Pool House Bathroom Plans

It’s been a while since a pool house update, so I thought I would fill you in. Nothing exciting is really happening, but the insulation is done. The plumbers started this week, and the heating and cooling guys are working out there as I type. All very boring, but necessary stuff but means we are finalllllly getting closer to the fun part! This has definitely not been an overnight HGTV type makeover.

Here’s the mudroom space (and yes we will be fixing the crack in the cement floor before we lay tile).

unfinished mudroom space

Here’s the bathroom layout.

unfinished bathroom layout

I’m getting ready to order tile, I bought a mirror for the mudroom area, and I’m trying to pick out lighting, etc. I thought I would show you a little bit of what I’m planning at the moment. Even though we all know this is subject to change as my mind is basically a pinball machine. I will confess that I’m having a little design paralysis with this space. I’m having a hard time envisioning all of this for some reason – my creative juices are just not there at the moment! I keep asking The Mr. how we ever designed and built this whole house when I can’t even commit to a bathroom vanity this time around? But I’m sure we will get there! Here’s my tentative plan for the moment.

coastal bathroom inspiration

We plan to vertically plank all the walls in here in either paneling with sort of faux planks, or actual tongue and groove – we haven’t figured that out yet. I’m thinking since this will be mostly a kids’ space that will be a little more indestructible than drywall, plus it will look charming and pool house-y. We are going to paint it all white since these are smaller spaces and I want it to feel nice and bright.

I’ve been researching tile options for the mudroom/bathroom area on the lower level of the pool house, and I’ve landed on this gorgeous tile from Mirth Studio. It’s water-resistant and frost resistant, which is important since we will probably not keep this space heated all winter. We will most likely winterize the bathroom in the winter. We will have heat over there so we will play this all by ear and see how we use the space in the winter months. I think a smaller space like this is the perfect opportunity to play with pattern and have a little fun. The white and gray wood look of this tile is fun and coastal, and perfect for a pool house space. We are going to lay it in a square pattern as I show above.

gray and white patterned tile

For some color, I’m thinking of a navy vanity in the bathroom. There are a few in the running, and I’m waiting to hear back from the plumber on what size would be best here. I’m hoping we have room for a 30 inch one with some storage.

navy bathroom vanity cabinet

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. I may receive a small commission for purchases made through these links at no extra cost to you. Just click on the BOLD links.

1. Goodin 30″ Single Bathroom Vanity Set

2. Florence Vanity

3. Lasher 30″ Single Bathroom Vanity Set

4. Modero Vanity Cabinet

I love the look of aged brass with the navy, so I’m leaning that way for light fixtures, but I also like mixing metals too (again with the design paralysis). I’ll also mix in black elements such as the doorknobs, and maybe the lighting in the bunk room. Here are a few fixtures that have caught my eye. Right now, number 3 is top of the list (I like the polished nickel and the brass version, not sure which I would use!), but of course, that is the most expensive one – ah! The styles are a little all over the place. As I said, I’m still on the struggle bus.

brass bathroom light sconces

  1. Savoy House
  2. Bellevue
  3. Hudson Valley Lighting
  4. William Sonoma 
  5. Samual 1 light sconce
  6. Kater 1 light sconce
  7. Noah 1 light sconce
  8. Ryan 1 light sconce

I’m still on the hunt for a luxury vinyl plank for the upper-level bunkroom. I’m envisioning painting the bunks a maybe a gray color? These are the type of sconces I’m thinking for the ends of each bed. Again super charming, nautical and indestructible! Although I’m on the hunt for less expensive ones because these are pricey and I need four.

brass bulkhead light

I have zero clue on the snack bar, I’m hoping some inspiration hits me before we work on that area! The Mr. and I are going to hit up some home improvement stores to finalize the paneling/planking options, and I’m hoping that spurs something in my brain for the design of this space! Happy Weekend!

Oh, and if you are new here you can read more about our pool house plans here.

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  1. I love your IG page, and have gotten a lot of inspiration from you. :)
    We’re looking to redo a bathroom, and I’m having a hard time finding the *right* vanity. Do you trust the quality of vanities from Home Depot or Wayfair? I’m having a hard time committing to one without seeing the quality of materials.

    1. My mom has a vanity from Home Depot that she has been really happy with! I haven’t ordered a vanity from either place yet so I don’t have any personal experience to share!

  2. What’s your favorite Navy paint color? Our cabinet manufacturer will do one custom color and I’m trying to find the perfect shade of navy in my Sherwin Williams swatch book!! Not too bright and not too dark — help! ;) I have seen some pics of your kitchen island when it was more navy and that’s perfect and exactly what I want. Any idea what color it was?

  3. Nesting With Grace found a less expensive dupe for that light just this week …. she was doing them in her son’s room ( new bunk beds ?) .

  4. I picked a plank tile similar to what you’re looking at for our walk-in shower. Make sure it has some grip… I didn’t so it’s slippery. I love what you’ve gotten going. You always do such a great job.

    1. I just put a product called Stone Grip by Slip Doctors on our bathroom floor. It’s amazing! It’s a spray product. There is no difference in how the tile looks, only in how it feels. It still amazes me that I don’t have to be cautious when I step out of the shower. I would definitely do the test that they recommend before doing your entire floor. Soooo happy I found this product!!

      1. Good tip! These are actually supposed to be non-slip I’ll have to see what the texture is like when they arrive :)

  5. I like #3 for the Vanity… the others are great too, but the flat fronts will be so much easier to keep clean. It will be wonderful whichever you choose!!

  6. Will enjoy watching this evolution as you settle on choices and bring it all together, as we all know you will. On the flipside, just loved your description of your brain as a pinball machine!! Made me laugh.

  7. Just out of curiosity, who will be using the bunkhouse the most? Family and friends that visit or just your own family?

    1. Mostly our kids, nieces/nephews, and their friends. Mostly it will be a place to hang out when the kids want a break from the pool for now, but I’m envisioning our daughter bringing friends home from college someday and staying there too.

  8. I love it all! Whatever you pick will be perfect. I have been trying to find something similar to the cabinet you have in your master bath from Ikea. They still have the cabinet, but not in that wood color. Any ideas for something similar??

  9. All your choices look great. You have excellent taste. I am interested in your flooring as well because we are remodeling our cottage.

    1. Thanks Lisa, I think I’ve been dreaming about this space for so long I can’t wrap my mind around actually having it done ha!

  10. Oh, how exciting, Kelly! I certainly understand the design paralysis (especially this year) but you’re definitely a pro at this and you’re on the right track. I LOVE the #3 sconce as well. It’s perfect for the space, and gorgeous. :) I also love all of the vanities but since you can expect to regularly have wet feet on the floor, another cute sink option might be the Kohler Brockway with 2 faucets, if there’s room for a 36″ sink. Love the floor tile, too, but honestly, I can hardly wait until you start on the bunkroom.

    1. Thanks for the vote of confidence Dori! That is my DREAM sink but we don’t have enough clearance for it due to the closet door/well access which is a bummer!

  11. Ideas are beautiful. I am interested in your LVP ideas. I am doing the same for our cottage on a lake. I want something waterproof, dog proof and as low maintenance as possible. At the same time I want it to be beautiful as we certainly won’t be replacing it. It will be run through the entire first floor which will become more open concept. This has not been easy!

    1. Waiting anxiously for this flooring selection too. We have a cottage in Northern Michigan & want this same type of flooring. I love Kelly’s house so I’m sure it will be perfect!

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