Coastal Pool House Mudroom

I have another fun pool house “before and after” for you today! This little coastal pool house mudroom used to be a dark and dingy room where we just kept pool chemicals and cobwebs… So, I’m so excited that it’s actually a useable space now!

Brace yourself for the BEFORE

House and Room


House and Wall


Gray and white patterned tile, white paneled walls, green cabinet

Coastal Pool House Mudroom

Again, this flooring from Mirth Studio really makes the space!

Gray and white patterned tile, white paneled walls, green cabinet

We originally wanted to add built-in cabinets and hooks, etc. over here more like a traditional mudroom. However, we ended up nixing that idea for a free-standing piece of furniture instead. I realized I wanted a little more flexibility in this space since I’m not 100 percent sure how we will use everything over here yet. Not to mention it saved a lot of money going this route too!

green metal cabinet pool house

I found this fun green cabinet for this wall. It’s metal vs wood, so I don’t need to worry about it being ruined from wet towels or sunscreen, etc…

green metal cabinet, grey and white patterned tile flooring white paneled walls pool house mudroom

I was unsure if I would like the fact that you can see through the doors at first. However, if your kids/husband are anything like mine, in that they can’t see something unless it’s in front of their face, I think this may be a bonus! I think it will also be helpful for guests as well.

green metal cabinet pool house

I added baskets on the bottom to keep sunscreen and goggles stored away as well.

Gray and white patterned tile, white paneled walls, green cabinet

These larger baskets will store more towels, or maybe one will store clean ones, and one dirty ones? Again, I’m sure I’ll change this space several times this summer once we are using it more. I shared this basket in the bathroom last week, but it actually blocked the closet door in there, so I switched them both to being out here for now.

white walls gray patterned tile flooring pool house

I’m thinking I may add a bench or maybe some more hooks on this wall over here? Just thinking out loud as usual.

vintage diving prints

You may remember these fun prints from my mood board. And yes, they are a bit large and in charge in here. Their oversized size was a necessity to cover up the ugly electrical box. So yes, the scale is a bit in your face for a small room (well in photos anyway), but actually in real life it works plus is better than staring at the electrical box eyesore.

vintage diving prints framed

You can see the electrical box in this “before” photo.

paneled walls pool house

white paneled walls grey patterned floor tile pool house mudroom

framed vintage diving prints

This mirror was one of the first things I bought for this space. I think the room was still at the studs last spring when I bought it, so it was so fun to finally hang it up! Hanging it across from the window reflects the light (and the pool once it’s open) and brightens the space up so much.

green cabinets wood round mirror

round wood mirror white paneled walls

It’s so bright in here in fact it’s hard to read the vertical planked walls in these photos, but I’ll be giving a little tour over on Instagram later this week.

wood and white staircase

Oh and the new staircase! Before the stairs were a weird DIY combo that the previous owners built with the landing being an old folding tabletop! Seriously, a few homemade steps leading to a tabletop with a ladder attached to make it the rest of the way :)  So very happy to have this beautiful (and safe) staircase to replace that. I’ve had lots of questions about the newel post in here and our contractor just built it to match the ones in our house. I wanted something simple and classic.

Coastal Pool House Mudroom

I’m still playing around with styling in this space and just shopping my home for now, but wow it feels like a breath of fresh air to step through that door now!

gray and white patterned tile flooring white walls green cabinet

If you missed the Pool House Bathroom reveal last week you can check it out here – Pool House Bathroom.

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Wall color – Extra White by Sherwin Williams

Wall material – MDF panels that were milled with a v-groove at 6 inch increments


Green Cabinet




LVP flooring on stairs



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  1. How beautiful is this pool house transformation! What a great summer it’s going to be here! I think a bench would look great in the space and offer seating to take off shoes, etc.

  2. I love what you have done! It’s beautiful! Are you going to put a washer and dryer in there or are you going to carry towels back to your house?

  3. I feel as if you are tricking your blog readers with a different space (building) because the before and after photos are amazing. Bet you are even more than ready for spring/summer this year.

  4. Love it so much!! Do you have a good resource for diy tiling? I’m hoping to tile our mushroom on our own but have never done anything like it before!

  5. Love everything about it! The tile is fabulous. I just ordered one of the green cabinets for my office…
    Great job!

  6. Oh my goodness! BEAUTIFUL.

    Love the STAIR POST. Love the large swimmers pictures. Love the green cabinet.

    Breath taking! YES, a breath of fresh air, indeed.

  7. Love it! If you need a bench, find an old one from a locker room. The choices you have made really are a beautiful combo just like you home.

  8. I can’t believe the transformation. I was in the old pool house and I would never guess it could turn out this beautiful. Stunning. Makes me want summer mow. You are so talented and your eye for detail is superb. Your mother in law always tells me how blessed her son is because of you.

  9. Wow! I love everything about this space! How beautiful is this pool house transformation! What a great summer it’s going to be here!

  10. This is stunning! Absolutely beautiful! I think a bench would look great in the space and offer seating to take off shoes, etc.

  11. The pool house is stunning – makes me want one! I agree with the other comments – I think some kind of place or way for “for the day” visitors to stash their clothing or belongings. Maybe a bench with baskets underneath or hooks. For kid visitors it probably won’t be a big deal but for the Mr. & your guests it would be welcome.

  12. Wow, it’s SO gorgeous Kelly! And the newel post is da bomb! Much, much prettier than I ever thought possible. If the green cabinet doesn’t provide enough functionality, you could consider retro lockers with a bench across from them under the window. There are so many sizes and configurations of lockers to choose from. They would be darling and provide lots of storage and cubbies for guests, too. And if you don’t want to keep the large prints on the wall, a blackboard (perhaps hinged at the top for access to the electrical panel) might be a cute option and a fun way to announce events at the pool. :) Oooh, I can’t wait to see upstairs! :-)

  13. It’s so fresh and cheery, love it! Where can I purchase the brass bathroom faucet and scones? Thanks

  14. Love the new look and the prints. And the staircase upgrade! We need something similar done – care to share the name of your contractor? 😊

  15. The pool house is stunning! Bravo! The green metal cabinet is fun and functional. I absolutely love the flooring.

  16. This is beautiful and I don’t think the prints are too big. Love the colour of the cabinet with the floor and mirror.

    A bench is a good idea. Maybe narrow shelf or hooks for clothes if you have people using the pool that don’t live with you?

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