Guest Cottage Living Room Design Plans

I just received an email that all my furniture for the guest cottage living room has shipped! If you have ordered anything in the last year, you know just how exciting that is. I always like to make a design board before I order anything. It’s a great way to make sure everything is going to play well together in a space.

I use PicMonkey.com to make my design plans. It’s very user friendly and there are great tutorials to get you started. I use the paid version, but I believe there is a free version you can try out too.

Guest Cottage Living Room Design Plans

living room design board leather couch jute rug white walls and coastal art

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I wanted a cozy feeling (not hard to achieve in a 600 sq ft house) with lots of texture. Since this house is such a small space everything needs to flow together. I’m hoping to achieve that by keeping the larger pieces neutral, but adding in subtle pops of color here and there. I’ve also been repeating black and brass accents throughout each room to add to the cohesive feeling.

I opted for a leather couch from Article which I felt was practical in case we do rent this out. I also like the bit of warmth it will add to the space.

I wanted to still keep a cottage feel with a nice big jute rug to lighten up the dark wood floors.

I’m really excited about this coastal wall art from Deb Presutto Fine Art. She has so many gorgeous prints, I may order another for one of the bedrooms. The dark moody water will look great on the white walls.

two coastal prints featuring dark water and stormy sky

I went with lighter frames to make the darker prints pop.

I wanted to add some pattern in along with flexible seating, so I ordered these gorgeous poufs. They can act as extra seating or a place to kick your feet up. Multifunctional pieces are always great in a small space.

You know I had to order a few throw pillows to bring out the grays and blues in the painting.

Indigo Throw Pillow

Cream Throw Pillow

And of course a cozy throw for Charlie to curl up on.

This large wall shelf will actually be going over by my desk area. I like the touch of black it adds to this side of the kitchen/living room space.

The brass floor lamp finishes it all off in here.

I’m so excited to bring my guest cottage living room design plans to life!



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  1. How have you found jute rugs to last from a shedding and wear standpoint? I’m desperate to integrate but slightly OCD. Love the texture. Also noted the navy striped Dash and Albert one in your main living space. Would love to know your experience!

    1. Our living room one doesn’t really shed at all. I haven’t had this one long enough to know yet but I’m guessing it will shed.

  2. For some reason your board reminded me of our recent experience packing a POD that was going to my sister’s home. I measured everything, drew the pieces out with sidewalk chalk on the inside of the POD and it all fit great. Sort of like your design boards.
    The cottage looks great!

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