Friday Feels – What I’ve Bought this week

I have possibly the most random collection of things in the history of Friday Feels – a Christmas party outfit, doggie doorbell, and the world’s tiniest trash can. Basically every item I purchased this week.

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I’m attempting to keep my car clean this winter and I bought the world’s tiniest trash can to help me out. It fits right in the cup holder on my door. My kids now have a place to put their tissues, wrappers, gum, whatever. They think it’s fun to use and it’s keeping my car trash free.

I shared on Instagram this week that Charlie rings a bell when he wants to be let out. June our new rescue pup is terrified of the bell. A few of you suggested this little doggie door bell instead. I just got it today, so I’ll report back. I’m hopeful this is less scary for her to hit then a swinging shiny bell.

I’ve talked of my love of the Laneige lip night mask for the past few years. My daughter recently introduced me to their glowy lip balm. It’s so easy to throw in your bag, and it has a subtle hint of color to it.

I have a few holiday parties to attend next week. I’ve decided not to freeze in a dress this year, so I ordered another pair of these flared pants. These are THE most flattering pants on the planet. They make your legs look miles long. I have them in white and I wore them all summer, so I bought the black pair as well. I love that they come in long inseams for us tall girls. They are on sale right now too!

I’m pairing them with this asymmetrical top (in black, I accidentally chose the brown color in the photo) and some fun jewelry. I love the shape of this top and it’s super comfortable, also on sale.

My phone, computer, and car screen are constantly a smudgy mess. I ordered this little spray and wipe combo cleaner to clean my screens. I like that it’s all in one, so I can keep it in my bag.

Fall sports are done and we are finally able to have family dinners at a normal time again! I usually ask my kids to share the best and worst part of their days with us, but apparently that is getting a little lame. These are fun cards to get your kids talking. They would be great on a long road trip too.

Happy Weekend!

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