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Coastal Pool House Bathroom

This may be the longest I’ve made you all wait for a before and after in the history of the blog! I’m so excited to FINALLY share our coastal pool house bathroom. I think we first started framing this project last March? I wouldn’t totally call it a complete “after” as I plan on adding more art, window treatments, plants, etc.. over the next few months. However, I couldn’t wait any longer to share.

gray patterned floor, white paneled walls bathroom

First, let’s take a look back at where we started…


The inside of a building

Ahh yes, the picket fence bathroom stall complete with a pink toilet! The Mr. just found this photo we took the day we closed on the house.

A wooden door

We’ve made just a few changes…



A room with a sink and a window

It’s so exciting to have a real bathroom with walls and a door now! It will be even more exciting this summer when I have a pool full of kids, and no one has to run through the house to use the bathroom….or you know do the other alternative ;)

gray patterned floor, white paneled walls bathroom

I started my bathroom design with this fun tile flooring from Mirth Studios. It’s meant to be used indoors or out, and has a nonslip coating on it – perfect for wet feet. Their tile comes in a zillion different colors and patterns. I’m so happy we used it in this space.

wood vanity grey pattern tile floor white paneled walls

I really wanted to keep it light and bright in here so I stuck with my favorite white paint – Extra White by Sherwin Williams.

blue and white striped towels vintage swimming art coastal bathroom

blue and white striped towels brass hooks

I added a few pops of color with these cute striped blue towels. The mix of pattern is fun with small-scale stripes vs. larger square tile flooring.

blue and white striped towels, gray patterned floors, white paneled walls bathroom

Also, I’ve had lots of questions on Instagram about these wall units. It’s called a mini-split unit, and it will heat and cool this space. There is a unit down here in the bathroom and upstairs in the bunk room as well.

Coastal Pool House Bathroom

They hook up to a unit on the outside kind of like an air conditioning unit. They are great for this space where we didn’t have the room for ductwork. I will say it’s not the most attractive thing but it works. Bonus – hanging the towels underneath allows them to dry lickety-split!

vintage swimming art

vintage swimming pool art

The white walls really allow this fun Etsy print to pop as well. Annnnnnnd now I can’t stop laughing looking at this because I totally hung it upside down hahaha! Let’s just pretend she is swimming upstream instead of diving? Oh my gosh, I’m losing my mind – I’ll have to swap that around. I may add some more art to this wall and make a little gallery down the road. I like to live with a space for a bit before finishing it completely.

wood bathroom vanity gray patterned tile floors

If you remember back to this fall and the planning stage, I changed my mind about this vanity a million times. I finally settled on this wood-toned one so I could have a bit of fun with color out in the mudroom area. Sneak peek below…

coastal bathroom gray patterned floors white paneled walls

I always think it’s fun to compare design boards with the finished product and this one is pretty close to what I envisioned!

pool house bathroom mood board

I’m so happy I went with this wood vanity. It feels nice and light and airy in here. I still need to decide if I’m going to put a basket underneath it. As usual, I tried to stick with classic timeless choices as this is hopefully our forever home.

Coastal Bathroom wood vanity gray tile white paneled walls

I liked the mix of the warm-aged brass fixtures with the cooler-toned counters and wood. I typically like to mix and match finishes. This is such a small space, and we already have the black door hardware in here, so I kept it all brass.

brass bathroom faucet

You all know how much I love my houseplants, but we are keeping this space at 60 degrees when not in use, to save energy. So I had to resort to this little faux plant for now.

Coastal Pool House Bathroom

The Mr. actually can control everything on his phone over here so he is able to bump the heat up if we know we are going to use the space on the weekend etc…

Coastal Bathroom pool house

This summer I’m sure I will add a few real plants over here, that extra deep window sill is begging for a plant buddy or two.

bathroom gray patterned tile white walls

There are still a lot of little touch-ups and things to fix over here, not to mention furniture and bedding needs to arrive, but it’s fun to look back and see how far we have come! Thanks for hanging in there with me on this project. It’s definitely not been the typical HGTV overnight makeover, but so worth the wait!

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Wall Color – Extra White by Sherwin Williams




Faux Plant

Towel hooks


Wall Art



Hand Towels

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  1. This bathroom is beautiful. You did a great job! I’m curious about your vanity. I am currently building a house and need a bathroom vanity for a half bath. Do you like the quality from Signature Hardware?

  2. Wow, Kelly, it’s classic and timeless and gorgeous and perfect! And you’ll have quite the conversation starter if you leave the artwork just as it is, ha! :)

  3. This looks terrific Kelly! I just assumed the gal on the art print was swimming up to the top of the water from being down at the bottom the pool! ha! :-) my husband once hung a piece of trim on a cabinet upside down… actually I think it’s still that way! ugh! Thanks for sharing. you all are gonna enjoy your pool/poolhouse so much this summer!

  4. This is so truly a WOW! OH MY GOODNESS!!

    It looks like a RESORT!

    I love the all brass. If I saw the mirror, in the store, I would have thought no, boring. It is just spectacular with all the other brass fixtures.

    Always good to go with your gut.

    Very inspiring and not the usual, what is usually on display.

  5. Kelly….. once again you have done an excellent job tuning something into a beautiful room! It is just perfect! You can come and redo my bathroom at the cottage anytime!!!

  6. love it. Looks so perfect. What tile did you use in the shower stall? No pictures and ya didn’t mention it. Did I miss a story?

    1. We have really hard well water over here and no room for a water softener, so we just put an inexpensive fiberglass shower in so I didn’t have to deal with trying to keep tile/grout clean. Thanks!

  7. This is fabulous! I love it!! You are so talented. I love the faucet! And I didn’t notice the print was upside down. Haha! Enjoy!!

  8. Absolutely beautiful. I can’t believe you have this in your pool house because it is much nicer than any of the 4 bathrooms in my house. I am very jealous.

  9. It is so great! What a fun before and after. Well worth the wait! You always do such a beautiful job. Thank you for sharing.

  10. So fresh and light! And, I actually prefer the swimmer as you have her hung, because the waves are at the top where they should be. Doesn’t look upside down to me at all :-)

  11. It is just beautiful. I especially love the floor tile! I admit I did a little head-tilt when I saw the print of the diver, so I laughed out loud when you addressed the faux pas. Great job!!!

  12. What an amazing renovation! Absolutely stunning and so welcoming for your guests! Always enjoy your posts!

  13. Wow! I love how this turned out! Absolutely gorgeous transformation!

    What are the walls and the ceiling, is this all shiplap or another material?

    Want to help me the design of my renovation and addition? I’m in Michigan not that far from you!


      1. Thanks Kelly. So are these 4 x 8 sheets then vs, individual planks? Where can you purchase these sheets from? Much appreciate your help.

  14. This is total perfection! Can you decorate my house? ;) Love the wall art too. Is the little hand towel from Crate and Barrel as well?

  15. Fantastic job. I’m laughing about the print being hung upside down. A while ago, my usually very handy husband had to replace the flusher on a toilet – I went upstairs and discovered he had installed the handle upside down and backwards! A gal I know wallpapered their master bedroom and then discovered she had hung the paper upside down! Hey, it happens.

  16. It looks amazing and I’m so in love with the floor tile! You picked the perfect layout for it too!

  17. That looks so good!

    You could look at outdoor plants that are better with lower temps? I was also thinking about using a basket in the vanity to store spare suits? A bit of thrift or Target shopping to have spare suits for an impromptu dip! I wasn’t sure if you already did that.

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