Tween Girl Beachy Boho Bedroom

I finally completed the Everest of all bedroom designs here at our new house. My tween girl beachy boho bedroom.

Black White Boho Tween Girl Room Decor

Or at least it started off boho, now it’s morphed into boho/black & white/vintage beachy/put a pompom on everything and call it a day. My 10 year old daughter likes to change her clothes at least 3 times a day, so that should have clued me in that decorating her room was going to be an ever evolving process.

Black and white canopy tween girls room

First she wanted aqua walls and colorful boho bedding, cue the cute anthropologie quilt at the end of her bed.

Boho beachy tween girls room

Then she decided black and white was her new must have decor trend. Thankfully I found this striped PB Teen duvet cover on sale along with some cute black and white pillows to add in the mix.

Boho beachy tween girls room

Boho – check! Black and white – check!

Boho beachy tween girls room

But wait, she also really misses her Papa and Gigi down in Florida, so wouldn’t it be cool if it felt like the beach in here?? Picture this request with bright blue puppy dog eyes… Here comes the cute vintage beachy wall art gallery.

Beachy gallery wall tween girl room

Beach house vibes – check!

Tween girl boho bedroom canopy

And just when I thought we were in the home stretch, she mentioned she really missed her canopy in her old room. Which was actually just what the room was missing (she gets it from her mama).

Tween girl boho bedroom canopy

My awesome mother-in-law helped me sew 2 PB Teen drapes together to make this canopy. I think I’ll do a tutorial on how we made it soon, if you guys would be interested in that?

Tween girl boho bedroom canopy

So boho/black & white/vintage beachy/topped off with a canopy and we are all smiles around here!

Hanging chair boho girls tween room

We really did have the best time pouring over magazines and websites looking for the perfect pillows and art. Although I will say, I could have done without bringing home 6 different rugs home and back again ;)

Hanging chair boho girls tween room

I found this dresser at a local flea market for $30 and it had these cute rope pulls which fit right in with our laid back vibe.

Hanging chair boho girls tween room

She loves to keep her weekly rotation of library books up here on the dresser along with her favorite polaroids of friends and Charlie (our pup). Let’s also pretend I remembered to clean the mirror.

tween girl desk area beachy decor

Her desk was a fun Hobby Lobby find on clearance. I did a bit of a white wash over the wood top, because it was a yellow toned pine. We dropped a little more $$ on her furry yoga ball chair. Which I sold the Mr. on, because it’s supposed to help her concentrate when she does her homework. She’s getting straight A’s so I’m gonna go ahead and give some credit to her bouncing around like a lunatic while doing math facts.

tween girl desk area beachy decor

Of course her favorite thing in the room is her hanging chair/flying trapeze. I actually bought this when we were building, so the guys built extra support up in the ceiling joists to hang this swing. We hung it with a heavy duty porch swing bolt and it can handle up to 400 lbs. Which is a good thing, because my kids have an entire circus act they do on this thing, and yes my walls have the dents to show for it.

Hanging chair tween girl boho bedroom decor

I stole this basket off our coffee table to hang above her bed. Side note – when you can’t find your hammer anywhere, a meat mallet is the perfect substitute, I’m sure that’s how the pro’s do it too…

boho canopy girls tween room

I originally bought this sort of straw flower looking puff thing from Hobby Lobby to hang above there, but it was too small on it’s own. I love the texture it adds layered over the basket and it makes it the perfect size.

boho canopy girls tween room

I added these hanging plants in the corner for a little pop of life. Normally I’m a total plant lady, but these are really good faux greens. I didn’t want to deal with watering and dripping all over the floor. Not to mention the last time I gave her a real plant she drowned it every day until it finally cried uncle.

Ok sorry for the picture overload, it’s just so good to have this project done finally. Does it totally fit in with the rest of our lake house cottage style? No, but you are only 10 once and she loves it ;)

SOURCE LIST: (contains affiliate links)

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Paint color – TopSail by Sherwin Williams

Flooring – Armstrong Laminate flooring in Forestry Mixed in White Washed

Bed – Wayfair

Quilt – Anthropologie (sold out)

Duvet cover – PB Teen

Pineapple Pillow – PB Teen

Polka dot bolster – PB Teen

Colorful bed pillow – HomeGoods

Hanging chair pillow – Target

Rug – Target

Desk – Hobby Lobby

Exercise ball chair – PB Teen

Hanging Chair – Pier 1

Picture frames – Target

Nightstand – Pottery Barn (no longer available)

