Navy Island White Kitchen

I read a tweet the other day something to the effect of  “It’s crazy how fast I got to the rearrange all the furniture in my house stage of quarantine.” And I feel seen! Except I weirdly started with the “paint everything in your whole house” stage of self-isolation first. I’ve also hit the obsessively cleaning stage, organizing stage and rearranging pillows stage to name a few. I’ll keep you posted on what other stages I happen upon next…but here we go with my new navy island in our white kitchen!

A kitchen with a dining room table

I painted my island! Well, really I painted my pantry door first and it all went downhill from there. Or up depending on how you look at it. I have many times talked about falling prey to the “if you give a mouse a cookie decorating situation” and once again an innocent paint touch up turned into a big ole project.

Also, that right light is crooked in every shot and it is making me crazy. It’s fine. Just fine. FINE! ;)

A navy kitchen island

A navy kitchen island with stools

There was a big gouge in our pantry door, so I got a bee in my bonnet to paint it, but I thought if I was going to paint it why not switch things up more? So, I painted it black. Which I loved! Then I got on a painting kick and started touching up all the baseboards in our house. Which led to the island. It was kind of destroyed thanks to my kids smashing their barstools against it all the time. About half of it needed to be painted. And AGAIN, if I was going to paint it, why not switch up the color?

A kitchen island with a  large window

My back up paint color for the wet bar cabinets in the basement that I painted that mushroom color (see that post here) was this deep navy blue. It’s Blue Note by Benjamin Moore. I thought why not use that here! I still loved the old color, but I love to switch things up even more. And… I have just a little bit of time on my hands being stuck home, so why not?

A stove top oven sitting inside of a kitchen

I love it! It feels like it should have been this color all along. It’s such a fun change and I love the contrast of the deeper color in here. It plays really nicely with our navy chairs in our living room. I didn’t take any full room shots since it was hard enough just to get this area clean with all of us elbowing for office/school space, but I will at some point.

A stove top oven sitting inside of a kitchen

The navy bar stools really pop against it.

An island stool

I again used the same paint and painting tips I talked about in this post here. It’s the same paint that the painter painted them with the first time around, so I know it’s good stuff.

A kitchen with a stove top oven sitting and navy blue island

lake house kitchen navy island

Oh, sneak peek of my new breakfast nook chairs over there too. I will be sharing that next week. That’s a whole other saga, and I’m currently waiting on a new table over there too! The Mr. bought it for me for my birthday (which was yesterday), but it’s trapped inside the mall at Crate and Barrel for the foreseeable future. That just gives me one more thing to look forward to when life returns to normal again.

A stove top oven sitting inside of a kitchen

Oh and after all that, I actually re-painted the pantry door white because the black looked bad with the navy. Well, actually I painted it gray and then white, but the point is it’s white now and I like it! I hope you all are staying safe and well and possibly tackling some fun projects in your house or painting everything in sight light a crazy person. Tell me I’m not alone?! :)

SOURCES: This post contains affiliate links. I may receive a small commission for purchases made through these links at no extra cost to you. Just click on the BOLD links.

White cabinets – Extra White by Sherwin Williams

Island – Blue Note by Benjamin Moore

Flooring – find it here

Range – 36 in Monogram by GE

Utensil rack – Ikea

Countertop – white quartz by Vicostone the color is Misterio

Tile – Lowe’s

Grout – not sure a mid-tone gray that the tile installer had

Runner – find it here

Step stool – find it here

Hardware – find it here

Tray – find it here

Lights – find them here (I spray painted mine black)

White vase – not available anymore but this one is similar

Stools – find it here

Pantry wallpaper – find it here


Navy Island White Kitchen

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  1. I absolutely love your kitchen. In fact, we are in the process of building a lake house and we have chosen white shaker cabinets, white tile, and a blue island. Also, black lantern island lights! I love the runner you selected. I cannot tell from your photos. id you purchase the color navy or is it the blue?

  2. Your kitchen is gorgeous and I love the blue island. Can I ask where your hood is from?

  3. Your kitchen is beautiful! Is the floor you linked the exact color you used in your kitchen? Thanks.

  4. It looks so good! What flooring do you have in the kitchen? It’s beautiful! I’m looking to get new floors in my home and don’t know which one to choose.


  5. Hey Kelly! LOVE the hardware on your kitchen cabinets so much! When I click on the link or photo to take me to the resource, a message pops up that says “Oops! You’re offer could not be found”… could you tell me the brand/style, and maybe I can google search them!

    Thanks so much!

  6. This island is stunning. What is the width dimension of your kitchen? Im wondering if I could fit a similar size in mine.

  7. Hi!

    Love how your kitchen looks. I’m currently installing the same quartz in my kitchen and struggling with finding a white tile. Yet yours seems to go perfectly. Is it a matte tile?

  8. Hi just listened to a well known interior design podcast this weekend as a break from constant cable news . They had a young design duo on from NJ whose one piece of advice for a new kitchen was NOT to do white cabs/navy island because it will be “so 2017”… well we’ve been in a rental since last fall having gut renovated our house. Before the work stoppage in NY the kitchen was to be delivered beginning of April… it’s white cabs with a dark navy island. Yes I know it’s been done a while now but I was trying to avoid the all -white look and thought that the navy was a classic neutral. I feel validated by your post, as hearing this was distressing and, obviously, can’t be changed now ! By the way, the interior window frames are black and I think it will look fantastic.

  9. I have the same oven range! What do you use to clean your stovetop and grates? It’s in need of a good scrub but I’m nervous of scratching it up! ?

  10. I had to go back to an older picture of your kitchen to see the original blue of the island and OH YES…I like this deep blue so much better.
    I have got to buy this Benjamin Moore paint for my next project. I am amazed at how gorgeous the finish on your island and your bar turned out. It looks as smooth as a professionally sprayed finish. Great Job!

