Guest Cottage Design Boards

We are still working away outside at the guest cottage while we wait on new windows and doors to arrive. I’ve been landscaping and tackling the patio. I’m actually staining the existing patio pavers to see if we can revive them. I’m not quite happy with where it’s at yet but I’m hoping to finish soon. Since it’s not ready for it’s close up, I thought I would share some of the guest cottage design boards I’ve been working on. As you know from following along with the pool house renovations I may change my mind a million times yet, but this is the direction my brain is going.

Guest Cottage Living Room Design

guest cottage renovation progress

I’m embracing the old character of this cottage with the dark wood floors and paneled walls. I’ve decided on a classic cottage feel. First I want to brighten it up in there so the walls in the kitchen and living room will get several coats of white paint. The the new french doors will be gray inside and out. I’m going to carry the gray throughout the space on all of the trim for contrast.

Guest cottage living room design boards

We will be planking the ceilings in white as well. I plan on lightening up the wood floors with a large jute rug, and will probably layer something with some color and pattern on top. I love the look of the warm leather chairs for this space, and I’ll add a couch along the back wall as well.

Guest Cottage Kitchen Design

kitchen reno progress

Let’s head over to the kitchen. After researching cabinets and finding out the lead times were insane, we decided to buy stock cabinets from Lowes. I didn’t even realize they had stock cabinets! They are available in white, gray and unfinished. Since I already have to paint all the walls we decided to skip on painting cabinets as well. We ordered the gray ones last week and they actually arrive Saturday. I’m crossing my fingers we measured everything right. Luckily since they are stock we can return them if we goofed up. We only needed 6 base cabinets so this seemed like an easy inexpensive route to fix up the kitchen. I will mention they have mixed reviews online, but since this kitchen won’t be getting daily heavy use I’m not too worried about it.

Cottage Kitchen Design Board

For the countertops I’m thinking about going dark with a soapstone look to contrast the white walls and ceilings. The kitchen will be in an L shape and there will be a sink under the new larger windows. On the back wall will be a retro looking fridge similar to the pool house fridge except larger. I’m on the hunt for an antique glass front cabinet to keep the toaster, microwave etc in.

Guest House Renovation plansI plan on taking the tile all the way up the wall, since there is no paneling behind where we ripped out the upper cabinets. I would also like to add some wood open shelving to tie in the color of the floors. There was a originally a light in the kitchen soffit so we will be swapping that out for two brass wall sconces instead.

That’s all I have so far, I’m still working out the bathroom design. I have no clues about the bedrooms, but it’s a start! The electrician and plumber will be starting in 2 weeks and then we can really get started inside.

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  1. Hi Kelly!
    I LOVE the colors you’ve chosen! And ALL of your ideas and plans are perfectly charming and very exciting!
    I always forget that you can lighten up a dark floor with rugs, (or add color). Thank you for that useful reminder!
    And I also love that you are able to show us your ideas with those design boards. What a great tool!
    Thank you for sharing and for brightening our days! You all have a wonderful week!

  2. Kelly, did you forget a stove? I think your guests (and for resale) would like to be able to cook. I love the soapstone choice! We did Lowe’s stock for our guest cottage and have been happy with them.

    1. We’ve decided not to put a stove in for now. If we have guests stay we would be eating most meals together and we don’t have plans for selling anytime soon. We are leaving the option open for down the road which is why we aren’t putting cabinets next to the fridge since that’s where the stove hook up is. We plan on having a toaster oven, coffee maker etc which should be perfect for guests. Thanks!

  3. Love it! Will you be replacing the floors with luxury vinyl plank or are they salvageable? Wondering about the moisture situation since we are also building on a lake?

  4. Kelly,
    Love your ideas and amazing how you pull everything together! I will enjoy watching the progress of your guest cottage! Looks like it will beautiful!

  5. Such a great project for you guys. And definitely WISE to buy up the property next to you!!! Love watching this little abandoned house become a beautiful spot for your family to enjoy!!! More pictures, please!!!

  6. Love seeing what you did to the pool house. I am sure this will be no different! Can’t wait to see the finish product. You have great taste.

  7. Love its all coming along and your design ideas are perfect! Can’t wait to see the finished product.

  8. Plans look amazing!
    I would also like to know what program you have used for design boards, please.

  9. Such a cute cottage… can’t wait to see how it turns out. I love complete makeovers :)

    Question: what app/program do you use to create the design boards. I could really use one. Thanks.

  10. I LOVE your plans, Kelly! You’re breathing new life into that darling little lake cottage and I’m so excited to follow your ‘excellent adventure’.

    When I’m looking for antique pieces (or lots of other things, lol), I like to shop local estate sales that I find listed on I’ve found some really amazing things at equally amazing prices. You might find exactly what you’re looking for.

    I can hardly wait for your next post! :-)

  11. Love your design. Just curious why you are keeping the door on the left side of kitchen instead of closing it up for more cabinets countertop.

    1. Thanks Amy! We decided to keep the door because right next to it is the parking spot for a car. It will be much easier to load groceries etc rather than walking around to the lakeside.

      1. That makes sense about the kitchen door. Being a guest cottage, the cabinets and open shelves will offer enough storage. I love how this is coming together and love how you are designing it!

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