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Hot German Potato Salad and My Christmas Menus

What are you all serving for Christmas? I mentioned earlier this week that I’m hosting both sides of the family. The Mr.’s family on the 23rd and my family on the 24th. I thought it would be fun to share the menus with you along with my Grandma’s Hot German Potato Salad Recipe.

best Hot German potato salad

First up on the 23rd, the Mr. has decided to take over the protein for me and is planning to roast a beef tenderloin. He recently did an Iron Chef style cooking challenge as a team building activity at work and learned how to make a demi-glace sauce (he tells me that his cuisine reigned supreme in kitchen stadium that day – easy Bobby Flay). On a side note, does anyone remember the original Japanese Iron Chef from 15 or 20 years ago? Wow, the Mr. and I loved watching late night Iron Chef episodes with goofy secret ingredients, the eccentric chairman and poorly dubbed voiceover. Ah-lay Cuisine! Anyway, I’m handing the reigns over to the Mr. for Christmas party number one, and if it’s good (mainly if he can remember how to make it, ha) I’ll post the recipe soon!

I’m trying this cheesy cauliflower gratin dish that Michael from Inspired by Charm shared on his blog. It looks amazing!

I also plan on making twice baked potatoes because I can make these a day ahead and just pop them in the oven. I make a million different variations of them, but here is a recipe I’ve made in the past.

I’ll round things out with roasted asparagus and this apple pecan blue cheese salad from the Pioneer Woman.

My sister in law is in charge of dessert, so that will be a welcome surprise, but I love this caramel apple cake I posted a long time ago, so excuse the photos ;)

Christmas eve is a bit trickier. My brother’s kids have a few different food allergies (eggs, peanuts, and gluten) so I have to be a little more thoughtful with this menu. We usually do a ham on Christmas, and thankfully Honey Baked Ham is gluten free and is simple to heat and serve, so that’s one thing easy to knock off my list.

Our family is part german, so my Grandma’s hot German potato salad is always a fave on the menu. This does contain eggs and flour, but my niece and nephew don’t like potatoes, so we are safe there. I’ll give you the real deal recipe because I just realized my mom makes it a bit different than the recipe she gave me, sneaky, sneaky…

Hot German potato salad recipe

Also, let me just say that I realize this is not the most attractive looking recipe (especially not attractive when Charlie hops on the table and helps himself to the bacon that I ever so carefully sprinkled on the top!), but it is delicious! Think potatoes, bacon and hardboiled eggs with a tangy hot bacon dressing.

A bowl of food on a plate, with Salad

Hot German Potato Salad

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Course Side Dish
Cuisine german


  • 6 medium potatoes cubed and boiled til fork tender
  • 1/4 C parsley
  • 1/3 C diced onion
  • 8 slices of bacon fried and crumbled - save bacon fat
  • 4 tbsp bacon fat
  • 4 tbsp flour
  • 2/3 C Vinegar
  • 1 1/3 C Water
  • 4 tsp sugar
  • 3 tsp salt
  • 3 hard boiled eggs chopped


  • Gently toss boiled potatoes, parsley, onion, hard boiled eggs, and bacon together.
  • In a saute pan whisk reserved bacon fat with flour until smooth.
  • Slowly whisk vinegar and water in.
  • Add sugar and salt.
  • Stir continuously until thickened.
  • Pour over potato mixture. You may only use 2/3 of the sauce or use it all depending on how saucy you like your potato salad. If I'm making this ahead of time and reheating, I reserve some of the sauce to add after warming. It tends to absorb all the sauce as it reheats and can become dry.
Tried this recipe?Let us know how it was!


Spiced apples are always a good kid friendly accompaniment to this meal. I just throw sliced apples, cinnamon and a bit of sugar in a crockpot and let them go. Easy and allergy friendly. I’ll saute some green beans in butter and buy some gluten free and regular rolls to serve along side.

An egg free, nut free, gluten free dessert can be a tricky one, so we alway opt for peppermint ice cream with homemade hot fudge on top!

So to recap –

Christmas Eve

Honey Baked Ham

German Potato Salad

Spiced Apples

Green Beans



Peppermint Hot Fudge Sundaes


Christmas on the 23rd

Filet Mignon with Demi Glace sauce

Cherry Apple Blue Cheese Salad

Cheesy Cauliflower Gratin

Roasted Asparagus

Twice Baked Potatoes


Caramel Apple Pecan Cake

Oh and not to be forgotten, for our own little family I make homemade cinnamon rolls for Christmas morning breakfast every year, it’s my favorite tradition! Happy Weekend!

Hot german potato salad

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  1. Two feasts in two days! Tell me you send your guests home with the leftovers. Thanks for sharing the potato salad :)

  2. I love everything!!! Also I’m trying to find a link near the “sharing is caring” so I can pin this post but for some reason I can’t find it? Might be my phone or lack of technical skills, lol. ;-)

  3. Again, thanks for the inspiration! That potato salad recipe is such a tradition in the St. Louis German “club” (meaning, everyone who hails from the originals who landed here ages ago), and it’s interesting how little it has strayed from those kitchens. And it works in every holiday!

    Hope the days after the whirlwind of 2 parties in a row are calm, peaceful and lovely! Merry Christmas, one and all.

  4. I love reading about what people eat for the holidays! That potato salad sounds especially good but mostly thank you for the Pioneer Woman salad link because I said I’d bring a salad with candied pecans to book club tomorrow. Bingo!

      1. This salad (German Potatoe) was our family favorite for years! I will have to dig out the family recipe, but I think we used apple cider vinegar.

        Beautiful blog-


  5. I’m tempted to try my hand at homemade cinnamon rolls for Christmas too, have a recipe you love?

    1. Hey Katie, I can’t find the exact recipe online at the moment but google cinnamon roll vanilla pudding. I use one that has a package of vanilla pudding in it and they are always so soft and delicious!

  6. LOVE your delicious and pretty menus for both dinners. I’m especially anxious to try the cauliflower gratin. But ***wink*** I haven’t received my invitation yet!

  7. Yum!!!! It all sounds so good! You are an amazing hostess and I cannot wait to enjoy these delicious dishes with my much loved family! ❤️❤️

  8. It all sounds delicious, Kelly! I hail from Wisconsin and I, too, make my Grandma’s German potato salad from the very early 1900s. So, how was the trip at thanksgiving? You haven’t mentioned it…

    1. Oh fun, so glad we aren’t the only ones who enjoy this dish! I plan on doing a blog post on our trip soon, it was great thanks!

  9. This is the only potato salad I make. Also my grandmothers recipe. Living in the south it’s all about the Mayo/mustard potato salad. I just can’t even though it is my husbands favorite! This potato salad is so worth the time and effort to make it.

  10. There are many ways creating a potato salad it depends on the state you are living in.
    Here in the north (Niedersachsen) we made this salad with cold potatos from boiled or baked ones, mayonaise, bacon, cucumbers, salt and pepper. So, it’s a little tart taste.
    In the south it’s more the way from your grannys’ recipe. And it’s often served with a sweet taste from red onions.

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