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Pendant Lights, Fall Fashion, and Book Recs – Friday Feels

Welcome to another Friday Feels where I share what I’m feeling this week. This post contains affiliate links. I may receive a small commission for purchases made through these links at no extra cost to you. Just click on the BOLD links.

This week is another random offering of things I have and love, and a few things that caught my eye that I ordered. I also threw in a couple of books I read recently for good measure!

First up, and probably the thing I’m MOST excited about – my lights finally arrived!!! You know the lights I ordered in May for my little spring kitchen spruce up? Well, they are here! I bribed the Mr. with the promise of martinis to help me hang them. Then promptly made him play bartender to make said martinis – ha! It was all a win-win for me…and Instagram. I shared his dirty martini recipe in stories and you all loved it…well, and him mostly! Here is a quick pic of the lights (and the Mr.) since you all have been wanting these linked. I am working on adding some fall touches in the kitchen this weekend, so expect a full reveal soon!

white kitchen pendants

visual comfort white and black pendants


Also popular on Instagram last week were my new combat boots! You all spied them when I was talking about fall flowers, but they sold out! I think I found suuuper similar ones, if not the exact same ones on another site, so I’m linking those for you here too! Here is a screengrab of them from Instagram, oh, and the cute fall coat I mentioned in the last Friday feels too!

fall combat boots


Here is a better photo of them. They are really comfortable, don’t have a big heel, and I love the stitching on them. Plus they are under $60.

black combat boots


Onto a few things I added to my cart this week. I bought these crackle leggings from Aerie earlier this week, they are supposed to arrive this weekend so I’ll keep you posted. I’ve had my eye on some faux leather leggings, but I actually like the softer less shiny look of these! Throw on an oversized sweater (I ordered this one to get free shipping) and combat boots for an easy fall outfit. Or these are great paired with a hoodie, jean jacket, and sneakers for running errands too.

crackle black leggings



oversized cream sweater


I’ve mentioned before that the Tartlette in Bloom palette is my go-to for eyeshadow. They are offering up this special where you get 3 of their mini palettes (a mini Bloom palette being one of them). I bought those this week as my Bloom palette is running low on several colors I use daily. Their eye shadow is my favorite, so this is a great way to try some of their other colors too!

eye shadow palettes

When the Mr. and I went to NYC a few years back we went to Momofuku Milk Bar for an afternoon treat one day. Their cookies have been on my mind ever since. This recipe here is a great dupe for their Cornflake Chocolate Chip Marshmallow Cookies. Hands down these are a new family fave! My secret is to scoop the cookies out on a cookie sheet and refrigerate them. Once they are cold I stick them in a ziplock bag and only bake a few at a time so they are fresh daily. I’ve been baking 8 at night so we can have a little family dessert time after everyone’s crazy sports schedules. They are SO addicting, don’t say I didn’t warn you!

Ok, last up I thought I would quickly share the last two books I read. First The Alice Network by Kate Quinn. You may recall I read the Huntress by her as well. This again is historical fiction set in 1947, as well as 1915. It jumps back and forth between two characters. Eve Gardiner, a spy operating in France, and 30 years later a pregnant college girl, Charlie St. Clair. I love how their stories weave together, and you will miss the characters she creates by the end of the book.

the alice network

I also read Behind Closed Doors by B.A. Paris. Warning – this book is pretty dark and creepy and may not be the best to read alone at night! It is a psychological thriller that I had a hard time putting down, because I needed to know how it would end. It’s about a seemingly perfect married couple Jack and Grace, but you quickly learn everything is not as it appears to be…

Behind Closed Doors

I think that’s all I have this week, happy weekend!!

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  1. Did you ever get to decorate your mothers kitchen and dining area after it was painted or did I miss a post? She was stuck in Florida because of the pandemic.

  2. This post was so fun!!! What size did you get the sweater in? I’m a sucker for a neutral top with thumb holes ?

      1. Awesome, thank you SO much for getting back to me! Ordering now and think you should receive a cut of the profit ??

  3. Your Pendants look great! Ordered those boots – thx for info – I was looking for smthg like this but didn’t want to spend a lot ?

  4. I can personally confirm that those cookies are dangerously addictive ! Another great Friday feels! ?

  5. Pendant lights looks great Kelly, as does your hubby! ;-) I need to check out the books while munching on the cookies. Thanks for sharing. Have a great weekend.

  6. The pendant lights are perfect! Fabulous!
    Good choice.

    Love the leggings, sweater runners and/or boot look!

  7. Such a great Friday Feels, Kelly, and oh my goodness, your new pendant lights WOW! And I guess I will take the risk of adding a few pounds because I must make those cookies…right after I order some books. Hope you have a great weekend! :)

  8. I can’t seem to find the dirty martini recipe on your site? Could you please help? Seems like a good night for it!

    1. Hey it’s actually on instagram only – it’s saved in my highlights under cocktails. But I’ll try to get it added to my site next week too!

  9. THOSE COOKIES!!!! I just watched her again on that Netflix show, The Chef Show I think it’s called. Can’t wait to try! Also so much yes to the combat boots! i rocked doc martens hard in middle school and I loved them! Thanks for the beautiful content on my birthday ?

  10. The Huntress is one of my favorites. Kate Quinn is an amazing author! I love your new pendant lights.

  11. If you liked the huntress and the Alice network then give ‘the things we cannot say’ a try if you haven’t already! I love historical fiction and those are the last three books I have read. Loved all three!

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