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Pirate Themed Boy Bedroom

This week I’m finally talking kids rooms! The whole basement is still a work in progress, and besides my daughter’s bathroom (see it here), I haven’t shared anything down here yet.

Pirate themed boy bedroom

My son and I finally finished his pirate themed boy bedroom and it’s so fun. I say my son and I, because now that my kids are older they have strong design opinions on what their rooms should look like. Wonder where they got that from?

A bedroom with a bed in a room

My little man is pirate obsessed and basically wanted me to recreate The Pirates of the Caribbean Disney ride in his room. Top on his list, was a cannon, gang plank and barrel of rum (I’m not sure what a 6 year old needs an entire barrel of rum for…).

I personally was hoping for a more subtle pirate themed room. You know like the tasteful pirate that has a small jaunty hat, eyepatch and hook, but also has all his teeth and a clean shirt. Ultimately I wanted him to love it too.

So first up, I let him pick the paint color (out of a choice of 4 paint chips) and he wanted this darker grey color – Functional Gray by Sherwin Williams.

Bedroom with pirate photo

His next idea was to take one of his favorite books Swap by Steve Light and rip out all the pages and glue them to the wall above his bed. While I love the illustrations in the book too, I didn’t want to rip it apart, so I told him I would try to draw a ship inspired by Steve Light’s awesome illustrations. I grabbed this big canvas and a sharpie marker and did my best. Luckily, he loves it and our copy of the book is still intact. It’s seriously the cutest book, so if you have a pirate loving kiddo, grab a copy here.

Pirate themed boy bedroom

I also added this fun “arrrrr.” print, which my son thought was so hilarious. Oh and I built this little picture shelf, it’s just 3 piece of lumber nailed and glued together and then screwed into the studs. It’s hard to tell in the pics but there is a lip on the front so the canvas art is snug in there and not going anywhere. I figured this way when he is over the pirate thing it will be easy to swap out the art.

Bedroom with striped bedding

I snagged this cute striped quilt from Serena and Lily and reused some of the pillows and blankets we had in the playroom at our last house. Ocho the octopus keeps the crew under control while little man is at kindergarten.

Pirate themed boy bedroom

This locker was in his old room, but was painted grey and blue so I gave it a quick coat of black spray paint (too quick actually, it needs another coat, but it started raining on me) and stenciled “Capt. Jack” on it to make a fun captains locker.

Bedroom with a shark and black locker

Every good pirate needs a hammock to chill in and this corner is a popular spot to hang out. My little guy has some sensory issues and this is actually a sensory swing that really helps him, not to mention it’s just fun :)

A little note on hanging this – we knew we were going to put a hammock in this corner when we were building, so they added a large block of wood up in the rafters to screw this into. Then, we hung it with porch swing hardware, it should hold up to 800 lbs, so it can handle all 45 lbs of my little guy with no problem.

A stuffed animal on a hanging swing chair

The American flag from our old dining room fit in perfectly with all the red white and blue in here.

A brown teddy bear sitting on top of a hanging hammock

He has another little reading nook over here by his bed with the leftover pouf from our sunroom. This rug was also in the sunroom at the old house. Oh and the floors! These are the same Armstrong floors we put in the sunroom, I loved them so much I put them in our kids rooms in this house.

A bedroom with a bed in a room

His bathroom is through that door and I haven’t touched that room yet. My son has big plans for skull and cross bones wallpaper…I do not share his enthusiasm for this plan…

He also has a really nice view of the lake (and our deck stairs from this angle) but it was pouring rain and foggy out when I shot this, so all the photos just show up as grey.

A bedroom with a bed and desk in a room

The best thing we did in each of the kids rooms was putting in big walk in closets! Because their rooms are in the basement we had lots of extra storage space and were able to give them each a large closet. Which means their rooms look relatively clean most of the time, because his closet looks like this in real life –

Messy closet shelves filled with clothes

As long as I don’t have to look at their mess, I’m happy!

This “magic” lamp from his last bedroom also made it over here, you touch it anywhere to turn it off and on, and it’s still like his favorite thing in the room.

A bedroom with a bed and desk in a room

Pirate Themed Bedroom

So, that’s his little pirate room tour. He got home from school yesterday and declared “I don’t like it, I LOVE it!”

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Paint Color – Functional Gray by Sherwin Williams

Floor – Armstrong Forestry Mix White 

Wanderer Pillow – Land of Nod

Striped Quilt & Pillow – Serena and Lily, they don’t carry it anymore this is the closest they have

Star Pillow – DIY

Star Throw – Target, they don’t have the exact same one but this is similar

arrrrr… print – Art.com

Desk lamp – Target

Navy Knit pouf – I found mine at HomeGoods but here is a similar one

Octopus Pillow – Target

Stuffed Shark Head – Target

Swap book – Amazon

Light fixture – Houzz

Treasure Chest – Hobby Lobby, similar one here

Nightstand – HomeGoods, similar one here

Bed – Garage sale find, similar one here

Locker – flea market find

Striped pouf – this is an old one from Target but here is a similar one

Rug – this one is old from West Elm but here is a similar one

Hammock swing – The site I bought it from doesn’t carry it anymore but this is similar.

Shark tale sheets – Amazon

Grey throw blanket – HomeGoods

Striped Maroon blanket – PB Teen, they don’t have it anymore

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  1. Sweet! I’m with you on the tasteful pirate approach :) You did a great job of making that happen. I love the corner hammock too. Great idea!

  2. Awe! so cute. I love how you are able to allow this room to grow with him. Paint is neutral and switch the beautiful art work when he’s ready for something else. Great job! and he “Loves it”

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