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Guest Cottage Exterior Update

I’m alone in my house (minus my sidekick Charlie of course) for the first time in what feels like years! My youngest is off at camp, the Mr. is back in his office, and my daughter is with a friend. Feels like the perfect time to check in with you all after a busy holiday weekend filled with friends and family. Also, I may be trying to keep myself from stalking the camp facebook page for photos of my baby (ok fine, so he is 10 years old, but still my baby). If his first trip to sleep away camp is any indication of how college drop off will go, I’m just going to go ahead and sign up as his roommate now. I’m sure he will be good with that?!? ;)

Anyhow, let’s bring you all up to speed with the guest cottage progress!



Lake House Guest Cottage Renovation


white house with gray french doors and windows

It’s been one step forward, two steps back over there. We lost our contractor, the roof was leaking (onto the brand new ceilings I might add), and nonstop rain caused some humidity issues we need to address. I won’t bore you with the details of our little money pit over there today though.

A large lawn in front of a house

Let’s focus on the positives! We were able to find a siding guy to take on a quick side job and finish up where our contractor left off. The outside is looking ca-ute! Well, minus the fact that the landscaping and yard is still a mess after the huge storms passed through.

A house with bushes in front of a brick building

Ignore that and focus on my adorable french doors and fresh white siding! Ahhh it makes me so happy to sit on our deck and look out at this little cutie house now. I still want to add window boxes, lights, and possibly shutters on a few of the windows. The landscaping will be getting an upgrade soon too!

Guest Cottage Remodel


A house with bushes in front of a building

I painted the doors Rockport Gray by Benjamin Moore. I wanted the french doors to be the same color on both sides when they are open. Rockport Gray was a pretty close match to the cabinets that will be installed (someday hopefully) in the kitchen. I love the warm gray tone.

white house siding remodel


A large lawn in front of a house

We painted the interior trim the same color as the exterior doors and the walls Simply White by Benjamin Moore. It’s looking so much brighter in there now! Ignore the ceiling at the moment. I promise I will give you the scoop on that soon. Like I mentioned before – new ceiling + huge thunderstorm + leaky roof = @#$%! We will get it worked out and then I will report back.

white paneled walls with rockport gray trim

In other news, my flowers absolutely loved all the rain and are looking gorgeous!

lake house front porch with hydrangeas

lake house front porch with hydrangeas

Another new development – we strung solar lights above the fire pit area and it may be my fave thing ever.

lakeside fire pit and solar lights

We have been loving fires out here on the weekends. This addition to our yard has made all the headaches with the house worth it. The Mr. has been enjoying showing off his Boy Scout fire-building skills too.

white and gray lake cottage and fire pit

Another perk – we have perfectly spaced hammock trees now and my kids have been taking full advantage. This new hammock is so cute and comfy.

gray and white tasseled hammock

I snapped this in between rainstorms last week and had to share it with you. Somehow this has turned into a photo dump post, but I’ve missed chatting with you all!

night time lake house

I think that’s it for my quick check in. I’m going to try to work on my design boards for the bedrooms as well so I can share those soon too. Hope you all are enjoying your summer!




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Gray paint – Rockport Gray by Benjamin Moore

Siding – White by Mastic

Windows – NorthStar

Doors – Home Depot


Solar lights

Bedroom Light

Adirondack Chairs


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  1. AMAZING, transformation!!! Question for you, do you plan on using screen doors for your double doors? We too are on a lake & not sure what to do. I’d love screen doors , but my husband isn’t sold on the idea!

  2. Love how this sweet cottage is coming along! Looking forward to seeing all the progress!

  3. I LOVE all of your updates, Kelly! The new windows and doors are amazing and I can’t wait to see the window boxes. I showed my hubby the nighttime pic of the firepit and he said, “Wow, I want those lights!” It’s really beautiful.

  4. Hi, Great blog, love your style and taste. Can u please tell me what white and green flowers make up the guest cottage porch planter. I want to do a monochromatic look with white and green. Thanks

  5. I love all your design re-do’s, and your guest house I’m sure will be as beautiful as your home. I’m wondering how you keep your firepit covered?

  6. It is just GORGEOUS!!!! I love it!!! Truly, you will never regret buying that property since it is so close to yours. What a fun little “get away” spot . . . and only steps away from home!! Loved the pictures! Can’t WAIT to see the new kitchen! Blessings from Missouri!

  7. I bought some of the solar lights to string beneath our pergola! Thanks for sharing!!

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