Neutral Thanksgiving Table Decor

How to create warm and inviting Thanksgiving Table Decor. Using neutral colors, candle light, and natural elements.

I’m hosting a small Thanksgiving dinner this year and I’m so excited to be gathering together! I haven’t figured out my menu yet, I do have one part of the festivities covered – the Thanksgiving Table Decor.

white dining room with wood table and black chairs with rattan placemats, wood napkin rings, gray stoneware plates

I’m so happy to partnering with Crate and Barrel again to set a beautiful Thanksgiving table. We did our wedding registry for our very first set of dishes and glassware there. They remain my favorite spot to shop when it comes to quality dinnerware. From these beautiful charcoal dishes, to these realistic faux stems, they have everything you need to make your Thanksgiving table decor memorable.

white dining room with wood table and black chairs with rattan placemats, wood napkin rings, gray stoneware plates

I thought I would walk you through my process when it comes to setting a table today.

wood table with white vases and black dining chairs with rattan placemats, wood napkin rings, gray stoneware plates

Decide on a Theme

First I like to come up with a theme or game plan for the table decor. I wanted to keep things earthy and warm this year, so I opted for a lot of neutral colors and texture. The wood napkin rings, Hyacinth placemats, and Faux Willow Eucalyptus stems really bring the outside in.

dining table with rattan placemats, wood napkin rings, gray stoneware plates

Crate and Barrel has so many different styles of placemats, napkins and accessories they can fit any decor.

Placemats vs Tablecloth

Next I start from the bottom of the table and work up.

wood table with white vase with faux leaves and dinnerware

Do I want a more formal look with a tablecloth or let my table shine with placemats?

thanksgiving tables caper with wood dining table black chairs and gray dinner plates

I usually opt for placemats for a more casual approach, but I mixed it up by including this Craft Cotton Fringe Runner. I like the layered look of the linen with the more natural element of the rattan.

Dining table with linen runner and bronze candle holders


I love classic white dishes, but for special occasions it’s fun to mix it up. These Craft Charcoal Coupe Dinner Plates feel a little rustic. The dramatic charcoal color works well with my darker dining chairs.

cream linen table runner on top of wood table with gray plates and gray napkins with wood napkin rings

Layering always adds interest to a table. I like to layer a round placemat, dinner plate, and salad plate. This combination always works nicely.

wood dining table with gray dinnerware and white vase with faux fall foiliage


If you’re like me, and your kids/spouse constantly take your flatware out into the world for lunch and magically it never returns, hosting Thanksgiving may be the perfect time to upgrade your flatware.

rattan placemat, charcoal gray plates, linen napkin and wood napkin ring

I chose this simple Emerge Satin Brushed Flatware. I love the modern shape and style, they pair so well with the charcoal plates.

wood dining table with gray stoneware plates, rattan placemats and linen napkins


Wine is always a must with Thanksgiving dinner at our house, I typically serve a red.

Thanksgiving table place settings. rattan placemats, wood napkin rings, gray stoneware plates

This beautiful Hip Large Red Wine Glass really catches the light, and the shape and weight is great. I chose them along with the Tour Highball glasses to serve water.

wood dining table with red wine glasses

Thanksgiving Centerpiece

I know there are a lot of opinions on centerpieces. Too high and it blocks conversation, too low and the table can look a bit boring.

white dining room with wood table black dining chairs and white vase with faux fall leaves

I like to compromise and do a layered look. It’s fun to have the drama of a large centerpiece for when your guests arrive. I then typically remove it to make room for serving dishes at meal time.

white vases filled with faux leaves

I used a combination of the Holden vase and the Adra Vase.

Thanksgiving centerpiece white vase with faux leaves and metallic candle holders

We usually opt for a buffet style for Thanksgiving to give guests more room at the table, so I layered in plenty of candles as well.

Thanksgiving table decor. White vase with red faux leaves and metallic candle holders

Candlelight always makes a meal feel more special. These gorgeous Sona Hurricane Candle Holders create such a pretty glow. The candles are all contained which is a nice safety option if you have an enthusiastic 10 year old boy at your table like I do.

