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Nautical Boy Room

Anyone else completely obsessed with watching the Olympics and accomplishing absolutely nothing beyond being glued to the tv? My little girl and I are all about gymnastics and beach volleyball and we have been staying up way too late! Basically my daughter tries to reenact all the gymnastics moves on my bed while I try to avoid being kicked in the face. I’m not sure which of us is in more danger of breaking a limb at this point…

While I chug coffee (and watch Olympics) I’m sharing a few quick changes we made in my little man’s nautical boy room.

A twin bed in a room

Here is the before just for reference –


Now that he is 5 (sob), we decided it was safe to turn the bed away from the wall which gives him a little more floor space to play trains in here. His contribution to the room was picking out his new Paw Patrol sheets which are safely hidden under his blankets, making us both happy.

A bed in a room

The stuff we had on the wall didn’t work with the new arrangement and was feeling a little busy anyway. Luckily I scored this cool vintage floaty ring thing (totally blanking on what these are called!) at the Allegan Antique Flea Market. The guy I bought it from said it was off a boat in the Upper Peninsula, so I thought that was pretty cool. Little man’s favorite color is orange so he was all about it too.

Room and Bed

I stole a few pillows from the playroom to update the bed and also found this star blanket at Target on sale after the 4th of July. I realize I was in such a hurry to quick snap this room that I didn’t actually style these shelves, this is all him. Who doesn’t need a wire basket full of transformers and a batman piggy bank? Also could his preschool wood sculpture next to that piggy bank be any cuter!?

Small desk area in a bedroom

These were the framed prints that were above his bed and I swapped them over to his little desk wall. Quick tip – these are actually gift bags that I framed using leftover scrap wood find the tutorial here.

Vintage Locker Little Boys Room

The “boats” sign is another flea market find that found it’s way in here.

Vintage nautical room

That’s it, just a few new items plus shopping my house and his room has a whole new feel. Ok I have to return all of my attention to team USA and swimming, which clearly is more important than the laundry pile threatening to overtake our house…

PS – I know I have been blogging at a much slower pace this summer, but give me a few more weeks and I have so many projects coming up I’m not even sure how I’m going to fit it all in! I can’t wait to share some BIG news with you all, so stay tuned…

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  1. I’m using your room for inspiration on boys new room! Do you have a trim (crown molding type) on your ceiling? I didn’t know if I needed it with the shiplap wall or if I should leave it and just paint. Thanks!

  2. Love the nautical flags. Could you share were you got them. I would love to spell out my last name to add in out media room.
    Thanks, Kim

  3. Perfect design for both a lake house and a growing boy. Also, the shiplap wall looks to be an ideal scale for a clean, modern presentation … we’ve going to “shiplap” a wall soon, what width (height) board did you use and how much spacing between boards (did you use a penny, nickel, pencil or other!) Thanks for anything you can share.

  4. Looks great and I see nothing wrong with how he styled his shelves! I always called the orange thing a life ring. ☺

  5. I love looking at your posts~ you are so creative (to say the least) I was wondering if you had made the the cute wood hat/cap hanger that you put in his room? Maybe having another little one, might be the BIG news(?)
    Thanks for all your cool ideas :-)

  6. I love the orange thingy!! Clever! This is beyond cute.. I hope your news isn’t that your moving????. Don’t keep us in suspense too long! I would not be on this thingy either if I had a lakefront property like yours. Enjoy every freakin minute!

  7. It’s a great room. Love it all. I think your son done an excellent job of styling his shelves! Cute stuff.

  8. Love the room as I love all your rooms! The boats sign is just gorgeous. That is one lucky little boy!

  9. how cute is that! i loved his before room too but I totally get needing to accept the fact that our babies are getting bigger. I am planning a change in my 8 years room that is still sporting his nursrey theme. Yikes!

    1. We bought beds like this in white from Ikea. Theres a trundle hidden under ours and the drawers!

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