  11. This post cracked me UP!!! Ha! You’re such a source of delight and laughter, Kelly. Thank you for the ways you share with honesty and humor. I love your blog. I love in south east Michigan on a lake, so following your blog gives me so much inspiration. I have tiny kiddos right now, so painting during quarantine would be a hot mess, but this makes me want to paint our island SO BAD. Cheers!

  12. Oh please stop! I am seeing all these painted cabinets and have been resisting doing mine so far but a pop of color would be soooooo cute! Luckily for me I don’t think I have enough paint to paint all my cabinets, so maybe I’ll just do a little table?

    1. Haha I’m out of paint now too which is probably a good thing before I paint everything in our house lol!

  13. I love it! I too have many projects that entail painting during this time home. I am currently painting and stenciling my boys’ bedroom – which is a much bigger undertaking than I anticipated. ;0 My inspiration was Serena & Lily’s feather wallpaper – not sure what i was thinking! Thanks for sharing your projects!

  14. I too love to do projects all the time and with this new shut down it’s become even more important so my question to you is do you have this on hand or do you venture out quite a bit because I keep reading the essential but I’m beginning to think if I don’t have projects to do I made that up so I’m considering it essential but I go out only once a week and I’m trying to decide this week what is essential just your thoughts on what is

    1. Hey Sandi I haven’t been leaving my house at all except to go to the grocery store every two weeks. I had the paint on hand so now I’m out of projects which is a bummer. I have been power-washing outside to keep busy now and spring cleanup in the yard.

  15. Love that! It was meant to be that color :) I just love everything about your home ! Stay healthy.

  16. Hi Kelly,

    Happy belated Birthday, would love to see the door you were painting and love the island colour you used. I also thought it was always that colour. I’ve been thinking about painting my daughters night stands for a while now but I think you just gave me the push I needed. Looking forward to seeing your new table.

    Thanks for sharing and stay safe?


  17. How funny to wake up to this post today. I have shared photos of your “Before” island with the contractor who was scheduled to paint my kitchen and island cabinets this week. Sigh. Who knows when that project will proceed? I do love your new navy as well. Your kitchen is a dream. Question about your white quartz countertops since that was the one installation we completed right before our lockdown. Do you baby them other than not putting hot items directly on them? Do you put cold items from the fridge right on them? Leave everyday things like houseplants or stoneware on them without scratches or rings forming? Thanks, Kelly. Can’t wait to see what you do next.

    1. Hey Debra I’m careful with hot pots and pans but that’s about it. Otherwise, they are pretty indestructible!

  18. I’m in Florida for the season and have a home up north also. My daughter has had a great time “checking on” my empty space as a little vacation from her three kids! Her friends are a little jealous ?She decided she loved the color of our powder room and asked if she could use our left over paint to paint her powder room. Perfect, she didn’t even have to go out to the paint store and her project turned out beautifully. Having a project right now makes us feel like we’ve accomplished something.

  19. My latest stage has been decorate the windows with paper hearts. Drive by and take a look next time you go to your Moms. Next I’m starting to explore hoop gardening. We will see how that goes.

  20. Oh, Kelly, the navy island is absolutely perfect! I think that color really elevates the entire ‘look’ of your gorgeous kitchen. Those rustic beams around your nook make me smile every single time I see them. That was such a fabulous design idea. And I’m glad to know I’m not the only one who asks for furniture for my birthday. ;-)

  21. Don’t be mad, but I’ve thought that island should be navy since you built the house! Haha. I think you hit the perfect look with the new island color and the pantry door being white. I’ve been painting a lot too since I’m home all of the time. I wish I was as good at it as you! I love your projects, thanks for helping keep us sane with your blog, Instagram and Facebook!

    1. Ha same! I felt like everyone was doing navy islands and I wanted to be different but in the end, I should have just done what I wanted :)

  22. It looks wonderful! Happy belated birthday. You are not alone! Since my job is deemed essential, we are on a bi-weekly rotation at work. I planned to paint! The weather was beautiful Monday so yard work was tackled, but yesterday, the painting began! I painted my sunroom Tradewinds by SW, and have my hallway and two bedrooms planned as well. If I have to be home, I might as well be productive! Stay safe. I enjoy your posts, and love those lights. I’m going to check those out!

    1. Thanks Tina! Painting is a great way to keep busy and be productive. Make the time go faster – stay well!

  23. Wow – I love it. I just repainted a table/plant stand I use on my front porch. After thinking about it for 2 years, I just completed a hutch repaint – it’s a lighter blue. It’s funny, I thought my color was going to be darker even though I bought a sample. It’s pretty though, and really changed up my kitchen. I plan a different project for each day to make good use of this time instead of listening to the news. Today is a virtual cocktail with our long time best friends that live 150 miles from us. Tomorrow who knows?

  24. Finally! Yay, it was meant to be that color (at least for now, lol) I have been looking at my walls wanting to paint, but I do not enjoy painting plus I am working long hours from home during this crisis so not really much free time. But I did go through the clean your house stage baseboards and fans, etc. My pillow stage is more of put them in the dryer to kill any virus that somehow snuck into the house, lol! Happy Belated Birthday!

  25. Looks great!! And I agree…being at home so much, everywhere I look all I see is projects ? and my husband looks at me like please noooo. lol! How many coats of paint did you use?

  26. Kelly, you are not alone! I have painted two small tables (both black), guest bath (black and white) and master bed/bath (blueprint)!!
    More smaller paint projects upcoming; painting is therapy!! Luckily, I have all the paint supplies I need, so haven’t been to a store in three weeks.
    Keeping busy helps with the anxiety and stress through all this.
    Stay safe!

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