Thanksgiving table decor. White vase with red faux leaves and metallic candle holders

Finishing Touches

Lastly I add a few finishing touches. In this case these pretty Craft Frost Fringe Napkins wrapped in wood napkin rings. I love how versatile these 3 ring napkin rings are. They are perfect for fall, but would work great in summertime too.

Thanksgiving table decor. White vase with red faux leaves and metallic candle holders

I also like to address the rest of the room.

Thanksgiving table decor. Rattan placemats charcoal plates and faux leaves


Since our dining table faces the living room and fireplace mantel I added some touches of fall there as well.

stone fireplace with rustic mantel and white vase and candles.

stone mantel with

This unique Shinola Vase filled with faux rust branches really pops against our white fireplace trim.

fall fireplace mantel with wood taper candlesticks

I’m obsessed with these Vantaa Taper Candle Holders and they will be staying here for Christmas as well. I mixed up the black and wood tones to keep the earthy eclectic feeling.

White living room with stone fireplace and rustic mantel with thanksgiving dining room table decor

Thank you to Crate and Barrel for partnering with me to create the perfect Thanksgiving Table Decor. I’m so looking forward to gathering with our friends and family in this space. I’ll link all my sources below and be sure to check out Crate and Barrel for any of your holiday entertaining needs.

Lake house dining room with wood table and black chairs with thanksgiving table decor

SOURCES: You can click on each link to take you right to the product page to shop.

Craft Charcoal Coupe Dinner Plate

Craft Charcoal Coupe Salad Plate

Emerge Satin 5 Piece Flatware Place Setting

Craft Frost Grey Cotton Fringe Napkin

3-Ring Wood Napkin Ring

Hip Large Red Wine Glass

Tour Highball Glass

Whitewash Water Hyacinth Round Placemat

Craft Birch Cotton 90” Fringe Runner

Sona 3.5” Votive/Tealight Glass Candle Holder

Sona 6.5” Glass Hurricane Candle Holder

Sona 8” Glass Hurricane Candle Holder

Sona 10” Glass Hurricane Candle Holder

Faux Willow Eucalyptus Stem

Rati Vase

Holden Vase

Adra Vase

Vantaa Natural Taper Candle Holder 14.5”

Vantaa Black Taper Candle Holder 14.5”

Vantaa Natural Taper Candle Holder 9.25”

Vantaa Black Taper Candle Holder 9.25”

Vantaa Natural Taper Candle Holder 20”

Vantaa Black Taper Candle Holder 20”

Shinola Makers Tall White Vase

Faux Rust Leaf Branch

Emmy Black Wall Mirror


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  1. Well done!! As always you do a beautiful job with your decorating. I love Crate and Barrel. They always have such beautiful pieces. I love your light neutral color palette. The light pink faux branches are unexpected and really beautiful. Your living room looks gorgeous as well. You have a gift and talent for decor and style!

    OT…..does your home ALWAYS look immaculate and clutter free? How do you do it with 2 kids and a husband? I love your home! I wish mine looked half as good as yours. I only have a 13 year old and a husband. I would welcome a post or any tips on how you stay so organized!

  2. Love the Sona candleholders! Based on comments here so far I’m betting they become hard to find! The Tour collection of glassware has become a family favorite of ours – stemless wine glasses, martini glasses and we even managed to find a wine decanter that echoes the look and is more compact than most decanters (and still holds a bottle of red!).

    Beautiful table!

  3. Everything looks beautiful but I really LOVE those candleholders. Crate and Barrell has such quality items that really add a great look.

  4. Love this look!! Everything looks amazing, but especially love those Sona candle holders. They are beautiful! I also like the versatility of the napkin rings!! The entire table setting is perfection!!

  5. You table looks beautiful! I am considering purchasing the table you have. I contacted the company to see if I could get a wood swatch, but they do not have them. As I study the photos of your table, the wood tone appears very different in various pictures. My dining chairs (which I love) are French country style in a warm chestnut finish. In your opinion, will warm chestnut pair well with the wood tones of the table? Your opinion will be much appreciated.

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