Bunk Room Mood Board

We are inching closer to the fun part over at the pool house. I know this is taking FOREVER. That’s just real life construction in Michigan at the moment! In the meantime, I’ll share my bunk room mood board now that I have narrowed down a few selections.

Bunk Room Mood Board


navy and gray pool house bunk house plans

So as I mentioned in this post, we plan to vertically plank all the walls and ceilings. Which we will paint my beloved Extra White by Sherwin Williams. With the ceilings being low in this space, I want it to feel light and bright.

The Mr. and I found this luxury vinyl plank at Lowe’s and we plan on laying it ourselves. We wanted something that was durable, waterproof, and a medium tone color to hide dirt. This fits the bill, plus it’s really reasonably priced. It looks nice with the patterned tile that will be in the mudroom/bathroom on the lower level.

Behold my chicken scratch sketch of the bar area upstairs! 
snack bar built in plans

Here is the wall I’m talking about to refresh your memory…

pool house plans and update

We plan on building this little nook out so it will be flush with the wall. We will paint the cabinets Blue Note by Benjamin Moore which I used on our kitchen island recently. I want this space to feel like an extension of our home, so I like the continuity of using the same colors. I’m going with brass accents and hardware for something a little different.

tile sample

We plan on using this gray subway tile on the wall, as well as a little backsplash above the bar counter. I love the color variations in it. I still need to figure out the countertop material, but I’m hoping to find a grayish quartz remnant from a local shop. I’m excited about this little pseudo kitchen area. It will be so nice to have drinks and snacks right near the pool in the summer.

bunk bed sketch


This is the simple plan for the built-in beds. I think I will be painting those white as well to keep your eye moving through the room. I love the sconce detail and cannot wait to see them come together. I’m thinking of simple striped bedding, crisp white sheets, with a throw pillow and blanket for some color. Maybe a pop of green? Still working that out in my head!

A large empty room with a wooden floor

There will be 5 semi-flush mount lights along the middle of the ceilings. I found these unique gray and brass fixtures. I think they will pop against the white planked ceilings. Hopefully, I have some actual progress shots to share soon! You can read more about the pool house plans here and the bathroom plans here.

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  1. It would be fun if you add a pulley system with a cute bucket off your little balcony/double french doors. So that when someone goes upstairs to get drinks or snacks they don’t have to carry an armload downstairs they just put it in the bucket and send it down! Because I picture someone saying I’m getting a drink then everyone chimes in and says bring me one too bc they don’t want to go upstairs to get their own :)

  2. I love the whole bunk room idea and the mood board. I especially like all the lighting choices!

  3. You have such a gift.. aaaand you are Gorgeous as well 😊. I am looking forward to seeing the pool house!

  4. Looks great. Can’t wait to see the finished space. Although having drinks upstairs is not that close to the pool. Maybe add a fun pulley system out the window down to the pool otherwise I think it’ll be a Pain to have to go upstairs for cold drinks? Maybe it’s just my kids that would be complaining about having to go all the way up the stairs LOL.

  5. Love your plans. What is the name & color of the luxury vinyl tile? We are currently building a home and thought about using that as well.

    1. It’s from Rejuvenation, sorry forgot to link that one! I’m on the hunt for a good dupe because they are a little $$ and I need 4.

  6. Hi Kelly will you be able to use this space in the winter months, if so what a great space for kids and guests 😀

  7. Have you thought about using a rolling island instead of building a bar in the kitchen? You could roll the island up to the wall and leave it stationary when its just your 2 kids but when you have more people over you could roll the island out and have more people be able to use it as a table/island by having 2 people stand on the side by the stairs and 2 people stand by the french doors and then you could have at least 1 person standing on the side by the microwave. It might just be able to give you more options.

    1. It’s hard to tell in the photos but there is actually a perfect nook for the bar to fit in. I’m not sure we would have room for an island but that’s a fun idea!

  8. It’s all starting to come together!! Love all the choices and can’t wait to see the finished project!

  9. It’s going to be stunning, Kelly! I can just picture the planked walls and ceiling… like a giant ‘hug’ around everything on your gorgeous mood board. Coordinating the colors with your lovely home is such a good idea. You’re going to have SO much fun dressing the beds, especially when your kids have sleepovers, but there is one big problem… your guests are never going to leave! :)

    1. So true, Dori. I love all the plans!!
      She will also have a great place to send the Mr. when he starts to smell! ;)

      1. I was reading the article at 6 am. I must not have had enough coffee yet and happened to miss that sentence. That said, perhaps a simple, kind answer could have been offered. Have a wonderful day!

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