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Eclectically Fall Home Tour

I’m teaming up with a bunch of my favorite bloggers and Good House Keeping to share 15 amazing fall home tours and inspiration!

All the fun starts with Kelly over at Eclectically Vintage so be sure to start over there so you don’t miss a post!

A close up of a sign

And a special welcome to you if you are stopping by from Bre’s gorgeous home over at Rooms For Rent.


Ok I’m not gonna lie…this year I’m SO not ready for fall! All you boot loving, pumpkin spice everything people don’t hate. I’m still team #flipflops4life over here. This reluctance to switch seasons may directly correlate to the fact that fall means it time to take the boats and docks out of the water. So, really I’m team #stayoutofthefreezingwater either way I’m in denial.

But since this is bloggy land and the first week of September is the official kick off to frantically hunting for pumpkins or mums or anything fallish, I got my booty in gear and I’m ready to open my doors for this year’s fall home tour…even though I may still be wearing flip flops in my heart.

Fall Mantel with Mums and pumkins

First up, we’ll hit the living room and my fall mantel. I kept it pretty simple this year for fall decorating, mainly added a few cute pumpkins and fun fall pretties from a nursery. I won’t tell you how far I had to drive for these few tiny pumpkins, but the important thing is I found them!

Sunflower fall home decor

I picked up the cute plaid blanket at the flea market last week and borrowed my little “You are my sunshine” pillow from our master bedroom.

Fall Home DecorDon’t mind my fancy state of the art “paper bag planter” soon to be all the rage. You may not be on board with this one, but the lady at the nursery stuck my flowers in these cute paper bags and I brought them home and just kind of loved them like that! The Mr. would like to point out that I loved them so much I forgot to water them and killed one,  whoops…I loved it to death I guess? ;)

Neutral Fall Mantel Decor

My old tobacco basket is taking a spin on the mantel for the season along with some mums and a few orange pansies…planted in our copper moscow mule cups, so we’ll just be sipping wine thru the fall instead.

Fall Home decor copper accents

Fall Home decor copper accents

The copper cups made an appearance in the kitchen this year too…

White Kitchen fall accents

White Cottage Kitchen fall decor

My new wood hood is feeling right at home amongst all the fall colors.

White Cottage Kitchen fall decor

lWhite Cottage Kitchen fall decor

In lieu of actually cooking, I decided to plant my little vintage colanders with succulents for a little pop of green in here.

A close up of a flower

A few more mums brighten up our front entry.

Wooden wine rack

More sunflowers make my red painted buffet a happy place (or they did, these are the ones that kicked the bucket).

Red buffet fall decor


Fall Home Decor - sunflowers

My flag is still proudly displayed in the dining room here and I replaced the herbs in the planter box with kale and cabbages for a pop of green (and because I killed all my herbs, sensing a theme here?)

Fall Dining Area

Fall Cabbage planter box

Finally, I’ll show you my favorite spot in the sunroom (come actual fall that is, instead of crazy early blogger fall).

Lake House Sunroom

Once the gorgeous Michigan leaves start changing, this is the best spot in the house to take them in along with a good book… and ok fine, I give… a pumpkin spice latte too!

Lake house sunroom

Next step on the tour is Jennifer Rizzo’s beautiful home, and don’t forget to stop by Good House Keeping for more fall inspiration! Also if you want to see my full home tour, bedrooms and all, you can check it out here!


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  1. I wish you would come decorate my home! I love you taste. I love the surprises in your home. Your red buffet is to die for! Way to go!!

  2. Hi Kelly,
    I just found your blog on Pintrest and love the way you decorate! I can’t wait to see what you do for Christmas! I live in Atlanta, but I am from Otsego, MI…Just down the road from G. R. You get some serious winter up there and can’t say I miss that, but a white Christmas is always awesome!

    I have to tell you that I am crazy about the “Oceans” word sign, so cool!


    1. Thanks Brenda, yup I know right where Otsego is, and yes we get some winter! Although so far this winter is nothing compared to last :) I’m totally crazy about that Oceans sign too!

  3. Everything is so beautiful! We have such similar taste! Currently we live in Arizona but decorate like we’re by the beach! Hopeful dreaming I suppose. Perhaps someday we’ll live by the water. I like your Fall touches, so unique and lovely!

  4. So so pretty!!! So fresh and comfortable! thank you so much for inviting us into your home :)

    Kelly, may I ask where you purchased your numbers for the baskets in your sun room? I have been looking high and low and can’t seem to find “just the right thing”

    Enjoy your fall… it’s coming :) I am in Ohio and can feel the leaves turning with each passing day– I’m hoping we can take a weekend trip up your way soon. Take care-

    1. Hi Toni, I actually just grabbed them at Lowes and sanded them down for a vintage look! Check your hardware store :)

  5. Found you via Electically Vintage Home Tour. Your home is beautiful! Very relaxing for the eye. The pansies and brown paper bagged sunflowers have stolen my heart.

    1. Hi Morgan I found the basket at a local flea market. It was actually used to dry tobacco back in the day, you can try searching tobacco baskets on craigslist etc to find one. The Spirit Lead me sign is from the House of Belonging Etsy shop thanks!

  6. My first time here and what a treat it was!! Your home is just gorgeous and I am of the same mind in my decorating and style as well. I absolutely love that you went the extra mile to get the pumpkins and were so honest about the killing of the plants!! I have been through some bloggers homes (on-line only!) who are on home tours for the Fall and not hardly a single pumpkin or fall finery! Thanks for going that extra step for us!! I’m sure I’ll be back to visit again!!

  7. You’re HILARIOUS!!!! I feel ya re the early blogger fall!! When our peeps were putting out pumpkins in August I was DYING!!! But I’m ready now….can’t very well be the LAST person decorated for fall now can I?!?!? So my mums are living in a mermaid bucket – so what?!?! The BEST of BOTH worlds – no?!?!? I LOVE the paper bag sunflowers and give you props for driving to God’s country for fall foliage! Oh and the blue bottles on the coffee table – GORG

  8. Hello, I just discovered your blog and home tour this morning. Your home is beautiful! You inspire me to add new touches to my home.

  9. Love how you keep it real, Kelly!! Here in central Florida we welcome Fall any time it comes, because it will dip way down into the 50’s and 60’s…eventually! LOL! Everything looks so lovely and fresh, and inviting! Hang on to those warm days and flip flops!! I do the same thing!

  10. I just realized that I painted a buffet/cabinet in my kitchen almost that exact shade of red that yours is. I may have been unwittingly inspired by you months ago! As always, love love love what you did here.

  11. Everything looks beautiful Kelly! (I still have my summer accents around the house…just sayin ;-)….. I’m WAY behind)!! Nice to see Buddy too! Have an awesome day!!

  12. Love your home Kelly! Love the blues and reds and yellows – how fun and festive for fall! Of course, those colanders are perfect – pasta is so overrated, succulents are much better! So glad to have you on the tour again this year!

  13. I’m totally with you on not being ready for fall! I’d be happy to have another month of summer. Anyway, your decor looks great.

  14. your living room is STUNNING! i love it all- kitchen and dining.. but that living room is so inviting! the tobacco basket looks perfect with the fall touches and i am loving the reverse book texture. beautiful home, kelly!

  15. Oh Kelly, your home is warm, welcoming and beautiful. Thank you for taking the time and effort to share all these great photos. :) You clearly are very talented. :)

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