Guest Cottage Remodel Update

Time for a little guest cottage remodel update! We’ve run into a few snafu’s (as one typically does with a 70 year old house) so things have been slooow going. I finally have some exciting progress shots to share today. This post is mostly quick before and current progress shots. My kids are waiting to get on the boat, so I’m rushing to get this typed and out to you all.

First up the french door is in. Oh happy day this has changed the entire look of the space!


Lake House Guest Cottage Renovation


Guest Cottage Remodel

All of the new windows are in as well. GAH it’s just so darling I can hardly stand it.

You may notice the siding is now yellow. That is not the new color choice, its the old original cedar siding (which is in horrible shape). Long story short, we have to replace all the aluminum siding that was added on in the ’70s. Thankfully it’s a small house, so it wasn’t too $$. The fresh white siding will look so nice and crisp. On instagram several people liked the yellow, until I showed them how awful it looked with our main house. Trust me, white is the way to go!


Guest Cottage Remodel


white cottage new windows


white house siding remodel


Guest Cottage Remodel

I’m not sure if I shared this new utility closet we added to the back of the house? Now it’s insulated properly, so we shouldn’t have any frozen pipes. It also allowed us to get the hot water heater out of the bathroom. Don’t mind the wrong color siding and the test gray paints on the door. I promise it will all be right soon!


old cottage wood kitchen


remodeling house built in 50's with paneling and new windows

The new double window in the kitchen added so much light as well as balanced the whole look of the house. Also don’t worry about that crazy ceiling I will be tackling that soon too!

On the inside I’ve been a busy little bee, which is why I’ve been quiet on the blog. I’ve been squeezing tiling the bathroom in between running my kids to various sports camps and activities.


old bathroom with Formica walls


gray and white tile bathroom remodel progress

Can you believe it’s the same space? The layout was so crazy before!

We picked up all of this tile at Floor and Decor a few weeks back. I’m so happy with how it turned out. Fair warning, this herringbone tile was a beast for me to lay, especially when nothing is level or straight in this old house.

gray and white herringbone tile

I’m on the hunt for some fun wallpaper for the rest of the walls. It’s the only drywalled space in the house so it feels like a great spot for some fun paper.

That’s it for now! Our contractor is working on the siding as I type. I’m hoping that now the new windows are in I can get a jump on painting all the paneling next week!

Just a little reminder that I tend to be a bit more sporadic in posting in the summer time with my kiddos home. Between hanging with them and squeezing in some work next door, it’s been hard to find the time for my computer too. I’ll definitely keep you updated with the guest cottage remodel progress as I can!


Wall tile

Floor tile

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  1. Hi Kelly,
    You have done it again, love your tile choices and the exterior of your cottage is so charming. This would make a perfect she shed or if your renting it out, let me know I’ll be the first in line. Cheers to you enjoy can’t wait to see the rest😊

  2. It is coming along so nicely… it is amazing what new windows, doors and tile can do for a space. Love it.

  3. Hi! This is going to be so adorable! Question- is the four pane exterior door a special order? Been looking for one!

  4. Kelly, I love how the French doors and larger windows open it all up so much! It really makes the little cottage look so fresh and perky, and that view is gorgeous!
    That is very wise to focus on spending as much time as possible with your children. Children grow up FAR too quickly, and you can never get that time back. I love that you and your Mr. have invested so diligently in creating wonderful spaces, which help to build beautiful relationships and memories with friends and family! I hope you all have a Wonderful Summer! :-)

  5. I love your lily white cottage! 👏 👏 I wish I had your decision making abilities and energy. It is a pleasure to follow you. Enjoy the summer with your children. They grow up too fast.

  6. Oh my word! You had me fooled with the yellow at first. Ha! I secretly thought it was adorable. However, I love white houses though (we painted our brick home white a few years ago). You are basically a magician—it all looks so beautiful! Thanks for the updates!

  7. Would it be possible to include a dimensioned floor plan? We have a similar cottage on our property and am following this project for inspiration. Best regards from Ontario Canada.

  8. The guest cottage is cute as can be! The French doors look adorable from the lake and I can imagine how much lighter & brighter it is on the inside! No doubt the new doors opened up your view of the lake as well! I always enjoy watching your vision & talent come to life 😊. Thank you for sharing!

  9. Love it! There is SO much light now and you have a great view of the lake. Hard to believe that is the same bathroom. Great job!

    When can I come visit? 🤣

  10. Those French doors!!! It’s looking so good! Awesome job on the bathroom tiling!! I just love it!

  11. Absolutely GORGEOUS!!! I was surprised .. in one of those before pictures it looks SO CLOSE to your house. I didn’t realize that!! What a cool space this is going to be and oh the memories to be made!! And don’t worry about posting. Your kids will be grown and gone before you know it. You’ll NEVER get this time back with them. We will be waiting for more posts after school starts! Blessings from Missouri!

  12. Good morning, Kelly! Busy little bee? I think it’s more like Super Woman! ha ha It’s always shocking to me how very much you manage to get done all the time!! And, yes, the bathroom already looks a million times better! That tile is beautiful and so well-laid. Can’t wait to see what fun wallpaper you choose! I love how the French doors and larger windows open it all up so much! It makes the wee cottage look so fresh and perky, and that view is so gorgeous!
    You are wise to lay aside much of the computer time while your children are home. We can always wait, but children do not wait. They grow up FAR too quickly, and you never get that time back. Enjoy every moment with them that you possibly can.
    I think what’s always so exciting and delightful to me about your projects – besides that you are creating Beauty – is that you are creating Lovely Spaces which help to Build Beautiful Relationships and Memories with Friends and Family. You and your Mr. have invested amazingly in this! May all your friends and family reap tremendously wonderful benefits from your diligent labor! And may you all have a Splendiferous Summer together! :-)

  13. Bathroom is going to be gorgeous! Did you move the tub? I can’t imagine the new layout, is there a drawing of the new floor plan?

  14. Wow, it is looking great already! I love the larger window you added, the view of the water in the kitchen will be wonderful! I wish you were my neighbor then I would ask you for design help on the cabin we recently bought!!

  15. Looks amazing. The before and after pictures are incredible. Hard to believe it is the same place. Love the updates.

  16. What a cozy little spot that will be…and I love the French doors with that fabulous water view that you have…I could sit there for hours and just feel blessed. 🤗

  17. Hi Kelly,
    What a charming place this is going to be, can’t wait to see it all done with all your lovely touches added. Will you be renting this space out? Or keeping it has your she shed 😉. I know I would keep it just for me. Enjoy

  18. I gasped when I saw the yellow siding, LOL, until I continued reading! And, WOW, I LOVE the tile in the bathroom. It’s pretty and elegant and timeless, perfect for a your little cottage which I predict is going to be absolutely adorable. Now go enjoy hanging with the kids… and Charlie.

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