Pool House Dining Area

I’ve been sharing bits and pieces of the pool house over here. Mainly, because I’m showing you the spaces that are actually complete-ish. It’s all still definitely a work in progress, but it’s getting there! I have another little corner to share with you today. This time let’s head upstairs to the bunkroom and the pool house dining area.

Like always here is a fun BEFORE shot of this space. Wow, I had to look back in my phone to 2016 to find this one!

The inside of a building

AFTER. I tried to get the same angle here. There were 2 windows on either side of a wasp-infested barndoor. Also, that chimney wasn’t connected to anything below so we were never sure about what they used it for.

A room filled with furniture and a large window

Now that we replaced the rickety barndoor with french doors it’s so much brighter in this space.

Pool House Dining Area

wood table white plastic chairs wood flooring

I was originally thinking of a round table up here with four chairs, but once everything was built we had plenty of room for a larger rectangle table. Not to mention with six beds in the bunk area, seating six at the table just sort of made sense.

wood LVP floors, wood dining table white chairs

I know the angles of these shots make it look like you would smack your head on the angled ceiling, but my 5’9″ self is totally comfortable sitting in the chairs in the back.

House and Room

I wanted to warm things up by adding a wood table. I found this table on sale a few weeks ago. Bonus – with curbside pickup I was able to order online and pick it up that same day rather, than deal with the crazy shipping times everything else has.

white paneled walls, wood floors dining area

Side note I just got word the bunkhouse bedding is on the way – cue happy dance! So hopefully I will be able to share the bunks on the other side of the room looking cute in the next few weeks.

pool house dining area white walls wood table white chairs

I’m also being very strategic in not showing the snack bar area, since all of the shoe molding is painted the wrong color. The painter is supposed to show up this week to fix it and then I can share that too!

A dining room table

Ok back to the dining area. I’ve been pretty consistent with my attempts at practicality in this space. I want to be able to relax by the pool and not constantly be worrying about my adorable well-behaved children destroying the furniture up here. ;) So these chairs were a perfect choice.

A chair sitting in front of a wooden table

I love the simple modern style. They are plastic so wet butts will be welcome here and they stack! I love that feature if we ever want to store them out of the way easily.

A living room filled with furniture and a large window

They are also surprisingly really comfy. As comfy as plastic chairs get I guess.

bowl of grass centerpiece dining table

I added this little bowl of faux grass from HomeGoods, for a fun pop of color.

blue and white coastal art prints

I shared these prints a few weeks back from Blakely Made. I love them tucked in this little corner here. This is really the only wall space available to hang art, and the colors are perfect.

blue and white coastal art prints

We have already had a family game night just to test things out. I’m so excited to use this space this summer too!

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Paint Color – Extra White by Sherwin Williams

Wall material – MDF panels that were milled with a v-groove at 6 inch increments





Art Frames

Light fixture


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  1. This will be a great “hang out” space for family and friends, especially as your kids grow into the teenage years. The pool house will also save major wear & tear on your home! Love what you have done with it!

  2. Lookin’ Great! Can’t wait to see it all done…your summer will be amazing with these improvements!

  3. LOVE our vision for this space – Congratulations!!! And Thank you for sharing and giving all the links – super helpful! I do have a question on the flooring – what color did you go with, Southern Pecan?

    Thank you

  4. Looks wonderful!! Where would one find the mdf panels with the milled v groove? Can you find them at your typical big box home stores?

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