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Guest Cottage Kitchen Accessories

I’m finally sharing an update on the Guest Cottage Kitchen today! It’s not quite the whole kitchen. I’m still waiting on a few things to arrive for this room, but it’s a nice sneak peek. And whoa baby we have come a looooong way from where we started!

I’m so excited to partner with the Home Depot today to share some great kitchen accessories I added to this space. Obviously the complete overhaul of this kitchen made a world of difference, but those finishing touches make a space feel like home. The Home Depot is one of my go to places to shop online. They have everything from appliances to home decor. You can find everything you need to complete your project! I love the flexible delivery options, which includes free shipping on orders over $45. The easy in-store returns are a major plus too. They have thousands of products to fit your style.

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Let’s take a trip down memory lane and see where this kitchen started…


A room filled with furniture and wooden cabinets



gray cabinets, soapstone quartz counter tops, white Cloe tile backsplash

So crazy! Charlie clearly approves of the upgrade.

Small kitchen featuring gray cabinets, soapstone quartz counter tops, white Cloe tile backsplash

This is probably the most fun makeover I’ve done to date! I can hardly believe this is the same guest cottage kitchen we started with. I’ll be spilling all the exact details from the cabinets to the countertops in my next blog post, so hang tight. I’m waiting on a few deliveries yet, and I need to finish the trim above the tile. Today I wanted to share some kitchen styling tips and products.

Guest kitchen with wood open shelf, white square tile and black countertops

Guest Cottage Kitchen Accessories

I love to look for kitchen accessories that are practical and pretty. The Home Depot has a great selection. I want our guests to have everything they need for a weekend stay.

kitchen shelves with wood cutting board and marble cutting board

Marble Cutting Boards // Wood Cutting Board

I started with a few pretty cutting boards. They look great on the shelf, and they are the perfect size to prepare a cocktail garnish or quick snack.

kitchen with open wood shelfs, white tile, and canisters with copper tops

While this will be a guest space, it’s also my office. I try to limit myself to one cup of coffee a day, but I love tea in the afternoon so I added this adorable electric kettle. It will also be great for hot chocolate for my kids, since our fire-pit is right outside the door. Additionally this space will also serve as the snack station for fun bonfire nights.

So I stocked these pretty canisters with all the s’mores supplies we need!

copper kitchen canisters, white tile backsplash, soapstone counters

I decided to go the french press route instead of a full drip coffee machine for this space. It looks great with the kettle.

gray cabinets, soapstone counters, white square tile, walnut open shelving

Remember when I said we decided not to put a full oven range in this kitchen? It would take up so much room, and I don’t think it would be used very often. You all suggested I look into a toaster oven/air fryer/oven combo – genius!

white and gray kitchen. Grey cabinets, black countertops, white backsplash with warm kitchen accessories

The Home Depot had several great options. I loved the look of this Cuisinart one, and after watching the informational video I was sold. I think this is the perfect appliance for a smaller space, and it can cook pretty much anything! Not gonna lie, I may need to steal it for our house when we don’t have guests.

Cusiniart toaster oven air fryer sitting on black counters with white backsplash

I have plans to put it in the kitchen closet, once the shelving is done. In the meantime, it looks great on the counter as well.

I’ll link all of my favorite The Home Depot kitchen accessories below, as well as a few other favorite products we have in our home. Stay tuned in the next few days for my full kitchen reveal with all the details!

UPDATE: You can now read all about the full Cottage Kitchen Renovation here.

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  1. It’s beautiful! Your property is so wonderfully organized for kids now – fire pit and s’mores station for winter and pool bunkhouse for summer – they’ll never want to move out, lol. Careful – you’ll blink and your eldest will have claimed your cottage for her own teenage retreat!

    1. Ha yes it’s so nice to have a fun spot for the kids to hang out! My daughter already told me she wants to live next door when she is in college lol.

  2. This cottage renovation is simply amazing. Love everything about it, and I definitely think my kitchen needs one of those electric kettles. Love it!!

  3. Wow, Kelly, what an incredible transformation. It’s gorgeous! LOVE, love, love every little thing and can hardly wait to see more. So happy Charlie approves. ;-)

  4. It is looking so super! You are surely talented and no slacker this super transformation did not just appear. As Thomas Edison remarked,”There is no substitute for hard work.” I must say Charlie is quite a charmer ;)

  5. Sooo stinkin cute and beautiful all at once. I knew you would create the perfect kitchen. What a lovely place to have your office in as well. Although with the lake view I’m not sure I’d get much work done! Charlie needs his own blog page too. 🤣

  6. I LOVE everything about your cottage kitchen…Great accessories! Charlie actually looks like he’s saying “mommy, why can’t this be MY house?”

  7. Home Depot – who knew!!!! Love all the accessories and of course Charlie in the pic. Can you
    include him for the weekend if you rent it out – lol. It all looks marvelous.

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