Coastal Dining Room – Black Chairs

I worked a little makeover magic in my coastal dining room this past week with some help from Serena & Lily. I’ve been eyeing these gorgeous Carson dining chairs since they added them to their site. I just love the woven detailing, perfect for a coastal or lake house setting. I chose the black chair option, which prompted a makeover of the rest of my dining chairs.

white lake house dining room with wood table and black and woven dining chairs

Coastal Dining Room Chairs

When I ordered my original dining chairs several years ago they were supposed to be a gray color. In reality they were a little closer to off white, hardly gray at all.


white lake house dining room with gray windsor chairs and hydrangeas centerpiece

I was hoping for more of a contrast with our white walls, but after the whole building process I was just happy to have chairs to sit in. I figured I could always paint them down the road. Well, I did just that a few weeks ago!


white lake house dining room with wood table and black and woven chairs adjacent to white kitchen

I should maybe back up and say my 10 year old son decided to try his best superman impression off my old slipcovered parsons chairs…which resulted in skinned knees…and broken chair springs. He actually attempted this super hero feat last winter, and I’ve been warning people not to sit on them ever since. I was always good at warning others, but I can’t tell you how many times I forgot and almost fell through to the floor.

wood table black woven serena and lily carson chairs green stems in white vase

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Obviously it was time to find a better solution. I’m always excited to partner with Serena & Lily. Not only to share their gorgeous Carson Chairs, but to tell you about their new shopping option. We all know lead times and shipping have been a little crazy this last year. Well now you can filter your shopping experience by availability. They have options for items that will arrive within 1-2 weeks, as well as eligibility for 2 day shipping.

wood table black light fixture black dining chairs large double slider door with lakeview

This is great for the upcoming holiday season, especially if you tend to be a last minute shopper like me. Serena & Lily is always one of my go to spots to find a special pillow, or decor item that is a showstopper in our home. Our new chairs are no exception. The details are even better in person!

white color blocked vases with faux greenery and woven dining chairs

lake house dining room with large sliding doors and lake view

Once I decided on the Carson end chairs, it was time to give a little makeover to the rest of my dining chairs. I hit them with several light coats of satin black spray paint. Along with a clear top coat, just to be extra cautious.

lake house dining room with white walls wood table and black woven chairs

We have black accents throughout our home with lighting, picture frames, and hardware. I love how the black dining chairs add to the flow of our home now.

lake house dining room with white walls wood table and black woven chairs

I can’t believe how much this changed the feeling of our dining room. It was such a great way to update the whole space without having to replace all 8 chairs. I just love the contrast!

wood table with black chairs and white vases

I also added these beautiful Poetto Vases as a centerpiece to the table. I love that the white color blocking on the bottom hides my faux stems. They work so well for real flowers too, but unfortunately hydrangea season is done here in Michigan. These vases add a great coastal touch to any space.

wood table with black chairs and white vases

Serena & Lily actually carries chairs almost identical to my new black ones, and they are already painted black for you! I’ll link them below, along with all my other Serena & Lily faves.

wood table with black chairs and white vases

wood table with black chairs and white vases and adjacent living room

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  1. Love your style! Can you tell me where your black chairs are from? I have the Carson chair and LOVE them but the Tucker chair is made for a small colonial women! They’re so small :(

  2. Always love to see what is happening on your end. This is a great pop. Like night and day. Love it.

    Have you considered using coloured candles? The white ones seem to get lost.

    Keep up the great work, which you love and do do WE!!

  3. Your dining space is gorgeous!! What type of paint did you use on your dining chairs and how many cans? Also, what top coat did you use? I have 6 dining chairs I need to paint and didn’t want to have to use chalk paint. Help!

    Thank you!

  4. Perfection, I love how they turned out painted black. I would also appreciate the source for your dining room table.

    1. Thank you SO much for sharing the source. I would love your “two cents” as the color on my devices is not always accurate. Given you have the actual table, do you think warm chestnut wood dining chairs will pair well with the finish on the table? I would greatly appreciate your opinion.

  5. Looks so good and picks up the black accents so nicely.
    Well done – AGAIN!!!!!!! Lady!

    1. Every time I’ve had a rug under a dining table it gets ruined pretty quickly, maybe when my kids are out of the house :)

  6. I’m sure you’ve shared this, but are the olive stems from Pottery Barn? Decent looking faux stems are hard to find.

  7. Hi Kelly, it looks stunning as always!! Thank you so much for sharing! Quick question, how long is your dining room table? Thank you!

  8. Perfection as usual! Can you please tell me what your flooring is in the main part of the house? Planning to make some updates in our “up north ” cottage near Traverse City. Thank you.

  9. The black chairs and the new host/hostess chairs are PERFCT, Kelly! They really do add to the flow of your gorgeous home. And the Poetto vases are fabulous. I actually thought your stems were real, not faux.

  10. I LOVE the black on your dining chairs. I want to do that to our chairs at our beach house. Can you tell me EXACTLY what brand and color and finish you used of spray paint and the clear coat? thanks.

  11. Love your dining room table! I’ve been looking for a similar one, where did you get yours? Thanks!

  12. This is certainly a transformation! Looks great! You are a genius repurposing the chairs.
    Did you spray on the final coat/sealer on the chairs?

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