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Lake House Sunroom – it’s done!

Whoop whoop! The sunroom is done! While this isn’t the sunny summer post, with the sparkling lake and green trees in the background that I envisioned, I’m still bringing you on the tour, because I don’t want to leave you hanging til May. I planned on waiting til after Christmas to share this, mainly because it was really hard to shoot around my Christmas tree and I had to take down all my decorations in here. BUT, we’ve been snowed in for the last two days, and boredom has set in, so this post is officially brought to you by the polar vortex…

A living room filled with furniture and a large window looking over a lake

I carefully set up my tripod and shot all these photos with the snow storm raging in the background, put all my stuff away, put the Christmas decorations back up and the sun promptly came out. Gah! I raced around pulling everything down again and managed to snap a few blurry shots with the sun shining, after all it’s a sunroom! So, welcome to the semi-blizzard, semi-sunny blurry photo, Christmas decor avoiding, cabin fever, TADA the sunroom is done post!

A living room filled with furniture and a large window looking over a lake

I know it’s hard to get a good sense of the space because I couldn’t get full shots with my tree in the way, but I promise come spring time I’ll do it better justice. It still feels weird to actually hang out in this room, it has been such a long time coming! We have been enjoying lots of weekend Uno tournaments in here, which little man always inexplicably wins…

A living room filled with furniture and vase of flowers on a table

It took a lot of convincing to get the Mr. on board with this project. Weeks of me casually slipping into conversation…

“Gee if we had a sunroom, we could be sitting in there right now, you know, enjoying the sun and stuff”

A living room filled with furniture and plant on a table

Or  “Man, a rooftop deck would be nice right about now, am I right??” You know just little subtle clever things like that…

Sunroom sofa

The poor man, he finally gave in just so he could have a moments peace! Don’t feel too bad for him though, he readily admits building this was one of the best decisions ever (2nd to marrying me of course!).

A fiddle fig leaf

It feels like our house is complete now, just imagine our house saying “you complete me!’ in a Dr. Evil voice and you get the picture.

A living room filled with furniture and plant

Speaking of complete – our Pottery Barn couch that had been backordered since June finally came! It was worth the wait I love the texture it brings to the room.

A white coffee table

If you follow me on Instagram you may remember this little $15 flea market find from this summer, I took all your suggestions on colors to paint it, but in the end I went with white. I decided this room was going to be all blues and white, I love the light and crisp feeling it has.

A room filled with furniture and a large window seat

Ok and can we talk about the gorgeousness that is the window seat cushion my mother in law slaved over?? She did such an amazing job, especially considering I was all “hey mom, can you help me make a sort of tufted french mattress thingy? with like a pipey edge thing on it? and like it has to be 14 feet long?” and yet somehow she saw right inside my brain and knew what I wanted! I will say my own two little hands tufted the whole thing, but my mother in law really saved me on sewing the rest. You know if I tried it myself it would have been duct taped together…

Window seat with baskets

Several of you have asked me if there is any significance to the numbers on the baskets. I wish I could tell you they are all numbers with some cool sentimental value to them, but honestly they were the only numbers the hardware store had left. I sanded them to give them a vintage look and hot glued them to the baskets.

Blue and white striped window seat pad

Sunroom bench

Sunroom bench

 Oh and my lights! Aren’t they cool? They are from Barn Light Electric and I LOVE them! I’m planning on switching out a few more lights with some of their other fixtures down the road, they just add such a fun old cottage vibe.

A living room filled with furniture and a large window overlooking a lake

 I would show you photos of the outside too, except you know that whole -1 windchill, 2 feet of snow, polar vortex thing happening. So that will have to wait til May, I mean it has to stop snowing by then right? RIGHT?

You can see more photos of the outside in progress here, and some fun along the way posts here and here.


Couch- Pottery Barn

Rug- West Elm

Cushion Fabric – Online Fabric Store

Poufs- Target

Pillows- One Kings Lane, Pottery Barn, HomeGoods, Target, Ikea (made them out of tea towels)

Flooring – Armstrong

Lamp – Birchlane

Lights- Barn Light Electric

Table – flea market

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  1. Oh my gosh! You’re hilarious! I loooove how this room came together. I’ve been waiting for the reveal and must say that it was worth the wait. As for all the snow, I’m right there with ya girlfriend… I live not too far from you, but hear that you guys are getting the worst of it. Good luck out there. Stay safe! :)

  2. It is a lovely room whether sun or snow i could set out there and veg.Have a great day.

  3. Love your sunroom – must be happy to have it finished at last! I especially like the window seat with baskets for storage underneath – I think I will do this to our lake house sunroom and I’ll think of you every time I am out there.

  4. I’ve been following this process since the beginning, and I must say it is ah-mazing! You did such a great job!! I love absolutely everything about it!! Your mother in law is a total rockstar, that cushion is fabulous. Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!!!!

  5. Gorgeous Kelly!!! Worth the wait. You gave me inspiration to complete my built in bench by my back door that has been patiently waiting for me. I LOVE the cushion your mother in law made….great job!! ENJOY the room!

  6. Oh my!!! It is fabulous! I love it! everything from the lights to the tufted seat cushion is just spot on amazing!

  7. What a gorgeous sunroom!! I love everything about it and the colors are perfect! I would be content living in just that one room with that kind of view!:) I’m sure you all will enjoy it – either winter or summer!

  8. Beautiful space. I can see how great this will be for your family and also for entertaining friends and family during those summer months. I really think this should be a requirement for all lake houses! Beautiful view and I love those barn lights. They kind of have a boathouse feel for me. Enjoy! Also, there is snow where I am this week too. This morning the temperature was 9 degrees, the warmest it’s been all week.

  9. As I look at your gorgeous room, I can almost pretend all the snow is water…..it does have a blue tint to it, don’t ya think?
    I think you’d find me in this room everyday, some lovely classical music playing, and enjoying a cup of tea and a good book, or working on hand stitching my latest quilt project……..sigh.

  10. It looks beautiful!! Well worth the wait — I’m surprised The Mr isn’t saying: I’m so glad I finally talked her into it :-) I did start to shiver when I saw the snow in the background!! I am definitely not a snow person, although I do like pictures of it — just as long as I’m not in it.

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