Lake House Neutral Guest Bedroom

I’ve been putting off sharing this lake house neutral guest bedroom, because I don’t feel like it’s quite complete. I’m still on the hunt for a few more accessories, different wall art, and who knows what else! Ok, and I probably should have steamed the bedding too… ;) So, let’s just call this reveal 1.0. I like to collect things for a space over time, rather that hurrying to fill it up. Let’s be real, it’s looking SOOOO much better than when we started!

First let’s take a look back. To refresh your memory, these bedrooms are tiny (if you recall the entire house is 600 sq ft).

Before –

wood paneled cottage renovation

Lots of old dark paneling and dirty dropped ceilings.

Lake House Neutral Guest Bedroom

After – ahhh so bright, light, and cozy!

white walls dark wood floors gray and white bedding guest bedroom

There is not a lot of room to move in here, but I think we made it as functional as possible given the limited space.

white walls brass lights gray trim bedroom

I knew I wanted to paint all the walls white to brighten up the space as much as possible. I thought a contrasting trim would add a little more dimension and interest.

bedroom with white walls, gray and white window pane bedding gray drapes and bamboo shades

Replacing the ceiling was a huge change too! I promise I will be blogging about that at some point, but it isn’t quite done. As with lots of building materials, I’m running into supply issues at the moment. So stay tuned for all the nitty gritty details of our pretty new ceiling.

white walls gray closet doors, gray and white bedding in neutral bedroom

Of course swapping out the old falling apart windows brightened things up in here as well.

I wanted to keep the color scheme really neutral with lots of tone on tone grays.

I had this Serena and Lily bedding in my linen closet and it works perfectly over here. I added a cozy throw, and it’s now Charlie’s fave napping spot while I’m working in my office.

havanese dog gray blankets

This back wall made the most sense to position the bed on. I added the drapes on this wall to help make it a focal point, and work with the width of the headboard.

gray and white bedroom with gray drapes, bamboo shades and white walls

Inexpensive bamboo shades provide a little privacy as well.

lake house neutral guest room

vintage brass framed wall art

I found some fun vintage wall art at a local antique store. I love the character it added to the space.

These prints will probably end up in the living room as I’m thinking something a bit bigger would be better on this wall. Again version 1.0 here.

vintage wall art

Since this cottage is so small I tried to add touches of black and brass in every room to give it a cohesive feel. I have to say decorating a space that you can stand in the middle and see every single room has been a bit challenging. There has been some definite trial and error!

neutral bedroom, black end table, brass lamp, white and gray bedding

This gorgeous rug really grounds the space and pulls it all together. Plus it’s SO soft! It really tones down the dark wood flooring.

guest bedroom with gray and white bedding, white walls, gray trim, gray drapes and black and brass accents

As you can see things are moving right along at the guest cottage. We aren’t quite ready for guests to snooze here, (besides Charlie) but we are close!

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SOURCES: Disclaimer – This post contains affiliate links. I may receive a small commission for purchases made through these links at no extra cost to you. Just click on the BOLD links.

All of the rugs I’m using in the guest cottage are from Boutique Rugs. I actually have a coupon code for you to use for 60% off your order. My code is KELLY60.


Light Fixture



Bedding – they no longer sell but this is similar

Throw Blanket

Throw Pillow

Rug – you can use my coupon code KELLY60

Wall Color – Simply White by Benjamin Moore

Trim Color – Rockport Gray by Benjamin Moore

Bamboo Shades


Faux Plant

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  1. What a gorgeous room! I have a similar room I’m getting ready to redo. Paneling and all. I think we should paint over the paneling. My husband would like to remove it completely. Will you share your experience on painting? Thoughts on replacing?

    1. You could always try painting it first and see how you feel? I really like the subtle texture it adds. We cleaned them really well, used a primer, and then 2 coats of paint. Good luck!

  2. The transformation is amazing!! It looks so FRESH and BRIGHT!!! Great job Kelly!!! You truly have an eye for this and it looks fantastic!!! Can’t WAIT to see more!!

  3. What an unbelievable makeover. It is now so clean, airy, and inviting. The room looks so peaceful; a place to rest and renew. Beautiful

  4. I love the bedroom and I agree with you that something bigger would look better on the wall with the two antique pictures (but I do really like them so nice that you have plans to use them in the living room)
    Also a random question, how do you keep Charlie’s eyes from getting those dark spots under them?
    He is so clean and obviously SO CUTE!

    1. I get this question all the time and I actually don’t do anything special for his eyes! I have no idea why he doesn’t have the tearing issue, my mom struggles with that with her dogs as well.

    1. Love the space ! You have such great taste in decorating! We just purchased a home with all paneling also, can you please tell me what primer you used to cover the paneling ? We have purchased a small guest house and I’ve put 4 coats of primer and I’m still getting tannen bleed comming through . Love your Coler choice , going to use them as well!

      1. Oh no that’s frustrating! Shoot I looked everywhere and I must have thrown the can away. I’m not sure the actual brand. I would consult with your local paint store.

  5. Looks really great. So fresh! Can’t wait to see the entire finished cottage. Just FYI the links for some items don’t match up-the nightstand, the bed or the bedding. Thx!

  6. Wow, Kelly, you clearly waved your magic wand in this petite bedroom! Version 1.0 is already perfect in my book. I LOVE the gray trim, the brass and black, the lovely rug, the bamboo blinds, and lets not forget the darling fur child on the bed. (Hi, Charlie!) Any additional accessories, curated by you, will just be frosting on the cake. ;)

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