Friday Feels – Camping Adventures, Fall Clothes, Fave TV Show

Welcome to another Friday Feels where I share what I’m “feeling” this week. This post contains affiliate links.

Hey guys, this week I’m feeling sore…and old. Like too old to sleep on the ground. Which is what we did last weekend when we took the kids camping. One of our bucket lists items every summer is to camp out in the backyard in a tent. This year we decided to take it up a notch and go to a local camp ground over on Deep Lake.

A tree in the middle of a forest

I put the Mr. in charge of securing said campground, which was my first mistake as he thought “rustic campsite” meant it would be “in a more rustic secluded setting with trees.” When in reality it meant “no running water and a hole in the ground for a toilet.”

We persevered despite the missing amenities and the kids and I got the tent up while the Mr. was still at work. We had fun exploring and playing UNO until nature called and then my daughter asked if we could make the 2 mile drive home to use the bathroom :) My kids are total outdoor lovers, but apparently my daughter draws the line when it comes to sharing a bathroom with raccoons, I for one, second that.

A couple of people that are standing in a wooded area

We had a great time (with a few quick bathroom trips home squeezed in) and my daughter was happy to put her campfire building skills to good use. We also got a great hike in the next morning (we were attempting the 4 mile loop and somehow ended up on the 10 mile loop, ahem, again I’m looking at the Mr.) and we will definitely attempt tent camping again, although we all decided we enjoyed Yurt Life better. Read all about our Canadian Yurt adventures here if you missed it last fall.

We only have 3 1/2 weeks left until the kids go back to school, and while I’m not really ready to jump back in to the frenzy, I have been thinking about fall clothes! I recently picked up these cute mules from Nordstrom and they are the perfect transition shoes for fall. Plus, I love anything that I can just slip on easily.

A close up of a shoe


A woman holding a cell phone

I also snagged this inexpensive pair from Target that go with everything.

A close up of a shoe

I picked up 2 of these sweaters  in the Nordstrom sale, the mustard color and the oatmeal (it comes in a few other colors too), they are the perfect cardigan and at a great price point at $31. So soft and cozy. The fit is a bit oversized so I went down a size. Heads up they are only on sale until August 6, so snag one while you can.


mustard cardigan fall outfit

I’m a total cardigan junkie in the fall/winter. The Mr. calls it my Mr. Rogers wardrobe, because the minute I get home from wherever we are, I throw on leggings and a cozy cardigan ala Mr. Rogers. I’m really invested in finding some house shoes too, so I can be full on Fred like.

I also picked up this J.Crew sweater blazer and it’s supposed to arrive tomorrow. I have been wanting one of these since they sold out in my size last fall and while it is a bit more of an investment (although it is on sale right now), I know I will get a ton of wear out of it. It’s one of those throw on with anything and instantly look polished, classic pieces.

A sweater jacket

If you are looking for a new relaxing show for the end of your day, I can’t recommend the Great British Bake Off enough. Even the Mr. is obsessed and we are thinking of staging our own family baking challenge before the start of school. I really can’t explain why this show is so good, it’s a combo of the accents, the dry humor, and staring at delicious carbs I think. You can find it on PBS or Netflix.

One more bit or randomness, Plated is totally saving my life this summer. Grocery shopping with kids can be tough, along with trying to meal plan in the busy swing of summer. So having two Plated meals delivered a week has been amazing. I feed the kids pb&j and carrot sticks in their bathing suits out by the lake and then the Mr. and I have our own nice meal after they go to bed for the night. It’s been a nice little date night in twice a week. This isn’t sponsored or anything, I’ve just really enjoyed trying new recipes, and all of the meals have been so good. Have you tried any other meal delivery services out there? Here’s my referral link if you are interested in trying Plated.

A plate of food with chicken and vegetables

Here’s a blurry iPhone pic of the delicious chicken and roasted vegetable faro dish we had this week. I think that’s all I got, I’ll just be over here humming “Won’t you be my neighbor”…

PS – Has anyone seen the new Mr. Rogers Documentary? I heard it was amazing!

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  1. We saw the Mr. Rogers documentary and I agree…it was heartwarming (and yes, I shed a tear or two). I just started Home Chef and Im loving the ease and the delicious meals! I haven’t had to the grocery store as much!!Yay!!

  2. We LOVE the Great British Bake Off. My husband liked it too and we got through all the seasons the first winter we were home with our little one. It was the perfect show to watch on a Sunday morning with a big mug of coffee…and daydream about all the carbs, ha!

    1. Yes! It’s such a good show, we are watching the current season after binging them all and it’s so hard to wait for them to come out each week ha :)

  3. Just for the record, I could totally be your neighbor! :-) especially if I was able to clone your house. I grew up on a lake in a suburb north of Seattle, and it was fabulous, even with the rainy climate. Your property is just fantastic, inside and out!

  4. LOVE the J Crew sweater blazer! I love a good sale, but my mother always told me to never feel bad about investing in a good, timeless, classic piece of clothing. There’s a lot of truth in the old adage “You get what you pay for.” Awesome post. :-)

  5. I’m the cardigan queen! What kinds of tops do you like under them? That’s always a tougher call for me.
    Saw the Mr Rodgers film. It was amazing!

    1. I like to wear a pretty camisole or tank in the fall and in the winter as many warm layers as possible! A good v-neck tee is always good too.

  6. Love Plated, and as soon as I finish typing this I’m going to snag that cardigan jacket I love it!! Great Friday Feels this week!

  7. I saw Mr Rogers yesterday at the Traverse City Film Festival! It’s amazing! I think the world would be a much nicer pace if everyone saw it! Bring Kleenex – some parts really tug at your heart strings .

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