Cottage Pantry Organization Makeover

There is one spot that I haven’t yet tackled in the guest cottage – the very scary “pantry”. I use quotation marks, because calling it a pantry isn’t really an accurate description. It’s one of two tiny closets in our little 600 sq ft guest cottage. Since storage is in short supply, I wanted to make every inch work for us. It was time to get this pantry ready to welcome guests this holiday season, and give it a little organization makeover.

small kitchen with gray cabinets, dark wood floors and vintage refrigerator

I turned to one of my go to online shopping spots for kitchen and pantry accessories – The Home Depot! I was so happy they partnered with my on this project. Not only did they have all the construction materials I needed to build out this pantry. They had everything to organize it as well! The Home Depot has everything you need to welcome guests this holiday season. From towels and bedding, to extra kitchen supplies for all of those delicious meals you will be enjoying. I love how fast their shipping is, and it’s so nice to have the option of easy in store returns as well.

kitchen with open pantry closet with gray cabinets

First let me show you the before…plywood shelves and empty cans are not exactly welcoming to guests.

old wood closet with plywood shelves

After! Ahh, so much better! Not only is it beautiful, but it holds all the small appliances our guests will need to feel comfortable for their stay.

pantry with appliances and wicker baskets

The first step to this organization makeover was demo. I ripped out all of the old plywood shelves and gave everything a fresh coat of paint.

empty white closet

I picked up these pretty walnut closet shelves and cut them down to the size of this closet. SO much better than the plywood and they go great with our walnut colored flooring.

small pantry with appliances and baskets

Once I finished the shelving it was time to organize!

This closet really serves as part pantry, part mudroom closet, and part linen closet. That’s a lot of parts for such a small space! Thankfully I found great storage options at The Home Depot. They had baskets of all shapes and sizes perfect for this any space.

closet with wicker baskets and boots

I opted for larger baskets for the bottom of the closet for flips flops or winter gear depending on the season. Beach towels will fit great in here as well this summer.

pantry wire baskets

These wire baskets stack which I love and are perfect for snacks or kitchen storage.

kitchen pantry with baskets and microwave

Up top I went with smaller baskets to hold extra sheet sets and toilet paper.

pantry with vintage looking microwave and tea kettle

We had guests stay in the cottage this summer and it was a good test run to see what we were missing. A microwave was definitely on the top of the list. The retro vibe of this one fits in perfect with our vintage looking refrigerator.

shelves with small appliances and baskets

We bought a toaster oven/air fryer in lieu of a full on oven last year (also from The Home Depot) but realized a small toaster for toast in the mornings would be nice as well.

Cusiniart toaster oven air fryer sitting on black counters with white backsplash

Again I opted for the cutie vintage vibes of this toaster and electric kettle.

shelves with mug rack and tea kettle and toaster

I couldn’t resist adding this wood peg rack for coffee mugs and kitchen towels also. Organization can be functional and pretty too!

small kitchen pantry with microwave and baskets

I’m so excited to have this pantry organization project crossed off the holiday to do list! Now our guests will have everything they need, thanks to The Home Depot. You can shop all the products I used below.

small cottage kitchen with wood chairs and gray cabinets

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  1. Oh my goodness, Kelly, that’s the cutest “part pantry, part mudroom closet, and part linen closet” I’ve ever seen! Your accessories are perfect and the toaster, kettle and MV are DARLING! There’s just one issue… if I was a guest I’d never want to leave. xo

  2. Can you give me review of this type of toaster oven/air fryer compared to the other type you use in your house? Amazing how a little clean up & organization is so satisfying…looks great!

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