Lake Cottage Wallpaper

I’m still deep into planning all the details of my parent’s Lake Cottage. Now that we have the Lake House Lighting Plan all figured out, I’m moving onto wallpaper!

We have quite a bit of wallpaper in our home and I love the pattern and texture it adds to our space. We are looking for that same bit of movement in my parent’s home as well. So far we are planning on wallpaper in the entry/mudroom and the primary bedroom. While we have the rooms narrowed down, we need to decide on which paper to use. I’ve rounded up some of our top lake cottage wallpaper choices below.

I was drawn to a lot of blue, florals, and classic stripes. All the things you think of for a classic lake side cottage.

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a collection of blue wallpaper samples
a collection of blue and green wallpaper samples

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  1. O but I so wanted that chair in your bedroom…and then I saw it was a hand-me-down from your mom. It looks super comfy. I’m replacing to living room chairs, I think, upholstery is costly but comfy chairs are a must. Right? Suggestions?

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