Friday Feels- Magazine, New Furniture

Hey guys! Welcome to another Friday Feels where I share what I’m “feeling” this week. This post contains affiliate links.

This week I’m feeling ready for summer! I just received the new Homes on the Water magazine in the mail, which features our old home across the lake. Charlie insisted on posing with it.

A dog sitting on a bed

1. It’s so fun to look back at our old house. 2. It’s making me SO ready for summer weather and swimming. 3. I can’t even handle how little my kids are, I think they were 3 and 6 in these photos? All the tears…

A dog lying on a bed

You should definitely pick this magazine up if you see it on newsstands. It features some amazing homes – I was so inspired after flipping through it! Also, sneak peek of my mini bedroom makeover…in love with this blanket on our bed.

Speaking of my kids growing up, the Mr. and I were out to dinner with friends last Saturday night and I received this text from my now 10 year old who was home with the babysitter –

funny kids text

Tomato, Tom-ah-to! I could not stop laughing. I like to blame the Mr. for her smart-alecky-ness, but the truth is she didn’t stand a chance with the two of us as her parents. In her defense, we do have a babysitter named Anika and a babysitter named Amelia. They both have dark hair, so I guess I can see her mix up?!

Oh, and if you need a good screen time monitoring app, I use Parentkit. It allows me to turn off all the apps and internet on her iPod from my phone. But it still allows her to use the text and music functions. It’s been a lifesaver, so I don’t need to worry about her sneaking extra time on her device.

Also, I’m like this close to finishing up her bedroom, finally! My fantastic mother in law worked her sewing magic for a new canopy above her bed (more on that soon). Her new bed came this week from Wayfair and she loves it. I bought her this one during the Way Days sale, but it’s still such a great price point.

black metal bed

I also picked up a few accessories like this basket and this faux plant and cross your fingers, I’m hoping to share this next week on the blog (if I can get her to pick up her piles of dirty laundry first.).black rattan basket


A vase with a plant

Or maybe I’ll just share it in it’s full on garbage pit glory (Pinterest cover your eyes!).

I also have some changes planned for our living room including this giant coffee table I snagged during the sale.

A wooden table

I’m really excited to replace this round one, because our new couch is much lower than our old one and the round coffee table is not comfortable to plop your feet up on. I’ve already cut the legs down once and I don’t think it will survive another surgery. Even though I do love it, the scale isn’t quite right for this room.

grey round coffee table

I can’t wait to have such a giant surface to style, plus the extra storage underneath will be so handy.

Happy Weekend!

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  1. Enjoy your blog and love what you do to your home! Looks fantastic and beautiful! Love Chloe’s sense of humor!

  2. Love your new coffee table. How wonderful to decorate a bedroom with a darling ten-year-old! Can’t wait to see it.

    For those interested, Homes On The Water is available at Barnes & Noble as a NOOK book eBook.

  3. Can’t wait to see your tweaks! Love your style so much. Would you please share that living room rug please.

  4. Hi Kelly I was so surprised to see your home in the magazine but I was hoping it would have been your new home. The pictures were still beautiful. It was making want summer to come even more. Thanks Jony

    1. Meredith owns so many magazines that they have reused them a few times, it’s fun to see still! Maybe someday we will make it in another with this place :)

  5. Love the poochie, and LOVE the ‘tomAYto, toMAHto” comment! Lol. Both my kids are full of similar retorts, so I can relate. Kudo also to limiting your kids’ electronic exposure.

    I’m betting that your parents’ house is featured in Coastal Living, and your own lake house will be in the Homes on the Water magazine before too long :-).

    1. Thanks Lisa, oh man contestant struggle with the electronics but we are trying! So glad the nicer weather is here so we can be outside.

  6. Love your site and love receiving your updates via email!
    Heading UP NORTH today from the south to spend some restful time on
    our TC lake. Would love to have this magazine to read on the long drive.
    I’ve looked all over the web and specifically on to no avail!
    Would love to find a link or some kind of info on where I can find this magazine.

  7. Love the new coffee table. You have inspired me to chalk paint several pieces in my family room, which we have just made over after 20 years. I am thrilled with the results. Thanks for the reply on your last post telling me about painting the wall unit. Grand Rapids is a beautiful city, we were there last weekend.

    1. Oh yay glad you made over a few pieces yourself, it’s so fun! Yes love GR especially this time of year :)

  8. I’ll buy your round coffee table now- live in GR- if you are interested in selling it before your garage sale.

  9. I too, love your chippy blue coffee table! Do you have a paint source for it you would share? Love your home and blog. Will look for the magazine. Thx for sharing your talents!

  10. Love your blog!!! Do you know if there’s a website for Homes On The Water? I can’t seem to find one ?

    1. They are owned by Meredith Corp (same people as Better Homes and Gardens etc) so maybe check their site?

      1. I found it on Meredith’s store website…thank you!!!Excited to read it ?

        1. Hi! Any chance you can share a link? I went to the Meredith website and didn’t see this magazine as an option. I would love to buy it as a physical magazine rather than an ebook! Thanks to anyone who can help! :)

  11. Kelly,
    Can you send your old chopped-off-legs coffee table to me in TX? Are you selling it? I love it… the chippy blue paint…


    1. Ha I will probably sell the table in a garage sale in the next few weeks. I have a bunch of pieces that I love that just weren’t the right size or I didn’t have a place for in this new house.

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