Tween Boy Bedroom Design

It seems absolutely crazy that my tiny baby boy is turning 11 next month (SIGH). I’m consoling myself by giving his little pirate room a makeover. He was 5 when we moved into this house and totally pirate obsessed. We haven’t really touched his bedroom since then, so we are long overdue for a little upgrade. I thought I would share my tween boy bedroom design ideas with you all today.

Boys tween bedroom design with gray walls and blue bed

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First up, my son is pretty much the same size as my 14 year old daughter. Which means it is high time to get him out of his twin bed before his toes hang off the end. This charcoal upholstered bed is a great price point and I think it will grow with him nicely into the teen years.

boys gray upholstered bed

Of course with the new bed size, a larger rug was in order. Yes, I’m slightly crazy to put a white rug in an 11 year old boy’s room, but it’s at a great price point, and I believe in my upholstery cleaner! Not to mention we don’t wear shoes in the house, so I think it will stay relatively clean.

white checkered rug

New bedding is en route as well to accommodate the larger bed. I found this really cute, er, manly denim bedding at PB Teen. I love the subtle texture it adds to the room.

denim quilt

No manly room is complete without a touch or leather, so I added this leather lumbar pillow.

leather lumbar pillow

We are actually keeping the same wall color – Functional Gray (although I’m adding a little accent to a wall in his room that I will share later) and the same nightstand.

My son has definite ideas about wall art for his space so we haven’t quite landed on that 100% yet for his tween boy bedroom design. I have several options in mind, but so far the leader is this cool Percy Jackson Print. He loves to read and he enjoys any Rick Riordan series.

Percy Jackson wall art

I’m planning on rounding up some other art options to share later this week as well, but we are off to a good start with this tween boy bedroom design!

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  1. My son broke the lamp at the cottage last week and I would love to replace it with the wall lamp you have for your son. May I ask where you purchased it?

  2. Perfect timing! I’ve been looking to upgrade our son to a queen bed. I am so “stealing” your ideas😉 Can’t wait to see the completed project.

  3. I really like all your choices! I might have to shamelessly steal them to update my step sons bedroom and he is 17! So, I think your choices can last you through the teen years. Quilts usually hold up pretty well too. I have always been happy with the Pottery Barn Teen/kid bedding (20 years of purchasing it!)

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