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Spring Clothes & Makeup – Friday Feels

Welcome to another Friday Feels where I share what I’m feeling this week. This post contains affiliate links. I may receive a small commission for purchases made through these links at no extra cost to you. Just click on the BOLD links.

It’s been a while since a good old-fashioned Friday Feels! The pool house project has been taking up all my time lately, but I do have a few fun finds to share!

The temps are in the 40’s this week (break out the shorts and flip flops Michigan!) and this “heatwave” has me thinking of spring fashion. The return to wearing real clothes is feeling closer, and I have a few pieces I’ve added to my closet in the last few weeks.

Jeans and Sandal

First up these cute sandals. They perfectly pair with jeans for early spring, but look adorable with shorts and casual dresses too. Plus they are under $35, and the nude color is so versatile.

A white t-shirt

I added this tank to my cart to qualify for free shipping (that gets me every time), and I love it! It’s great with leggings and sneakers, but stylish enough to throw on with jeans and a necklace too. I bought the olive color, but it comes in a few different colors. Here is the olive on me below with the cute sandals too.

straight leg jeans sandals tank


white spring cardigan

Ok, so tank top weather is wishful thinking for us up north yet, but I found this cute springy cardigan to help me transition to spring. Cozy enough to wear now, but lightweight enough that it will work with denim shorts too. It comes in black and green and it’s under $20!

straight leg jeans

We have all seen the memes going around that the adorable Gen-Z kids are telling us we are old dorks if we side part our hair and don skinny jeans. I personally will not be letting go of my skinny jeans anytime soon, but I did just buy this cute pair of straight-leg jeans. They are a great color, comfortable, and manage to not look like frumpy mom jeans. I feel like they are the perfect pair of “dip your toe in the water” non-skinny jeans. I threw them on with the cozy sweater above so you could see the fit.

white cardigan straight leg jeans sandals


navy wrap dress

I also snagged this pretty dress. It feels like pajamas, can be dressed up or down, and comes in a ton of different colors. Other bonuses for me, you can wear a real bra with it. The wrap across the front is suuuper flattering if you have had a kid or two, a chilidog or two…or both!

bronzer and blush set

I’m almost out of my normal blush and bronzer palette. I’ve been wanting to try something new. This Benefit Cheek Party sampler pack is perfect to try out new colors, plus there is actually a ton of product in them! How much blush does one person actually use? These will last a long time, and I love all of the colors.

Buxom Lip Balm

While I was at Ulta, I grabbed a refill on my favorite Buxom lipgloss, and I noticed they had this new Buxom Power-full Plump lip balm. With mask-wearing, I’ve been reaching for chapstick and lip balm more than lipgloss lately. I love that this one has a touch of color to it. I bought the pink color – Big O (ahem) and immediately ordered the Dolly Fever color too. It has that cool minty slightly plumping effect that Buxom is known for but in a subtle color chapstick form.

Red Aspen nail dashes

I haven’t had a manicure in over a year, and to be honest, it’s not my favorite thing to go sit and do. There already aren’t enough hours in the day, so I don’t want to drive somewhere to sit and get my nails done. I mentioned earlier this year that I love the new Olive and June nail polish kit which makes it so easy to paint your nails. Well, I recently tried out Red Aspen nail dashes and it’s even easier! I never thought I would be a press-on nail kind of girl, but these come in really pretty neutral colors. They have wild ones too if that’s more your style. I love that they come in a shorter length. They were super easy to put on, and 5 days later they are still going strong. You can use my link here to check them out for yourself! I think that’s all I have for you this week, happy weekend!

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  1. For the Red Aspen nails, did you order online or do you know if they sell them in a store like Ulta? Also did you get the regular size or the petite size?

    1. Oh and regular but I may try the petite and see what I think, my daughter could always use them if they are too small. They each come with a bunch of different sizes, not just 10 nails if that makes sense?

  2. Did you feel the need to file the Red Aspen nails? I tried the Impress version, and loved the convenience but even the “short” ones were pretty long! (& I have long nail beds 🤔)

    1. I cut down the thumb and the pointer finger ones a bit, the other ones were just the right length! They were really easy to cut down and still nice and smooth.

  3. Love it all. Come on Spring. Do you have a link you can share for the jeans? There didn’t seem to be anything linked above. Love the color of them. Also now checking out Bohme; had never heard of it!

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