Friday Feels – Organization Finds and Books I’m Excited to Read

I’ve been busy with house projects again this week (I know…surprise, surprise). I finally got around to painting our bathroom and I’m loving how it’s turning out—I’ll share the final look soon!

I also published a new blog post this week about my tiling over tile backsplash. If you missed it, be sure to check it out here.

My Friday Feels are all over the place this week but they totally reflect that I’m prepping for the fall (now that it’s officially here). I’ve been trying to get a bit more organized so we can start the new season off on the right note. I’ll have some fresh fall content up on the blog soon so be sure to stay tuned for that. Happy weekend!

I’m one of those people who travels with my pillow because I have neck issues from working on my phone. I left my pillow in a hotel room this summer and decided to invest in this pillow. It lives up to the hype, it stays cool, has great support, and has really helped with my neck and sleep issues. Worth every penny.

One big regret in this house is our closet doesn’t really work well for us, it’s an awkward shape and size and it’s always a mess. I’m determined to make it work better for us so I bought some new organizational stuff. Hoping these storage boxes help corral my shoes.

Trying this organizer to attempt to keep my legging collection under control.

Speaking of leggings my daughter just bought these and they are so cute and comfortable. Perfect for your daughter or lounging around yourself.

We are closing our pool this week and starting on some fall cleanup. This is the newer version of our pressure washer and I love it for cleaning all of our outdoor rugs and furniture before putting it away for the season.

These are the inexpensive furniture covers we use to protect our outdoor furniture.

My mom just read this book and loved it. It’s next on my list.

This was written by one of my favorite authors and my mom loved this book too. Adding it to my nightstand book stack.

SHOP: Sutton

I love these little magnetic bookmarks for keeping your spot.

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  1. Love your blog so much!! I love your style and suggestions. I have to get the boxes for my shoes! I have a friend that used towel racks for her leggings.The ones that have arms. She bought six😂
    My college daughter needs your suggestion. The closets are small in her apartment at MSU .
    Look forward to your next blog

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