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Westcott Navy Paint – crazy makeover!

If you are a sucker for a good before and after, then I have such a good post for you today! My parents bought the house next door to them out of foreclosure last year, not really sure what they were going to do with it. We kicked around lots of ideas about fixing it up, but it has some major issues that we weren’t sure we wanted to tackle. For a while, they even talked about bulldozing the whole thing and adding a sunroom (wonder where they got that idea from?!) on the side of their home. BUT, along came their friends Tom and Ann, who saved this place from the wrecking ball and officially christened it “Lucky’s Cottage”. They recently sold their beautiful home on the other side of the lake and were looking for a place to rent in the summers (so they can spend the brutal Michigan winters in Florida – TAKE ME WITH YOU!!!). They have some major DIY chops, so “Lucky’s” was the perfect rental/project for them!

I’m excited to share some of the fun projects they have been working on, but up first you have got to see the outside. This place is a true testament to the power of paint!

A house painted blueCan you believe the difference? The old olive/tannish siding with dark green shutters (half of which were missing) was feeling pretty sad and dingy.

Enter Benjamin Moore Westcott Navy paint!

A large stone building with grass in front of a windowHow crazy good is the after??

A house painted blueThe trim got a brand new coat of Decorator White and they have been working hard on landscaping too!

A lake house porch

Navy and White exterior paint

Oh, and good people of the internet, I can already hear the wheels turning in your head and you are thinking “they were going to tear this place down?!” I know, it looks adorable now on the outside, but it has some pretty significant foundation issues and the whole thing is kind of sinking towards the lake, but more on that later.
A house painted blue

They also turned this sort of weird wasted space on the backside of the house into a much needed garage and driveway.

A house painted blue

I just can’t get over how beautiful it turned out! It’s such a charming little place now.

A large lawn in front of a building

A large lawn in front of a houseA large lawn in front of a houseStay tuned to see the magic they worked inside. The only hint I’ll give you is “Lucky’s Bar” is now the best place to spend happy hour on the lake ;)

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  1. Hi Kelly its great to see the new paint job on Betty’s old house I love how your parents turned it into a rental called Luckys! Love all of you blog especially your home decor!

    Mary Lou’s granddaughter (next door)

  2. Holy guacamole! What a difference! I love that that color reads as both navy and charcoal in different lights. I can understand why they considered bulldozing it, though. My parents had to shore up their sinking foundation a few years ago and it cost over $100k. So. Bad.

  3. I have no ads on your blog… Just so you know. However on a few blogs I hear what she means.. I had no idea it cost that much.. Gosh so appreciate your posts even more.. This makeover is darling.. I hope they can get the foundation issues fixed. It’s really amazing what paint can do. Enjoy your weekend. Supposed to be nice and sunny. Can’t wait to see the inside.. They have two decorators you and your Mom.

  4. Hello! Looks gorgeous. I noticed they changed the color of their chimney. Do you know how or what they did to do that?

  5. I really love your blog and your photos are beautiful, however, the ads that appear all over your site (at the footer, in the middle, and under each and every photo) interfere with the flow of the narrative and make it difficult to navigate smoothly (having to wait for the ads to appear as you scroll through the post). I want to continue reading your blogs but the aggravation may not be worth it. I’m not sure you can (or want to) do anything about this, but I thought you should know. xo Bets

    1. Hey Bets! I appreciate your comment and understand where you are coming from, however most people don’t know it actually costs quite a bit of money to run a blog this size. I spend at a minimum $250 a month for hosting services, tech support and email subscription costs etc…if I didn’t have ads on the blog I wouldn’t be able to justify running this blog. I work with an ad company to ensure as smooth of a reading experience as I can for my readers, but unfortunately ads on websites are a necessity to “keep the lights on” and be able to offer free content to online readers. Thanks so much :)

      1. Hi Kelly,

        Try viewing the site after deleting your cookies. At the top of the page less than 1/4 of your site is viewable because of the header and footer ads. The footer add was a neon yellow bar that was that type that jumped up and down. It is expensive to run a blog and most people expect to see relevant ads; but the ads today were distracting from the content.

        1. Hey Jan, the way my ads are set up they appear different for every person on any given day so I don’t have a way of seeing what you are seeing. I checked in with my ad guys to give them a heads up though thanks.

  6. Looks awesome. We are painting our cottage and would love these colours. What type of paint was used?

      1. Does the color look different in sunlight vs. shade? I thought this color was a deeper gray with some blue like the side angle of the house. It’s looks very blue on the front of the house.

      1. Hi Elizabeth so I checked and this is actually aluminum siding not vinyl. Not sure what if anything you can use to paint vinyl – thanks!

    1. I will check with them and get back to you, I’m sure your local paint store could tell you though! I know they did a very thorough job power washing and cleaning the siding first. That is the most critical step before painting anything. but especially an exterior.

  7. So glad this house is now smiling and sticking its chest out as proud as punch. Love the new colour and new look. Can’t wait to see the inside. Well done Tom and Ann. Thanks for posting Kelly. Especially love the flag pole its the perfect finishing touch. Can I get one? And when can I come to stay…all th way from Aus xxk

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