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Friday Feels – Favorite Workout Gear

Hey guys! Welcome to another Friday feels where I share what I’m “feeling” this week. (This post contains affiliate links)

This week I’m feeling new workout gear. I got such a great response from you all the other week when I shared my favorite workout app ( I’m loving all the messages you guys are sending me about your sore muscles, I’m right there with you!), that I thought I would share my favorite workout gear too.

For me personally, buying new workout clothes is a great motivator. I’m definitely more likely to get up and do my workout out if I have something cute and comfy to put on that stays put. The last thing you want to deal with when you are trying to make it through a workout, is hiking up your pants every 3 seconds or tucking bits and pieces back where they belong. So, I’m pretty picky about my workout clothes.

They recently opened an Athleta here in Grand Rapids and I stopped in to check it out a few weeks back. I have a few pieces from there that I bought online, but it was nice to see it all in person. I’ve been wearing it all for a few weeks and I’m totally in love with everything I picked up. Here’s a few of my faves –

Favorite workout gear

I love these leggings – they are super soft and high waisted so they hold everything in. Bonus, they have pockets that I can stash my ear buds in. The mesh cut outs are fun too. This blush colored workout tank has a great fit that’s not too clingy.

Favorite workout gear

I received a few messages the last time I talked about clothes, requesting actual outfit photos, so I’ll channel my inner fashion blogger with a few iPhone mirror selfies for you. Let me just say this is NOT how I look when I workout, I tried these on yesterday afternoon after running errands. I basically look like a drowned rat drenched in sweat, normally when I workout. That’s how you know it’s working right? ;)

best workout clothes

I’m obsessed with this jacket I snagged on sale, but it’s sold out online, so I linked the half zip version that is super cute. Oh and lets talk shoes a minute, I recently read an article about how important it is to have the right shoes for the particular type of workout you are doing. These were the recommended Nike shoes for HIIT workouts and lifting weights. I always just wore my running shoes before, but the extra stability in these has completely eliminated my knee pain (bonus they are on sale right now too!).

Favorite workout gear

I love the deep jade green of these leggings and they are so fun paired with this tropical inspired sports bra. These are my new Brooks running shoes the Mr. bought me for our 14th anniversary (ever the romantic). The Mr. only wears Brooks and finally convinced me to step away from my Nike fly knit running shoes (which I still love and wear to run errands) and give them a try. I’m a convert, they have so much more support than the fly knits for running and yet are still light weight. I haven’t logged too many miles in them yet, but I love them so far. The image I linked below shows a pink and grey pair, but they come in a bunch of fun colors.


All of the Athleta pieces are on the pricier side, but they are worth it in my mind. There is a definite difference in the way they wick the sweat away and stay put. If you are looking for some good budget friendly options I do have a few pieces of Old Navy’s activewear and I like them too. I’ll link a few of my favorite’s below.

Just click on each photo to check it out. Oh and if you missed the post about my favorite workout app check it out here, happy weekend!!

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  1. Sorry to see you took down the ab picture! Girl be proud! You rocked that pic! Hope someone didn’t shame you into taking it down! You work hard to look that good! It’s inspiration for all of us to keep on moving!

    1. I totally agree! She is so consistent with her workouts and there is nothing wrong with showing the results! And it’s so much more than outer appearance- it’s about feeling strong and healthy – physically and mentally. I’m so glad you made this comment of support. ❤️

  2. Love the workout clothes, have not tried that brand but will definitely check it out. I love the Old Navy leggings because they come in Tall. Keep up the Friday Feels they are my fave! I know how self disciplined you are about your workouts and they are the most effective way to beat the Michigan long winter blues. Side bonus- you look frickin amazing! Abs for days!! Great work!!

  3. Love, love, love the new gear. Thank you for sharing as I need to pick up some work out clothes and your style is perfect and practical. It is funny how having the gear makes you want to work out more ;) thank you for being a creative inspiration on many fronts. The Friday feels are my favorite part of your blog!

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