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Tween Girl Floral Wallpaper Bedroom Progress

Last week I made a few updates in my son’s room and today we are heading across the family room to my daughter’s side of the basement. This is one of those “if you give a mouse a cookie” moments, except if you give a blogger a hole in the wall, she will redecorate an entire room! :) Tween Girl Floral Wallpaper

If you remember my daughter’s room, it looked like this with that cute swinging chair below.

A bedroom with a bed in a room

Well, we went almost 2 years without incident until my daughter decided to sit on top of the chair ala Miley Cyrus in the  wrecking ball music video. Thankfully, she was fully clothed at the time, but she did indeed come in like a wrecking ball…taking out a good chunk of her wall in the process.

A hole in the drywall

It sat there for about 6 months until I finally decided to tackle patching it (I used a mesh patch and spackle to cover it up, sanding and priming as well), but of course, I was out of the Topsail paint color. That all somehow rolled into painting her room a new color. “And while we were at, we might as well add some wallpaper, right mom?”

“Oh and remember you have your old queen bedframe, couldn’t I have that in my room now too?”

Chip off the old block this one :)  Also, envision her sprawling her tiny 4 ft 8” body out on her twin bed trying to convice me that she is basically Shaquille O’neil trapped in a twin bed and can’t possibly be cramped in it one more night.

So, here we are redoing her room. I thought I would take you along for the ride rather than just showing you the finished product. A little real life progress, rather than the magic of HGTV poof the room is done overnight! I mean, it did take me 6 months to patch a hole in the wall, but I’m hoping to move faster than that on the rest of the project.

This is what we have accomplished so far –

  • I patched the wall (no small feat, I’m not sure I’ve ever patched such a large hole), and it looks good as new!

A hanging chair

  • I painted all the walls Extra White by Sherwin Williams (the same color in most of our house). She really wanted white walls with bright accessories, which I’m totally on board with becuase it makes it easy to swap things out as she ages.

A bedroom with a bed and a mirror

  • I hung this fun wallpaper from Anthropologie that she fell in love with (I’m really letting her steer the ship this time). I haven’t hung wallpaper in FOREVER, and I’m pretty proud of myself for tackling it again. The Mr. and I last hung wallpaper together in 2006 and decided it would be better for our marriage if we never, ever, did that again, so I was on my own. In true Kelly fashion, I calculated wrong (math is not my strong suit) and ran out of wallpaper. Thankfully, I realized this and left the missing bit for where the bed would go. Shove the bed up against the wall and no one ever needs to know! ;)

A bedroom with a bed in a room

  • I put our old bed frame in here and ordered a new duvet cover that hasn’t arrived yet. For now, I raided my pillow closet and found this duvet, pillows, and quilt I had leftover from a campaign I worked a few years back. The joys of being a blogger – I have no shortage of extra pillows about.

A bed in a room

We are off to a good start! We have plans to do a little makeover to her dresser, add some new nightstands, a rug, lamps, art work, and the new bedding too.

A bed in a bedroom

She is thrilled to have a bigger bed and it actually feels cleaner in here which I love becuase there isn’t as much floor space to fill up with dirty clothes and craft supplies. We shall see how long that lasts…

A dog lying on a bed

Charlie certainly approves having a larger napping spot during homework time in the afternoons!

SOURCE LIST: (contains affiliate links, which means I get a small comission if you buy from my links at no extra cost to you)

Wall Color: Extra White by Sherwin Williams

Wallpaper – Find it here

Pillows – TJ Maxx

Hanging Chair – Find it here

Quilt – Vera Bradley

Bed – it’s been discontinued, I can’t find a link for it anywhere

Flooring – Armstrong Laminate Forestry White Washed

Tween Girl Floral Wallpaper


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  1. So perfect for a tween! Was it easy to hang the wall paper and did you need a lot for one wall?


  2. I Adore the wallpaper:) It is perfect. (can’t EVER imagine being able to calculate the correct amount needed!) Thanks for sharing your empty spot.

  3. Oh my word, this is my most favorite Post ever!! You had me laughing out loud ?. Btw, her room is beautiful!

  4. This is so cute! It’s gonna look so gorgeous when you are done! I know you said the dress is getting a make-over but I just noticed the handles on it. Such a cute touch! I’ll have to remember that for my one day lake house! PS I’m the mean mom that always sad no to the swing chair in the house. My daughter would be so jealous!

    1. Thanks Shannon, the handles are cute but they haven’t proven to be that practical! That’s one of the things we are swapping out they keep pulling out when she opens the drawer too hard. You are smart to veto the chair ;)

  5. I love how bright and airy her room looks! And so brave to use the bright wallpaper! Many people think WP is passe,’ but I still use it now and then also. Great job!

    1. Hey Nancy wallpaper has been back in style in full force for a few years now. We have it in several rooms in our house and it’s so fun :)

  6. Hi Kelly,
    The room looks awesome so far. Looking forward to seeing the room all finished : )

  7. Great save, hiding the wallpaper shortage behind the bed!!!
    So cleaver ??. I think I would have just burst out in tears and thrown in the towel….
    I’m sure the end product is going to be amazing!

    1. I sat on the floor staring at the wall for at least an hour trying to figure out ways to make it work ha, glad I didn’t have to order another roll!

  8. Well it’s great to know that even a great decorator like you makes a mistake. The next time I’m in the middle of a project and I have calculated wrong I will remember even the great ones make a mistake once in awhile. Let’s hope I figure the mistake where it is not noticeable. Beautiful and cheery room.

  9. This was the funniest and most relatable post! Love the wallpaper and getting a glimpse of the redecorating in process.

    1. Thanks Kim! It feels good to be back in the groove on the blog here after a long summer away. I’m glad you like seeing the process too and not just the finished product :)

  10. What a whimsical room! I bet the wall Paper
    will be her favorite memory of her room!

    My son too is getting big
    For his bed! I just need to figure out what to do with a boy who likes skateboarding, soccer and fishing. LOL He wants it all!

  11. LOVE this post, Kelly. This is the stuff the sweetest memories are made of. Your daughter will have so much fun choosing accessories with that darling wallpaper.

  12. Turned out so cute! Love the wallpaper, can’t wait to see it all finished. Love that Charlie has his own feature picture rather than his usual photo bombs!! ?

  13. Really like your laminate flooring. Looking for flooring for living room/kitchen but need something that doesn’t show dirt, sand etc. I do vacume often. Would this flooring be suitable,

    Thank you

    1. Hey Vicki this does hide sand etc pretty well because of the color variations in it. It also hides dust better than a darker floor.

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