

  9. Love it!! I noticed right away the subtle differences with the accent pillowS. Gonna be some fun times for guests staying there!

    1. The sconces were from the UK and kind of a nightmare shipping wise so I’m not recommending them. THanks!

  10. That is THE MOST AMAZING SPACE……I love it….I’m afraid I’d be using it as an escape from all this pandemic/lockdown craziness! I’m sure that you’re going to have some fabulous summer memories this summer…🤗👏☀️

  11. Wow!!! I couldn’t wait to see how this turned out! It is so pretty! Awesome job!

  12. Love the blue and white! My favorite combo as well. Looks amazing! Well done 👍🙂

  13. O MY WORD !!!
    I’ve been chomping at the bit to see the end result and ONCE AGAIN you have NOT disappointed – absolutely GORGEOUS !! WELL DONE !!

  14. Soooo I have decided you must give us more content lol! But seriously, I am loving your choices!!! The space looks beautiful and it would be really fun to do a family fun night and all sleep out in the bunks! Something I have learned from living in Florida and having a nice rotation of guests is asking for the guests to remove the sheets. Obviously I don’t ask if they have a crazy early flight but it’s so helpful!!!

    1. Haha I’m trying lol! I can’t seem to keep up with life and blogging and instagram lately but hopefully I will have more fun things coming soon!

  15. L O V E all of the bedding, Kelly! It’s fun and beachy and elegant and perfect. The textures are SO good (and you’re right about Serena and Lily quality). It must have been so much fun dressing the beds. Here’s hoping the furniture arrives soon!

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