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Purple and Burgundy Fall Window Boxes

I’m a little behind on my Wednesday post, a little behind on my fall decorating, and well and just a little behind on life in general! But that’s ok it’s 2020 and nothing has really gone according to plan this year. However, I did have time to quickly shoot my purple and burgundy fall window boxes yesterday while the sun was shining.

purple cabbage white window box charcoal siding

white window box purple cabbages and celosia

I skipped the mums again this year (they never seem to make it long in my window boxes) and went with cabbage like last year. I stuck to more purple and burgundy tones for something different.

purple cabbage and pansies in white window box

purple and burgundy flowers in white window box

I also added these gorgeous scarlet Celosia this year. Although the nursery owner warned me they aren’t as hardy as the cabbage, so I have been careful to cover them up with a fitted sheet on chillier nights. Have I mentioned that trick before? A twin fitted sheet fits perfectly and gently over my window boxes when frost is a threat.

purple and burgundy flowers in white window box

purple cabbage fall

I think we have already had 2 or 3 nights of frost here in Michigan? You never know what you are going to get with the fall flower season here!

fall window boxes with purple cabbage

I actually did a few versions of these boxes this year but didn’t snag photos in time to share the first version. I’ll explain my method though. Some of my flowers toward the end of summer (Septemberish) start to look scraggly, leggy, and their time is just done. This year instead of completely starting over I slowly transitioned my boxes by pulling out the tired flowers and incorporating new.

best flower for sunny window boxes

Here are what my flowers looked like mid-summer for a refresher. I pulled out all the pink flowers and the white geraniums, but left all the white flowers and vinca vine. I added in a few cabbage, cabbages, cabbagi? Just looked it up its apparently cabbages, which sounds weird but you learn something new every day! I also added some pansies too.

purple cabbage scarlet celosia white window box

The white flowers eventually died off because they didn’t like the cold snap. I filled in the empty space with cabbage, decorative grass, and celosia.

fall window boxes with purple cabbage

It was nice to gradually change with the season rather than ripping everything out and starting from scratch!

fall foliage and purple cabbage in white window box

You can see here the leaves are just starting to change, and I will definitely share more photos as it happens. I know some of you don’t get to experience all 4 seasons and like to live vicariously through my seasonal photos, so I will be sure to share more!

white window box filled with purple and burgundy fall flowers

white window box purple flowers

Also, I cropped Charlie out of all my pics as he insisted on being in them as usual. Here is one of just him and my hydrangeas.

white havanese dog in blue sweater with hydrangeas

I love the colors hydrangeas turn in the fall!

A close up of a flower garden

A close up of a green plant

Here’s a shot I shared in my Instagram stories last week when a big storm was rolling in.

lake with fall trees

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mums window box

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pink and burgundy fall front porch

Or if you want to add window boxes to your own home I share a bit more about how our window boxes are built in this post –

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  1. Question about the boxwoods. How far apart did you space them? Did you plant them so they will eventually grow as a hedge, or will you groom them to be individual spheres? and what do you use as mulch? I was considering black granite, but I normally steer clear of rock mulch.
    I can say I love EVERYTHING you do!!!

  2. Everything looks beautiful as always! I’m always scrolling back to see if I can find Charlie aka Waldo in the photos!

  3. Pretty color combo. Unusual without being weird. I like how it picks up the dark roof. It is also interesting to see in your progression of window box photos how your shrubs are filling in. Can you tell me what the taller pine tree is in the flower bed and what shrubs you used? I live in Northern Ohio (Go Bucks) and am going to be re-landscaping a new house. I am fond of boxwoods but am looking at other hardy options.

    1. Thanks Roberta! The shrubs are boxwoods and hmm I know the tree is some sort of spruce but I can’t think of the name!

  4. I love this happy post, Kelly! Your window boxes are so beautiful and an inspiration for our new home which happily has window boxes!

  5. Who’da thunk cabbages could be so pretty? :) And burgundy and purple together? Gorgeous! Your lovely window boxes always inspire me, Kelly, and I always smile when I see your sweet little sidekick. Charlie looks so handsome in his fall coat.

  6. Your window boxes look so beautiful! I love the cabbages! I can’t see to find them near where I live.
    Did you know that geraniums will live well into frost?
    (I’m in Ontario Canada).
    They are super hardy!

    1. Good tip about the geraniums! Mine were looking sad after a long summer but I’ll keep that in mind next year – thanks!

  7. I looooove your window boxes!!! The people and burgundy color palette is really beautiful. What is the long vine-y thing? It looks like ivy??? Great job! Yes, I am one of those people who don’t get much in seasonal change – I’m in San Diego. Please keep those pictures coming! I love your blog. You have great taste!

    1. the long vine-y thing is vinca vine – sold all over the place here in the Midwest. ☺️

  8. I ajways love your green thumb! So pretty! Was wondering how you keep the white siding so clean and white? Is that James Hardie siding? Love your boxwoods too! I always look forward to your posts!

    1. The white siding is made out of Azec with is a composite material. I power wash it a few times a year to keep it white – thanks!

  9. I ajways love your green thumb! So pretty! Was wondering how you keep the white siding do shire? Is that James Hardie siding? Love your boxwoods too! I always look forward to your ousts!

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