Rustic Beam Breakfast Nook

I think this is about the 4th or 5th time I’ve switched up our breakfast nook. I’ve swapped out the table, chairs, accessories and it never felt right. I mentioned last week I changed up our tile backsplash which led to the change in our breakfast nook area as well. I am finally so happy with this space!

rustic beam breakfast nook with window seat

This whole wall was tiled with the same subway tile we previously had in the kitchen. When I swapped out the tile with the leftover tile from our guest kitchen I didn’t have enough left to do this area too.

breakfast nook rustic beams white round table wood chairs

I was actually looking to warm up this space to go with the new warmer tones in the tile backsplash. Again I didn’t want to go through the hassle of ripping out all the tile. Adding this vertical tongue and groove planking seemed like the easiest way to change things up.

rustic beam breakfast nook with window seat

We used the same Musselbound tile adhesive mats along with liquid nails to get the boards to stick. Putting a few sections of Musselbound allowed it to adhere quickly and the Liquid Nails will provide a really strong longterm hold.

putting planks over subway tile

I love the classic feeling it added to the breakfast nook. I painted it Agreeable Gray like our living room built in cabinets. It really feels more like its own cozy space now.

rustic beam breakfast nook with window seat

One of the smallest changes we made that had the biggest impact, was trimming the ends off of the rustic beams.

man doing diy project in kitchen

Our trim guy installed the beams when I wasn’t around and I never meant for them to stick out so far. It always gave me more of a rustic ranch vibe vs. classic cottage.

rustic beam breakfast nook with window seat

The Mr. thought I was completely crazy for wanting to cut off those few inches, but wow it made such a big difference! I can’t believe I waited 6 years to make a 10 minute change.

rustic beams in a kitchen

Our breakfast nook was one space in our home that I felt like I could never get right and now it finally feels exactly how it was meant to be.

rustic beam breakfast nook with window seat

I hung a few new art pieces in this corner that I printed from Juniper Print Shop.

rustic beam breakfast nook with window seat
art hanging on planked wall

I’m so pleased with how the kitchen feels completely updated with just swapping out the tile backsplash for something a bit warmer.

rustic beam breakfast nook with window seat
white table with flowers and bowl of apples

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  1. Personally Bally, I love the beams the way they were.

    I also loved the natural wood in the table. Just a matter of preference.


  2. You’re so right… squaring up those gorgeous, rustic beams was a great idea! And they add such warmth and character to the room. I truly liked the subway tile wall but I love the vertical planks even more. You always inspire me, Kelly, in the best way. Happy Autumn!

  3. You’re home is always so beautiful and inspiring! I have never seen a white vacuum cleaner though. Is that a Dyson?

    Hugs from F

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