Dresser – Flea Market

Mirror – Hobby Lobby

Book end – Target

Faux succulents – Target

Canopy panels – PB Teen

Pouf – Crate & Kids

Light fixture – World Market

Plant hangers – JoAnn’s Fabric

Lamp – Target

straw flower pouf – Hobby Lobby

Throw Blanket – PB Teen (sold out)

Black/wicker basket – Wayfair

Black and White Euro sham – PB Teen (sold out)

Ferris Wheel print – Jenny’s print shop

Vintage bus print – Esty shop Northern Edge Prints

No Bad Days – Esty shop More Than Words Design

Beach chairs print – Etsy shop Northern Edge Prints

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  1. Hi there. did you end up posting tutorial on the bed canopy? I looked but didn’t find anything – I realize the original post is a couple of years old now :)

  2. Hello! This room is so beautiful! We recently just bought a similar chair from pier 1 to hang in a barroom as well, but I noticed yours looks like it has a much longer chain. Did you add it it and then use a cord cover? Also, any advice or a tutorial on how you hung it? We are a bit nervous to get started!
    Thank you so much!

    1. Yes, I added a chain to it and then covered it with rope and hot glue. We have 9 ft ceilings so we had to get it a little lower to the ground. The crew that built our house hung it for me so no advice there – sorry!

  3. So fun and girly with an added touch of sophistication! Love it! That black accenting against the Top Sail blue is perfect.

  4. Beautiful. Fits in perfect with rest of house!

    Glad your young gal is doing straight A’s!

    Blessings to all!

  5. Kelly, honestly, you could hire yourself out to do décor for folks! I don’t really like boho, but you made this
    so fun, and fresh. You were able to get all her “must haves” and still made it so tasteful and lovely. One of my favorite kids rooms ever!

  6. Kelly, your daughter’s room is way too beautiful. The swigging chair is gorgeous. And indeed the other articles too. Especially the pillow covers and the rug. Your interior is brilliant. Your sense of interior is just awesome can you please suggest me something. Recently I’ve got the interior of my entire house. Reds, strong blues and vibrant greens in particular. Please suggest me the best Area Rug, as I have a wooden Dining table in my dining room with vintage cutlery set and blue color painted walls, Suggest me something which goes absolute fabulous with this combination. I’ve been purchasing the rugs from https://www.therugmall.com/8-x-10-area-rugs-best-rugs-to-buy-in-usa/ they have the great collection of rugs.

  7. What a beautiful happy room you created for your daughter. She is a lucky girl!?

  8. Thanks for sharing my daughter just turned 13 and you have inspired us and I know she would love that swing chair. I do have a question how does she keep her room so tidy? Thanks Jony

    1. I’m not sure if I included a photo of her closet door but she has a big walk in closet that is a disaster and filled with toys! Also the basket next to her bed is kind of her catchall bucket where she tosses toys and craft stuff etc.

  9. Looks amazing!! I would love to know where the greenery came from that’s in the hanging planters.

    1. It’s from a local store called Flowerland, they have an amazing greenhouse where I buy all my real plants but they also carry really good silk flowers.

    2. I know this post is a few years old but I have been poring through Bedding and I came across this photo. It would be absolutely perfect. I know you listed that is from anthropology and that it is sold out however I’m thinking I could probably find it on ebay or something.
      Do you by chance no the name .
      From a mom of little girl who also loves a little bit of everything😍

  10. This is beautiful! Can you share where you found greenery for the hanging plants that looks so realistic?

  11. My daughter loved the teal vibe, but she loved black too!! So we did 2 walls teal and 2 walls a dark silvery gray. Her duvet cover was PB black and white and we put teal pillows on the bed. She LOVED IT!!

  12. My daughter has been begging for aqua/teal walls, and I couldn’t settle on a color that I (not her, haha!) could live with. But I love this! You are such a talented designer!!

  13. My daughter has been begging for aqua/teal walls and, and I couldn’t settle on a color that I (not her, haha!) could live with. But I love this! You are such a talented designer!!

  14. This turned out perfect!! It totally reflects her personality! I love it- and Gii and Papa miss her too!! The canopy is just adorable, and I love the Beachy prints and pineapple touches. ??

  15. Aced it! I still have a soft spot for the floral wallpaper In her last bedroom. ?

  16. So fabulous for a girl’s bedroom! Yes, do post a how-to on the canopy (my boys are grown but their friends have daughters, and I have hope ?), because it and the swinging chair really top off the room. Your daughter’s friends will be envious.

  17. I really like the layers of texture. Please post tutorial on the fringed canopy. Your daughter is lucky to have a creative, open-minded Momma!!

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