Round Breakfast Nook Table

Do you remember waaaaay back in March when I started my little spring refresh on our breakfast nook? I decided we needed a bigger table, and I bought three new chairs in anticipation. The Mr. actually bought me a round breakfast nook table for my birthday – he knows the key to my heart is new furniture ;)  Well, it finally arrived! Or I should say we finally drove over to Detroit on the other side of the state to pick it up. When everything went on COVID lock-down, it got stuck in a warehouse there and it has been waiting for me this whole time.

breakfast nook rustic beams white round table wood chairs

We had a moment of panic when we arrived and it wouldn’t fit in the car, but thankfully once we got rid of all the packaging we were able to squeeze it in. Good thing because after seven months of waiting, I was prepared to walk home with this thing strapped to my back if need be!

breakfast nook rustic beams white round table wood chairs

I’ll back up and refresh your memory on why we wanted a bigger table for this space. We eat dinner here every night as a family of four. It’s such a cozy spot right in the kitchen, but the original table I bought was too small for this space. It worked when my kids were younger, but now that they are 9 and 12 (and both lefties whereas the Mr. and I are righties, which makes for a complicated seating chart), we were smashing elbows all the time.

white round table wood chairs white breakfast nook bench

The new larger round table is SO much better for us. I love the simple pedestal bottom which makes it easy to slide chairs around. Bonus – it extends to a larger oval too. We tried that size out at first. It fits great in the space, but we don’t really need it that big for everyday use. So, we bumped it back down to the round setup. It’s nice to have that option for holiday parties and large gatherings (whenever that happens again). We could easily sit six people here now with the leaf in.

wood beams subway tile wall white round table wood chairs

Oh, and my wonderful mother in law sewed the bench cushion up for me! It’s indoor and outdoor fabric, and I sprayed it with Scotchguard for another layer of protection. It also has velcro on the back, so I can remove it and throw it in the wash too.

beige bench cover white bench round white table breakfast nook

The last of my pink-tinged limelight hydrangeas look so pretty in this spot! I’m going to miss all the free clippings from my yard soon.

limelight hydrangeas in glass vase, bowl of pears

I’m happy to report that there has indeed been less fighting between my kids (and elbow smashing) during dinner now that we all have a bit more room. Now they have switched to arguing about dish duty instead! :)

window seat breakfast nook with rustic beam framing

The new kitchen pendants that I ordered in May miraculously showed up this weekend too! So, my whole spring kitchen refresh is just about ready… just in time for fall – ha! I’m still trying to sweet-talk the Mr. into helping me hang them up since it’s sort of a two-person job. Hopefully, I’ll share this space all decked out for fall soon.

white cabinet glass builtin kitchen cabinets, rustic beams, round white table breakfast nook

I’m actually working on a new fall cocktail recipe for Friday’s post, so maybe I’ll bribe him with one of those? On second thought alcohol and electricity is probably not the best combo! If you want to check out the rest of our kitchen take the tour here.

breakfast nook rustic beams white round table wood chairs

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Round Breakfast Nook Table

Cabinet color – Extra White by Sherwin Williams

Island color – Blue Note by Benjamin Moore

Wood Flooring

Light Blue Fringed Pillow

Blue striped pillow – Target no longer available

Blue plaid pillow

Tan Stripe pillow

Tile – Lowe’s



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  1. I really like the chairs! I have a similar white round table and would like to get chairs like these. Can you please state where you purchased the chairs?

  2. Just a super spot for family dinner! In the winter is it cold to sit on the window seat? I have a bay window in our kitchen and it feels chilly. Any suggestions?
    Thank you!

  3. It looks great!

    I’ve seen many of these tables with chairs and the bench on design shows and wonder how comfortable they are for the person sitting on the bench? The bench looks higher than the chairs, so can anyone sit on the bench and fit their legs under the table or just the younger ones? Also with no back on the bench, just the pillows-is it comfortable?

    1. Our kids mainly sit on the bench so it works well for us! I find it pretty comfy when I do sit over there too though. My husband doesn’t have any issues sliding in there either if need be.

  4. Love the round table…..works so well with your chairs. Are these new chairs? What happened to the white ones?

    1. We used to have navy chairs but they only came in pairs and I needed 3 so I bought new ones rather than buying another pair and having the extra chair I wouldn’t use. :)

  5. Totally dreamy breakfast nook, Kelly! That crisp, bright white table is just SO perfect surrounded by those gorgeous chairs. I love the sparkle and texture added by that large glass vase, too. And as always, your styling is perfection. :)

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