Guest Cottage Living Room

The guest cottage living room is really coming together! It’s become the coziest little space to hang out. The biggest change this week (besides the fact that we now have running water, whoo hoo!) is we have furniture!

Guest Cottage Living Room

white walls, gray trim, leather sofa, jute rug living room space

Charlie for one is very relieved his days of using an actual dog bed (the horror) are over. He can now rightfully take back his comfy couch throne. Preferably on top of a blanket or pile of pillows – such a diva!

lake house living room space with leather sofa and small white fluffy dog sitting on it.

Let’s take a look back at the BEFORE –

A room filled with furniture and a large window


Guest cottage living room decor with white walls dark wood floors leather couch and jute rug

I was so excited to partner with Article on this space. Their Sven Charme leather sofa was the perfect choice for our guest cottage. It’s just the right size for a small space, and the chaise it a comfortable spot to kick your feet up. I mean, if there wasn’t constantly a little fluffy dog there.

Article sven leather sofa in a small living room with white walls and jute rug

It’s always nerve wracking to buy a sofa online. I’m so happy with the quality and comfort of this one. The leather is the kind that just gets better as it ages. This color adds so much warmth to the room. Also the leather will be really practical in case we do rent this space. This sofa really checked all the boxes.

Article leather sofa with black end table

I’m actually still waiting on one of my throw pillows to arrive (as you can see on the design board) but this space feels almost complete.

leather sofa with throw pillows and textured ottomans

I’m so happy with how this art from Deb Presutto looks. I’m not so happy with the glare on the photos. Never thought I would complain about too much sunshine in Michiagan in the fall. You’ll have to trust me that they look fantastic.

Small cottage living room with white walls, leather sofa, jute rug and ottomans

Let’s head over to my office area, it’s a long two step journey, but I really wanted to make the most of this small space. Having my office in the guest house has been even better than I imagined.

small wood desk with cloth office chair and ladder style shelf

I love having a quiet space to work where I’m not constantly distracted by the laundry or dirty dishes. It’s also delightful to have my desk in front of this window and have everything organized in one spot.

small cottage office space. Wood desk cloth chairs and ladder style bookshelf

These shelves fit in perfectly with the cottage vibe and add nice storage. I put boxes on the lower shelves to keep printed contracts and boring tax information. The Mr. is particularly happy about this as typically I have tax stuff all over the house.

dark wood floors, small desk and cloth chair with ladder style desk chair

This small desk is the perfect size to fit right under the window. It doesn’t block your water view from the sofa. I decided to be practical (happens once every blue moon) and buy a comfortable desk chair. This one is actually from Staples if you can believe it. It’s super comfortable and I really like the look of it too – which was a tough find.

Guest cottage living room with white walls and leather sofas and ottomans.

I was instantly in love with these ottomans when they arrived! The pattern and texture are so pretty. Ottomans are always a nice accent in a small space. They are great to prop your feet up or serve as extra seating.

Leather sofa with ottomans and blue throw pillows

Overall I’m so happy with how this space came together.

Guest cottage living room with white walls and dark wood floors and leather sofa.

I added a little rack and some wall art over in the kitchen area too.

Guest cottage kitchen space. White walls wood floors black cabinets and dining space.

black wall rack with vintage art and scarf and hat

I still want to add more accessories and personality over time. For now it’s a super comfy spot to work or hide from my kids. Kind of like a kicked up she-shed! It will be so great to welcome guests here too.

Small living room and kitchen space with white walls dark floors and black glass cabinet.


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Ceiling – I’ll be sharing more ceiling info soon!

Wall Color – Simply White

Floors – were here when we purchase the home

Jute Rug



White Pillow


Desk Chair


Dining Table

Dining Chairs

Glass Cabinet


Wall rack

Light Fixture

Wall Art

Black Table


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  1. Hi Kelly,

    I’ve been wanting to create a den in one of the upstairs bedroom so that we have a place to hang out and keep the living room neat. This is the perfect solution. I’ve avoided hiring an interior decorator just by following you. I am really enjoying just doing it myself. Thank you for sharing.
    Can you tell me anything about the art above the bookshelf? Either where you bought or the title so I can search for it?

    1. Oh that’s awesome! Thanks so much for following along. The art above the bookshelf was purchased at a vintage store :) Thanks!

  2. I’m eager for your ceiling update! I am so curious as to the process you took- what a difference! Looks great!

  3. It’s like a little doll house and SO darling, Kelly! You must smile from ear to ear every time you walk through the door. (And I bet Charlie does, too.) But you’ll never get much work done with that amazing view, lol. ;)

  4. Just perfect! I love how the rooms flow together which I think is important in a smaller space. I have 2 odd (but typical for me) questions. Do you have a smoke detector in place and do you plan to decorate a tree there for Christmas?

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