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Wood Beam Breakfast Nook

I should title this wood beam breakfast nook version 6.0 as I think I have changed this space around a zillion times now. If you are keeping track, I’m on table number two (well technically it’s the same table, but I painted it) and chair situation number three now?

A living room filled with furniture and a large window

I’ve finally realized the issue is I bought too small of a table to begin with. I was so concerned about people getting in and out around the table and on the bench, that I failed to consider the people sliding around the table most would be my tiny 60 lb children who can maneuver just fine.

A breakfast nook filled with furniture and a large window

A little too fine.

A bowl of fruit sitting on a table, with Wood and Kitchen

Sharing this bench they were constantly bumping elbows, knocking over each other’s drinks, and generally driving me nuts. I decided enough was enough and it was time for a bigger table, so just one person sits at the bench instead of them both.

A living room filled with furniture and a large window

And yes, I realize they will still find something to fight about at dinner, but at least they won’t be knocking food over! Although I have to say only having one another these past few weeks, they are really getting along better than ever. I guess when there are no other options, your little brother is not so bad to hang with. Silver linings :)

A dining room table in front of a window

At this point, you may be saying wait is that table new? Why no, it’s not. My new table is currently hanging out at Crate and Barrel at the closed down mall. They called me to tell me it arrived on the same day they were shutting the store down. So, I will pick it up at some point whenever Michigan opens up again.

A dining room table in front of a window

It looks like this though. I went with a round table that has a leaf option to go to a bigger oval. That way I have the best of both worlds. I love that it’s a simple pedestal which is great when you have a window seat. It makes it so much easier to slide around. I’m not sure if I will go with the circle or the oval, so stay tuned for breakfast nook 7.0.

white pedestal table

A close up of a table

My new chairs did, however, arrive before the stay at home order, and I’m in love with them! I ordered new ones because the chairs I had here are only sold in pairs and I only needed 3. I sold the old pair and bought these beauties. I wanted something wood-toned to pick up the beams and I like the rustic yet modern vibe these have. They are comfortable on the back and the quality is great. They do have the option to buy seat pads as well but I like them as is.

A breakfast room filled with furniture and a large window

Also, I realize in photos the table doesn’t really look too small with 3 chairs, but our knees are all banging against each other.

A dining room table in front of a wooden chair

The details on these chairs are so pretty.

A dining room table in front of a window

I’ve also been working on a cushion for the window seat over here now that my kids are a little older and spilling less. I bought foam and outdoor fabric (again before the stay at home order). My mother in law is going to help me sew it eventually. Since we are staying home and not visiting family, that plan is on hold for a bit. I did cut and pin the fabric on so we could use it for now. It will look a lot more finished when we add batting and the fabric is sewn tight.

A dining room table in front of a window

I shopped my home for these throw pillows to finish off the space. I’ll try to link what I can below, but most are a few years old.

I wish I had done a cushion here sooner! This has become Charlie’s new fave spot to watch the neighborhood cats now that it is so comfy and cushy. My kids have also taken to snuggling up with books here while I’m cooking so it feels like we use this space so much more now too.

A dining room table in front of a window

The new chairs play so nicely with the darker tone of the island (read that post here if you missed it), and overall it feels like a brand new kitchen! Which is great because we have basically been living in here with all the cooking we have been doing.

White kitchen navy island

We actually did a fun family cooking challenge the other night – girls vs boys. Losers had to do the dishes! I hope you all are staying well, staying home and staying sane! :)


Island color – Blue Note by Benjamin Moore

Wall color – Extra White by Sherin Williams

Beams – They were in the basement of the old cottage that used to be here and we saved them to use here.

Stools – find them here

Step stool – find it here

Old table – find it here (I painted mine white)

New table – find it here

New Chairs – find them here

Wood floors – find them here

Light fixtures – find them here

Subway tile – Lowes

Pillows – old from Target

Bowls – Local store The Counting House

Cookbook – find it here

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  1. Everything looks beautiful, Kelly! You know What works good together so I’m sure your table will fit beautifully. Navy and white are my favorites!

  2. I absolutely adore your kitchen. The wood beams bring in such a natural tone against the white cabinets. I liked your island before but I love the island color now with your stools. Blue Note is such a pretty color.

  3. Wonderful kitchen….using it for inspiration on our new build (small cottage near the beach). Can I ask what wall tile you used, and it looks like a grey grout was used as well?
    Would it work to skype your mother-in-law to show you how to start? Her with a paper sample or bit of fabric – you with the real stuff?

  4. That table may just be exactly what I’ve been looking for for my tiny house. I have a rectangle that unfolds and doubles, but when I do that, there’s hardly any room for people. Thus I’ve been looking for a round table on the small side that extends. I’m going to keep this in mind for when things open up again! Love the chairs too. They look modern yet woodsy/rustic.

  5. Love the new chairs. I bet your mother in law would have time to sew the cushion while in lock down. You should ask her.

  6. Beautiful! We are planning on bumping out a window for a window sear in our breakfast room. Do you mind sharing the inside overall dimension (width, depth, height) of your bump out area? Thank you

  7. Your kitchen is beautiful. Love the island, love the beams, love the floor, love the built-in “hutch”, love the new chairs…..well, I guess you get the idea. That being said, I feel your newly ordered table being held up for delivery at the closed store is possibly a good thing. You felt the original table was too small (I agree) but yet the new table is even smaller. Even with the leaf in, quite small for the area. Have you ever considered a rectangular table proportionate to the windowseat size? Just a thought.

  8. Breakfast nook 6.0 looking great (as always)! Uh, so who won the cooking challenge? And what were the eats?

  9. Beautiful homely house love the wood floors I would say their hard wood or are they engineered wood ? I LIve in ireland so cant access the link ,would you be able to give me some info on the colour and what type of wood it is, so I can have a look for similar here in ireland ? I wouldn’t mine self isolating in yr house ?

    1. Kelly,
      Excited for you all to have some more room at the kitchen table! I know how that can be to have kids bump into each other trying to get up and down form the table. I wish I still had my leaf for when we have people over for board games and dinner. My boys also take up more room now that they are older and the arms are getting longer and meals are taking up more room lol . It’s always nice to have that extra piece! I think you made a wonderful choice and the chairs are just timeless with a beautiful warm color to balance the new white table. Its gonna be all so beautiful!

      I’m still on the hunt for a bigger table. I found a white one at Ballard Design and it was very yellow when I put it in my kitchen. It went back.

      Can’t wait to see it all put together! You kids are gonna love it too!
      On a different note… what is the wall finish of your paint ? I have boys and I can’t clean the Mate finish. LOL

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