Navy Pool House Snack Bar

In all the excitement of sharing our newest project last week, I haven’t abandoned the pool house! I’m still (like most everyone else in the midst of a project) waiting on deliveries. The painter finished up this week, so I am ready to debut the navy pool house snack bar area!

A snack bar with navy cabinets

I’ve shared little sneak peeks here and there, but I don’t think I have shared my favorite part – the cute appliances! I’m so excited I was able to partner with Big Chill Appliances for this project. They have such fun retro-style appliances that I have long admired. I’m so glad I finally had a spot to use them.

House and Appliance

pool house snack bar retro fridge

Their retro mini fridge was the perfect bit of fun for this space.

A room with a wood floor

Of course, they pop perfectly against my favorite navy cabinet color – Blue Note by Benjamin Moore.

A room with a wooden floor

Navy Pool House Snack Bar

Here’s a look at the planning stage –

pool house plans and update

and where we ended up! Putting these cabinets in the angled part of the room was a great storage solution.

Navy pool house snack bar

Here are a few pulled-back shots so you can see how the bar relates to the dining space.

A snack bar with navy cabinets

The snack bar is right around the corner from the staircase. The staircase placement originally created an awkward spot, but this design is a great use of the space.

white planked walls snack bar


navy and white pool house snack bar

I’m thrilled that we have a spot for drinks and snacks right by the pool now. Although I had perfected carrying enormous snack trays from the kitchen with my kids’ 52 zillion requests, I won’t miss my attempts at filling drink orders and waitressing. Now everyone can just pop up the stairs and help themselves.

navy cabinets gray tile white chairs snack bar

Navy cabinet pool house snack bar

I haven’t filled the cabinets just yet, but I plan on keeping crackers, nuts, and of course microwave popcorn for the Big Chill Pro Microwave.

retro mini fridge snack bar

This fridge can store so many drinks. I love that it has a spot for wine bottles as well. I plan on stocking the drawer with handheld fruits like tangerines and cherries this summer to balance out all the popcorn and snacks.

Navy cabinet pool house snack bar

The antique brass hardware with the chrome and white appliances is a fun mix as well.

white plastic chairs navy cabinets snack bar

The Mr. and I tackled this small tile backsplash and wall before working on the big flooring project downstairs. I’m so happy with how it turned out. I love the color variations in the tile that give it a handmade feel.

gray subway tile navy cabinets

I went with plastic chairs again (you’ve heard me go on and on about wet bathing suits at this point). I love that these coordinate with the dining area chairs, but they are still a bit different with the lower backs and wood-toned legs.

gray subway tile blue note by benjamin moore cabinets

I used faux stems here so I don’t have to remember to water them, and these are the best I’ve seen! I rounded out the area with a little artwork I snagged on a Target run last weekend.

white wall room with navy cabinets and gray tile snack bar

I’m so happy with how this whole area came out. From a weird little unusable nook to a perfectly practical and pretty snack bar area. It’s a small space, but we packed a lot of storage and functionality into it.

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Wall color – Extra White by Sherwin Williams

Cabinet color – Blue Note by Benjamin Moore









Faux Stems




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  1. Kelly…everything looks absolutely beautiful. So fresh and bright and clean. I have a question I’m hoping you can answer. Your MDF panels…any idea how thick they are? Thanks again. Always look forward to your updates!

    1. Hmm this is one thing I don’t know they aren’t flimsy though maybe 1/8 inch 1/4 inch? Not totally sure!

  2. I have been following you and all your posts. Love your style. May I ask where you got your square coffee table that is in your family room photos. Love the size and style and have been searching for a similar one for my family room to no avail!!

  3. Hello! This is just beautiful, well done! I don’t see a name or link for those stools… would you mind sharing? Thank you!

  4. Love it, super cute!! How many faux stems are in your vase? Looks like two but seems very full. :)

  5. It looks amazing, Kelly! Someone asked about Diet Coke in that cute little fridge. How about Pinot Grigio? I was at Target today and went to check the framed art you have. None in stock. :-(

  6. It is amazing how much larger the nook looks once it is finished. Such a great use of an awkward space. It looks like it was always supposed to be there now. It turned out fabulous.

  7. Everything is just perfect! I love your style so much! How many stems did you use in the PB vase? 🥰

  8. The space is amazing! And that fridge is so cool, just love it! Another job well done!!

  9. so amazing Great job Kelly! I was wondering have you shown the sleeping area I see a peek of it. Cant wait… the parties the kids can have this summer and you how fun… might be nice to have a ring camera installed that way you can spy on the kids from the house(can you tell Ive raised two teen boys) !!! Ha … happy decorating.

    1. I haven’t shown that area yet, waiting on a few more items to arrive! And yes we have all sorts of security measures over there lol!

  10. Absolutely perfect!! Love it! Have any Diet Coke in that refrigerator? I’ll be over!😀

  11. I can hear the pool parties and sleepovers being planned now! Great job, Kelly! You and your husband have worked very hard…congratulations to you both!

  12. Absolutely adorable Kelly. It all looks so beautiful.. and that little fridge is to die for! Great job! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  13. Hi Kelly,
    You have done it again, what a fun space. I can just imagine all of you in this space on a rainy day, and of course you fridge loaded with some wine for mom. Enjoy cheers to you can’t wait to see the whole tour😀

  14. I have no words – my jaw is on the floor!!! I LOVE this space – and that fridge – so adorable!! You’ve outdone yourself once again. Looks amazing.

  15. Oh my word, Kelly, your kids must be out of their minds with excitement! They will certainly award you and your Mr. with the ‘Parents of The Year’ award for creating that amazing, gorgeous, magazine-worthy pool house. Oh, the wonderful memories your family is going to make in that gloriously designed space!

  16. By the way, Kelly, I left you a late reply on the tadpole post. Wasn’t sure if you would see it.

  17. WOW, Kelly!!! My jaw literally dropped when I saw it! EVERY tiny thing about this space is absolute PERFECTION!! It is SO beautiful and exceedingly well-designed! I LOVE it all! And I am definitely planning to get one of those little fridges! Thank you so much for sharing these things with us! It is truly appreciated!

  18. What an amazing space! And that fridge??????? Adorable and perfect for the spot!

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